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20 декабря 2017

Why should we pay for a budget proposal application and why so much?

It's not a secret that to apply for a budget proposal, you need to pay 5 Dash to the Treasury.

When I started shooting a video about Dash, it cost $ 6 for 1 coin. Then for the filing of the application it was necessary to pay only $ 30. Now, at the rate of $ 930 for Dash, this amount is $ 4650. It's a big difference, isn’t it?

Why so much and why is it so necessary?

Dash company made such rules from the very beginning to get rid of spam, applications of unscrupulous people and hacking.

Imagine that anyone can apply for free. Then he, who feels like it, would send applications and make it difficult to get onto the huge number of proposals. Investors would spend all their time to vote, write comments, be interested in details. In the end, they would just be tired of writing anything at all and they would simply vote cold "For" or "Against". Then really worthy proposals would remain unnoticed, and Dash would lose those who could play an important role.

In such a number of proposals you can get confused, because you know that scammers know how to speak beautifully and promise. It would be difficult to separate bona fide performers from scammers.

A big risk would be hacking the system, fans of hacker attacks would create thousands of applications or lots of spam. And this means that we would have to do a lot of unnecessary work to sort things out.

The price for the budget placement increases with the capitalization of the coin. The more popular cryptocurrency is, the greater is its budget and 10% of the income going to Treasury comes from fees of transactions. At the moment Treasury has $6 million. This is a huge amount, and moreover the price of Dash grows every month. I used to get a lot of letters with questions about why Dash, not Bitcoin - nobody knows about Dash, it's not interesting, etc. Today everyone is talking about Dash. And the number of those, who want to receive this cryptocurrency, is growing every day.

To prove your decency, as well as the willingness to cooperate with Dash, you need to pay $4.5 thousand. You trust the Dash community, and Dash must trust you, because it gives you much more. I will remind you that when you indicate the amount of the budget proposal in the application, you should add your 5 Dash to it. If your proposal is approved, you will return your contribution. $4,5 thousand immediately cut off all the dubious projects, people will not offer nonsense, because everyone knows that investors understand everything. And they will not vote "For" for projects that will not benefit the Dash community. 

Therefore, before you apply, you need to think carefully and evaluate arguments. A preliminary budget proposal is just created to communicate with Investors and understand if Dash needs what you are offering. You mustn’t pay for a preliminary budget proposal, it helps a lot concerning an important decision - whether to apply for a budget or not. But I told you about this in the first three videos about funding from Dash.

Of course $4,5 thousand is a very large amount, and, therefore, not everyone can get financing from Dash. Opinions are very different.

You can look at it from several sides. For example, remember that those who have a good income, don't need to cooperate with Dash, because they have already earned good money. And those who are ready to work perfectly, to develop, to speak in public, to conduct training activities may not have such money.

On the other hand, Dash can afford excellent and expensive advertising, working only with large companies that have big money and good teams. In this case, Dash cryptocurrency gets fewer risks, working with companies that already have an excellent reputation. But as we know, the reputation has been built for years.

To understand the impotence of these 5 Dash, imagine that you are the owner of a large company. What would you do to protect your company, and, at the same time, develop it very quickly?

There are always competitors, critics and enviers. The stronger Dash is the more risks it faces. People, who have already achieved success, know that building is hard and long process, but breaking and criticising are some easy tasks.

If you are ready to cooperate with Dash - welcome! This is a unique community of wonderful people that create the future.

So that you do not get confused in the sequence of these videos, a special playlist is created. We are also preparing an article where you will find all the steps at a single location.

If you have questions about Dash and want to know more about this cryptocurrency, you will find the links to the official website, forum, chat rooms and social networks in the description.

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