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28 ноября 2017

Trade war between Dash and the Etherium is near. Release #89

Greetings to all, Dear Friends!
This is seven-day coverage of news on Dash cryptocurrency.
And here’s your newswoman – Julin GYS, creator of the channel WORLD of INTERNET BUSINESS. The price of  Dash for the past week attained the minimum of $ 422.00 and the maximum of $ 640.44

Many believe that Dash can overtake Bitcoin in the price. Why do we need Bitcoin Cash if there is a Dash? aim exclusively at making a profit. It is promoted definitely not for the reason  of technological Bitcoin Cash is promoted by those who advantage over other cryptocurrencies or some other superior feature. There is nothing essential that would distinguish it from currently existing crypto currency.DASH is in front of everyone’s eyes, but it is not noticed. Dash plans to make currencies be so easy to use your Grandma would use them. Dash Evolution will allow users to log on network and gain access to their funds from any device. It can be compared with the work of PayPal but with decentralization.

A trade war is coming and the first shots are highly likely to be heard between Dash and Etherium. The cryptocurrency market will become the mainstream in 2018, and Dash is being expected to be first at the market. This movement is being watched now - the price of Dash rose sharply by tender and jumped from $ 288 in August to a more respectable $ 640. Etherium can get the perfect storm in 2018 and the Dash team did everything right to realize its intentions and goals in case the crypto-currency market takes the main positions. Investors definitely prefer to invest in a currency, which has successfully eliminated its problems.

Dash is accepted at over 500 locations listed on merchant listing DiscoverDash. The use of Dash is now widespread enough that it is possible to use it exclusively for large portions of expenses in certain locations. You can pay for many offerings, including airtickets, rooms, meals, activities for example in Tallin, Estonia. Dash’s use is rapidly expanding. Beyond integrations for commerce in large industries and the first world, however, Dash is also growing at a fast pace in the third world as well.

At the request of several masternode owners some investigation in connection with Dash Global News has been conducted. It was subject to the creation of a series of Dash news sites in multiple languages. The proposal passed but several members, however, expressed concerns over the quality of the outputs. This report does not give any recommendations, only information that may or may not be useful.  To see the details, please, follow the link in the description.

Amanda B. Johnson is back. After a break with Dash Core due to health deterioration in August 2017, Amanda made a video message where she sounded a new proposal. This time, she is going to create a new program designed for those who do not understand finance at all. A new project will be done jointly with PMBC. Amanda's goal is to release a Dash dedicated program on the national television of the United States.

An interview with the legendary Chris Silver, creator of the "silver forum" and co-founder of "Bit Forum" was conducted. For more details, read the article.

For the first time Dash has hit $640 per coin due to increasing the block to 2 Mb and  partnership with Zimbabwe. The release of Dash Core version 12.2 Nov. 8 delivered both a 10 times reduction in transaction fees and an upgrade to 2MB blocks. Economist and Bitcoin advocate Max Keiser called on the community to focus on Dash for payments and allow Bitcoin to fulfill more investment-related roles. «DASH is emerging as the crypto payment rail » Keiser told news portal Dash Force News.

Bank of America has begun charging a $60 annual fee for maintaining a savings account. Many  customers had similarly been upset by monthly fee of $ 5. As an investment, Dash has performed significantly better. Masternodes, and masternode shares, provide a much higher rate of returns.  Compared with more traditional monetary investments, Dash has increased in value at a significantly higher rate.  In addition to the increase in valuation from simply holding the coin, Dash offers further options for potential investors to increase their returns. According to Bank of America’s savings account information page, a similar investment would return about $3.33 (compound interest being negligible) annually, compared to $840 for a Dash masternode share, assuming no fluctuations in the price (which historically have been upward).

Get ready for the Great American Pilgrimage TV show coming soon to RT starting 26th November! The show features Stephen Baldwin and Max Keiser DASHing across America to ask and discover what everyday Americans believe it means to be American. The TV show was funded by a DASH treasury proposal in return for DASH sponsorship of the 16 episode road-trip show traveling America’s heartland.

And this was the news of the last week. Do not forget to subscribe to news on social networks, and you can discuss this and another news about Dash at the Dash-forum or on the Telegram-chat, links are given in the description. See you next time, friends!

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