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10 января 2018

Which exchanges accept Dash cryptocurrency

Dash is an international payment system and used worldwide. Although Dash was created similarly to Bitcoin, it is completely improved and anonymous. In any country you can pay for goods in Dash. So, if you decided to buy Dash cryptocurrency you should study the list of exchanges and exchange bureaus accepting Dash, as well as learn their advantages.

List of exchanges adopting Dash

These exchanges are the largest among exchanges that accept Dash, and are placed in priority order.

1. Bithumb;
2. HitBTC; 
3. Bitfinex; 
4. Binance;
5. Bittrex;
6. Poloniex; 
7. YoBit;
8. Bit-Z;
9. Huobi;
10. Livecoin.


The trading platform oriented to the east. Most of the languages in which it is presented belong to the Asian group. Also users can switch to English or Spanish.

The registration is mandatory and differs from the standard procedure, since it already includes the part of verification. While registering you need to give your real full name and phone number.

The verification itself consists of two levels. At the first level you should provide your passport details and address of residence. This level does not increase the withdrawal limit (100 Bitcoins), but it expands the possibilities for using the exchange functionality. On the second level, you should provide a scan of the document that could confirm your address, i.e. any utility bills. This level changes the input and output limits.

This trading platform has only one currency pair: сryptocurrency/Korean won. So purchase or sale of Dash looks like this: DASH / KRW.

Exchange advantages:

- low fees;
- security.


- orientation to South Korea;
- exchange only for Korean won;
- mandatory verification at registration.

24 hours volume is: $4 140 663 200.


The registration procedure on HitBTC is standard. Verification occurs after applying to the technical support of the compliance@hitbtc.com  site. In the letter it is necessary to indicate your personal data and attach scans of supporting documents.

The first level allows you to withdraw up to 5000 euros. The second is the withdrawal and entry of up to 25,000 euros. At this level the withdrawal of fiat money is not more than 2000 euros and the amount should not exceed 10,000 per month. The third level is more than 25,000 euros in cryptocurrency, it is possible to withdraw fiats in the amount of 10,000 euros per week and 50,000 per month.

Exchange on this trading platform goes only between cryptocurrencies, so the currency pairs for Dash are as follows: DASH \ BTC, DASH\ ETH, DASH \ USDT.

Exchange advantages:

- user-friendly interface;
- security;
- easy way of verification.


- it is impossible to work with Fiats before the second level of verification;
- it is needed to apply for technical support to pass verification;
- currency pairs are possible only between cryptocurrencies.

24 hours volume is: $887 478 066.


At the time of writing, registration on the Bitfinex trading platform has temporarily been stopped. Technical support does not provide accurate information about the time of registration renewal. However, we will talk about the Bitfinex exchange, since it accepts Dash.

The verification process on this exchange is rather complicated, but if the user does not plan to work with the dollar, verification is not necessary. Otherwise, you must verify according to US laws and send them screenshots of all the documents and checks translated into English.

The currency pairs for Dash are as follows: DASH\USD, DASH\BTC.

Exchange advantages:

- there is the Russian-language version of the site;
- security.


- the registration is terminated;
- verification complexity.

24 hours volume is: $2 657 986 131.


The registration procedure on the Binance trading platform is standard. To verify the first level you must provide your phone number. If you do not have a Chinese number, you should use google authenticator. The first level allows you to work with about 35,000 dollars a day. The second level allows you to input/output a hundred Bitcoins per day. For verification of the second level, you must provide a package of documents and selfi with an identity card. You can get instructions to this process on the site. For the third level, you should contact the technical support site.

The currency pair for Dash is as follows: DASH\BTC.

Exchange advantages:

- easy way of verification;
- security;
- there is the Russian-language site version.


- high fee, equal to 0,1%.

24 hours volume is: $8 075 229 389.


This exchange is included in the top 10 largest trading platforms among the here. Bitrex includes more than two hundred currency pairs, among which there are some cryptocurrencies - Dash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Monero.

Registering on Bitrex is easy, because you only need to provide your email address and password. However, changing IP can become a problem, the exchange will send letters confirming the login to your mail every time you change IP.

