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19 марта 2018

What you dreamed of, but were afraid to ask: how to make the digital currency work for itself

In the context of automation, the human resource, especially not having a narrow specialization of a high level of complexity, becomes of little interest to successful companies or individuals. Machines perform fairly complex functions more often. Modern people learn to make money with the help of machines and also various kinds of computer programs.

This process does not seem easy even for bright minds, but progress forces those who receive a really high salary to evolve or to be unsettled. But the dream remains the same - to get money for less than 10 hours of continuous work.

On rates

Today, speaking about earnings on crypto-currencies, 80% of people understand this as a win. We call this “on rates”. Buy some currency, wait until its course grows and sell it – it is a typical scheme of earning for those who try to live better. However, it is interesting to see what percentage of these players actually make a profit. Unfortunately, the figures are not impressive. And not only because these people can not correctly guess the right moment and analyze the stock exchange. Simply, they lose money. Every week hundreds or even thousands of people lose from a couple dozen to thousands of bucks in an attempt to guess the behavior of the market. These investments leave only a big fat nothing.

Few people know that there is another way to get passive income from cryptocurrency. Masternodes - that's what how they can earn, but do not understand the way. Our  article just tell you about them.

Dash’s Masternode​

The first question that comes to mind for many a one is why Dash? We are sure that these people have not read our reviews and have not watched our channel (read the article and click on the others without a moment's hesitation!).

However, in the context of this issue, we draw your attention to another point. Initially, Dash was conceived as a correction of Bitcoin's mistakes, but the idea was not accepted. Fortunately, this led to the creation of Dash, which is now widely known. We have already described the advantages of this system in other articles, and today we will clarify what the advantage of Dash Masternodes is. Today Bitcoin is the most popular coin, but all the reward from its extracted goes to the miners, and the reward for Dash is divided into three parts:

1. 45% - for miners;
2. 45% - for Masternodes;
3. 10% - for budget for the further development of the ecosystem.

On the basis of the figures given, we see that the Masternodes occupy one of the fundamental places in Dash. They are also a real means of passive earnings.

How to set up a Masternode​

You can configure the master key in two ways. One of them is for those who want to do everything themselves, the other for those who are ready to seek help. In this case, one can not say that "if you want to do well, do it yourself." Each user must rely on his knowledge and strength. We will just tell you the algorithm of actions for each path.


On the official website it is indicated what to do:

1. 1000 Dash to activate your Masternode (this is called a deposit);
2. Server or VPS, installed in Linux;
3. Special IP- address (which usually comes with VPS / server.)

VPS is a virtual installation that allows multiple systems to run on the same physical server. Such work is cheaper and quicker than linking one system to hardware with considerable amount of money.

Of course, only users with in-depth knowledge on the operation of this system can perform configuring by themselves. If you are such a person and you have everything from the list, plus time, then you can go on this algorithm:

1. Configure VPS;
2. Send a deposit;
3. Install Dash Core;
4. Start your Masternode.

External service

You can also use external service to configure Masternode. For a little money you will get confidence in the right actions. For this you need:

1. 1000 Dash to activate your Masternode;
2. Extra Dash to cover the costs for external service.

After you make sure you have had all the resources, you can start choosing an external service. There are many options, among which the leader is, perhaps, Node40 (for an overview of this service, see our article on this issue).


To keep up with the times is not an easy task for generations living and working together. However, it is Dash that provides all the possibilities for popularizing the idea of cryptocurrency among a wide audience. The development of these capabilities is aimed not only at improving the system, but also at worldwide accessibility.

Today you have known what you need to do to make cryptocurrency work for itself. This is what you dreamed of, but was afraid to ask - passive income from digital currencies - innovations of the 21st century.

Learn more and become successful!

Find out more about Dash - here​

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