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30 августа 2017

Why Kazakhstan needs cryptocurrency

There are many who know that for Kazakhstan the world of cryptocurrency is still terra incognita.  Even among my followers the number of citizens from Kazakhstan come to about 5%. 

Today I’d like to talk about some not very pleasant moments of my country life. The shocking fact, that happened two days ago, staggered me to the core… In  particular, if it happens in your native city close to home.

 I wouldn't say that there are not enough jobs in Kazakhstan, or the people don’t have  enough  cash but crime rate has increased. Someone commits depredation for the sole reason that wants money, Wellaway!  Having fixed his own problems with a theft crime  he does harm to other people.
A couple days ago, at night there was a robbery in one of the famous candy store ( I usually buy very nice cakes there). The criminals broke the window, took all the money from the cashier desk, and also tried to break open the “Kaspi ” ATM. I don’t suppose they could find the large yield in that hole in the wall. They soiled their hands with nothing!. 

Yesterday one more horrible happened… Just watch  this video… This is the small kiosk, where you can receive interest bearing loans. I warrant you have a lot of similar items in your cities. The girl was just sitting at her desk when a robber crashed, and that robber didn’t brandish a gun but  broke  the window and enter a room by violence. It’s headless... And he stole only 170 000 tenge that is equal to approximately $ 500! Sure enough, the robber was found on the same day, his face had been identified on the watching camera.

Mass cryptocurrency adoption would change the World. I often hear cryptocurrency is the wiles of the devil. By no means you can face swindlers everywhere, some people always try to cheat you  offline and online.

So, how cryptocurrency can change the World and Kazakhstan in particular? 

1. In real life there would be less crime. Maybe none of this would have happened – neither robbed shop, nor a girl scared to death (as we can see in the video). We can only imagine, what  stressful event she experienced. 

2. Quickness  and convenience. You can send money anywhere in the world, any person, who has a wallet. For example, digital money Dash means almost instantaneous  payments with low fees. You don’t need to stand in a queue to receive money at the desk, everything can be done via your handphone even in the comfort of your home.

3. And in a bizarre way but one more “plus” of digital currency is that there is no need to pass paper money from hand to hand. Dozens of thousands people touched those notes leaving hundreds of thousands bacteria and microbes. Unfortunately a bank card does not regularly used in Kazakhstan, and sometimes you can see a paper note looking like a filthy clout. And I want to add one more “plus”, probably people would not get sick often. After visiting Russia I saw tremendous advantage of digital currency, different kinds of business dealings with it. While staying there I paid by card almost everywhere. In Kazakhstanе you can pay by card only in big supermarkets, brand name shops  and at petrol stations (but not at all of them).

4. Price rise. For those of you who don't know, I say briefly. Dash cryptocurrency has only a certain amount of coins, so its price cannot decrease (apart from correction) but only grow (see the exchange rate graph for the dollar since the coin inception). This is big benefit for everyone: both for для real user (consumer), and for a vendor taking payment in Dash. The present day 1 dash costs almost $400, by contrast it cost $12 a year and half ago. If your business starts taking cryptocurrency, you will expand the ways of payment for your clients as well as raise your revenue. In other words, cryptocurrency is  permanent investments.

5. Digital  money can not burn away. This is one more video and again about my city. A fire began on the 5th floor and overtook all the building.

Certainly, paper money as well as documents and houseware burnt away.Kazakhstan is a friendly country with kind people. I am sure that cryptocurrency may change my native land for the better. 

Find out more about Dash - here

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