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12 октября 2017

What my family thinks of my business

A lot of people know that I started my business from scratch but it all started like this…

In 2012 it just happened that I lost my apartment, one of the cars and my business as well. More than that I found out I was pregnant. I really dreamed of children, so there was no question of abortion. I realized, I’d be an albatross around mother’s neck and it was necessary to do something about it.

I got a strange idea: why not to rent out my second car, it could give me at least 50000 tenge a month (10000 rbs.). That's something, isn't it? «Then I'll figure something out…» - that was my plan.

I left my first car on the highway Aqtobe –Astana. I was in a terrible car accident just a month before I found out that I was pregnant. I drove at night at a speed of 140 km / h and met a herd of cows and one of them caught me… Everyone said that I had been born with the stars on my side. The car was wrecked but I had no scratch on. There the matter dropped. I ended my crazy attempts with car transportation and resale in different cities of Kazakhstan. Now, after 5 years, I understand that girls mustn’t be engaged in  dealing with cars, this is devil-may-careness. Let us leave that to men.

My adventures did not end with it (smile).

So, I decided to rent my second car just one week before my daughter's birth. As though everything should be perfectly fine, shouldn’t it?)

You can not believe but the man, who I had lent my car, decided to let me down. Although he knew that I was a lone mum and after a week my baby would be born. I did not see my car anymore and there was no money either. That man knew I had no time to run after him and he acted so meanly! It is funny that nobody wanted to deal with that case, the police tried to qualify the case as a civil one. With difficulty, after a year, I was able to resolve the issue and the criminal case was opened. Finally he was found and he grandstanded, sloped tears, asked to forgive him. He said that after six months the car exploded! It is a load of horse feathers, isn’t it? The police did not even check whether it was the truth or a lie. At the notary he wrote that he had to return «a certain amount» to me after 3 months but when the time came he disappeared again. The criminal case was terminated and revised again to the civil one.

The first year was the hardest. You do not know what to do, this is particularly true for me. I'm always moving by nature. I always get what I want. But in that situation … I could not do anything. I could not go to work because there was no one to leave the daughter with. Hiring a nanny meant to work for her wages.

I had only one choice  – Internet. I was a real «muggle» except coming into mail and social networks. And nothing more. I started with different things: mailing, surfing, writing articles. First, that's not mine and second, they pay a penny, indeed. Then I began to deal with casino, cash games and I invested there all my last money. I was so sick of everyone’s cheating, it was pretty horrible. And I decided to create something that could warn others. It would be easy to find sites where you can earn some money. I wanted to warn people like me against scammers, perhaps they are also trying to get out of a tricky situation.

When I started making my own site I came across one of the types of earnings that seemed to be fraudulent. You can laugh (smile) but that was Bitcoin faucets. I thought «what the hell?», «what a Bitcoin?». I just decided to watch these faucets, then six months passed and they became even more and more popular, their number was growing. My curiosity was not long in coming I decided to learn more about cryptocurrencies. When the question - where to put Bitcoin - came I started selling it on exchangers. And one day I came across the cryptocurrency exchange Exmo, where the rate was much more profitable. Then I wondered how people make money with this. There was the section "Trades" on the exchange. I didn’t understand it at all but the price was even higher there and I was pretty interested in it. Every day I went to that page and watched the chat, numbers, studied all the strategies. Then I started to trade.

Mom and brother said that I was doing nonsense; it was a fat lot of use. They did not believe in me, were ready to argue about my ideas, said that I would not succeed. My friends laughed and I could see it written on their faces - «Julia, you are unfortunate».

Time passed but I did not tell anything to anyone. The time of cut and try came. So the site and the «World of Internet Business» channel were born. I wanted to teach people how to make money, so that a "muggle" like me could understand "how", "what for" and "why". Now my daughter is 4.5 years old and my small, not very popular site and channel have grown to be a great company which is becoming stronger and more effective day by day. On December 25 we will celebrate the second anniversary of the «World of Internet Business». Two years has passed since the day of official opening. During this period we have got more than 800 000 watching our online videos, 33000 subscribers and friends, and 1000  unique visitors per day come to our site. Also we have our own team and I will introduce it to you in a short time.

I have achieved considerable success, returned almost everything I had lost and received much more. Experience and knowledge can not be bought for money. I'm grateful to that man who « burnt » my car because thanks to him I found my way.

My friends! Remember this: nothing happens just for any special reason.

What does my family think of me? (smile)

They forgot everything that they had said before. Each of them thinks that it is their own merit. – Yes, it is possible… After all, their rights or wrongs prompted me to prove that I could succeed.

P.S. Never cut off wings to someone who wants to fly, even if the wings are made up. If someone wants to achieve a great deal, you should support him. Say: «you will succeed» and it will give him the strength to cope with the difficulties, which can meet him on the way.

My acquaintances and friends ask me to tell them more about cryptocurrencies and teach how to use them. People believe in success only when they see you have money and wealth but they have no idea how hard I work to get that.

I succeeded but I didn't do it alone. Cryptocurrencirs has really changed my life, or rather one of them - Dash. All my subscribers and readers know I make a Dash news review and time after time write articles to this effect. Thanks to this cryptocurrency, I learned a lot of new and interesting things. I learned to be responsible, you know, every Monday throughout the year you can see Dash news. I took a lot of effort, warmed wise not to be afraid of a video camera, learned how to go on camera, be my true self. Also, I do investments and trading, that is good opportunity to earn a living.

Everyone keeps asking me: «Why exactly Dash?». Dash gives everyone an opportunity to be what they want to be. It offers its hand to those, who wants to achieve a great deal. Dash really helps people and this is the main reason why I stay with it.

There are so many go-getting people who live their life completely differently from they would like to. There are no people who have no problems. Picking yourself up, you can do what you want and get good money for it. Do not think you are another kind of person. Go for a work that you like and think how you can improve Dash thus, and then go ahead! My friends, you can do it!

Find out more about Dash - here

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