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27 февраля 2018

Users of the CoinBase exchange lost funds. Release #102

Hello, dear friends!

This is a weekly review of Dash cryptocurrency news.

I am Vita and I am with you. The Dash exchange rate for the past week reached a minimum of $ 606.00 and a maximum of $ 770.00

On Dash Force News website you can find a self-teaching guide for an active member of Dash community. Spend and get Dash as often as possible. This is the best way to secure the long-term value of your investment. Do not forget to use the additional functions InstantSend and PrivateSend. Invite other people to use Dash - give them this crypto currency or offer as a method of payment. Let all your acquaintances know about Dash. And do not forget to tell the developers about the detected bugs and problems.

Alexander Kitchenko, a searcher of cryptocurrency as well as an investor and a member of the Bitcoin Foundation, gave an interview for the "World of Internet Business" company. Alexander believes that the cryptocurrency world is very exciting and practical. At the moment Dash has good prospects, but mining Dash is not particularly profitable for individuals. For commanding lead of Dash it is not enough to create a convenient payment platform, remaining a coin with anonymous transactions, but also to be heard in large mass media.

Do you know which of multicurrency mobile wallets with Dash support is better? You can find the characteristics and comparisons of all such wallets: Coinomi, Jaxx and Egde following the link in the description. For example, Egde, is superior to the rest ones by many parameters, especially it is convenient for beginners.

Dash continues to develop its model of decentralization, but there are several factors that criticize the idea that Dash is a truly decentralized system. Amanda Bi Johnson tells how the Dash management system works and reviews the general critical feedback related to digital currency.

Coinbase users lost money as a result of a crash. Over one week, Coinbase’s reddit thread was flooded with complaints of users being exceedingly overcharged causing some to even have their accounts drained and shut down. Dash has not been included to the popular exchange despite it meeting many of the Digital Asset Framework criteria. Nevertheless, rumors have begun to surface again that Dash will be the next coin added to Coinbase’s repertoire.

Dash is the most sound cryptocurrency for investing. The Dash tokens overcame a downward trend and resumed their going up. From November to January, the price of Dash exceeded the price of Ethereum, the second cryptocurrency in the world considering its capitalization. Why is Dash cryptocurrency special? Compared to any other cryptocurrency, Dash has absolutely unique functions. It is likely that in the coming years Dash will become the №1 cryptocurrency.

The “World of Internet Business” channel has made for you a video review of Jaxx mobile wallet.

And this was the news of the last week. Do not forget to subscribe to news on social networks, and you can discuss this and another news about Dash at the Dash-forum or on the Telegram-chat, links are given in the description. See you next time, friends!

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