At the exchange there are several levels of verification, each of which allows you to adjust the restrictions on the funds withdrawal:

1. Basic - the user should provide passport data and indicate the place of residence. At this level you have a right to withdraw up to $ 51,000.
2. Phone - the user should provide a mobile phone number. This level is an alternative to the basic level of verification and gives similar opportunities.
3. Enhanced - the user should provide passport data, place of residence, scan documents, as well as a personal photo. The Enhanced level gives the possibility of withdrawing $ 1,700,490.

The system of input and output of funds from the account on Bitrex is simple and convenient, for this procedure it is enough:

1. Press «Wallets»;
2. Select the desired cryptocurrency, Dash in this case;
3. Press «+»;
4. Create an address;
5. Get a wallet number.

In this algorithm, for the withdrawal of funds you should replace the "+" icon with the "-" icon and perform a similar procedure.

The currency pairs for Dash are as follows: DASH\BTC, DASH\USDT, DASH\ETH.

Exchange advantages:

- simple and concise interface;
- high trade volume;
- small fee the same for different users.


- there is only English site version;
- if you do not have at least a basic level of verification, the withdrawal limit is very low.

24 hours volume is: $3 716 797 450.


Poloniex is one of the main competitors of Bittrex. There are over 140 currency pairs on this exchange. Registering on Poloniex is standard and does not cause any difficulties. Compared to Bittrex, this marketplace has only two levels of verification. The first level corresponds to the basic level of verification at Bittrex and includes the provision of passport data, as well as residential addresses. This level increases the withdrawal limit to $ 25,000. For the second level of verification on this exchange, you must contact the support, because it can't be done like the usual access.

The Poloniex exchange has its own system of fees. Since this exchange includes more than six dozen cryptocurrencies, and the trades on it are high, a fee goes down depending on the increasing user's trading.

On Poloniex there is a block of currency sale and purchase. Below you can see the photos of rather convenient window for buying and selling coins.

The currency pairs for Dash are as follows: DASH\BTC, DASH\USDT, DASH\XMR.

Exchange advantages:

- user-friendly interface;
- functionality;
- security.


- there is only English version of the site;
- slow site work because of its large scale.

24 hours volume is: $1 649 945 927.


YoBit differs from other exchanges with two main parameters: lack of verification, cryptocurrency gifts. YoBit is the only exchange that makes such gifts to users, it also starts trading informally. There are no problems in registration and trade.

The currency pairs for Dash are as follows: DASH\BTC, DASH\USD.

Exchange advantages:

- bonuses and gifts;
- low fee;
- instant transactions;
- there is the Russian-language site version.


- security.

24 hours volume is: $90 974 579.


Registration and verification on the Bit-Z trading platform is standard and does not require much effort. A feature of Bit-Z is exchange only between cryptocurrencies and no exchange and trade with fiat money. The interest rate of fee for input is quite high - from 0,5% to 1%. The rate of 1% is only for Bitcoin. Bit-Z is one of the few trading platforms where there is no discount on fee in case of large-scale trade. The size of the fee for the purchase starts from 0.15%.

The currency pairs for Dash are as follows: DASH\BTC.

Exchange advantages:

- speed;
- there is the Russian-language site version.


- high fee.

24 hours volume is: $408 547 400.


To register on the Huobi exchange, you should first pass verification. A user sends his passport data, address, phone number, photo and screenshots. Otherwise, a user will not be able to use the exchange even at the basic level.

The currency pairs for Dash are as follows: DASH\USDT, DASH\BTC.

Exchange advantages:

- there is the Russian-language site version;
- instant transactions.


- mandatory verification even for the basic functionality of the exchange.

24 hours volume is: $1 227 639 019.


Registration on the Livecoin trading platform is standard, and there is no verification procedure. The speciality of this exchange is: to restore of a lost password you will pay a big sum of money.

The currency pairs for Dash are as follows: DASH\USD, DASH\BTC.

Exchange advantages:

- there is the Russian-language site version;
- possibility to work with fiat money and cryptocurrencies.


- password recovery fee.

24 hours volume is: $65 409 734.

Find out more about Dash - here​

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