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02 апреля 2018

Top of the most interesting spheres of integration of Dash cryptocurrency

"Take the idea. Make it your life - think about it, dream about it, live it. Let your mind, muscles, nerves, each part of the body be filled with this one idea. Here it is - the way to success." Swami Vivekananda

I would like to start this article with a quote by the famous philosopher Swami Vivekananda. It clearly characterizes the very essence of Dash. For the entire Dash team and its creators, this digital currency is their main idea, which eventually became their life.

Why is Dash a very popular digital currency on the market today? This can be explained by a non-standard approach to integration in those areas where other cryptocurrencies did not dare to come first.

DASH and therapeutic marijuana

The first truly non-standard integration was the cooperation with AltThirtySix and the use of Dash as a payment system in the medical marijuana industry. This cooperation has expanded the capabilities of both companies. In this industry, Dash has become an ideal payment system because of its instant payments and cheap commission, and most importantly - thanks to its confidentiality. Work with the B2B market of medical marijuana and CRM, provided the first truly comprehensive and incredibly advantageous digital payment solution for the fastest growing industry in the world. Many problems that existed before the introduction of integration were resolved. New prospects for cooperation with specialized pharmacies and manufacturing companies were opened. This at times increased the popularity and customer base of the medical marijuana industry.

DASH and TV​

Nowadays it is difficult to find a person who does not watch TV or does not surf on the Internet. We will just talk just about this area today. It all started from the moment when people from social networks began to discuss advertising of Dash cryptocurrency, which they could see it at airports and in United Airlines aircraft or on the channel "DirecTV". This was the first case of the appearance of cryptocurrency in the media. And then it began the penetration of Dash digital currency into the world of TV. The next step was the launch of the TV show "Great American Pilgrimage." The main persons of the show - Stephen Baldwin and Max Kaiser, went to a trip across America, to finally get the opinion of ordinary Americans: "What does it mean to be an American?" It was filmed 16 episodes of the program, which became very popular among Americans.

After a successful show, the Dash community funded a science fiction series called HardFork. The main idea of the series is blockchain-technologies.

The plot of the series shows the world of the near future. In the streets groups of people are taking a stand in favor of regime decentralizing and trying to topple the centralization regime. This idea can be easely called a multi-way idea for mass popularization of blockchain-technology and cryptocurrency among the general public. The main tool is TV, because it's not a secret that now more than half of the people of our planet watch TV series.

"Boom", which has incredibly raised the rating of Dash, is associated with the return of some famous personalities. This list is headed by Amanda Bi Johnson, who worked as a leading news and analytical program dedicated to Dash for a long time. After a while she began to conduct an interactive show, in which she tells viewers about Dash digital currency and blockchain-technology in available and interesting way. Enchanting spectators with her powerful charisma, she leaves no doubt that Dash is our future. Amanda Bi Johnson is an incredibly valuable member of Dash community. Amanda calls herself a real Dash fan. Undoubtedly, Amanda Bi Johnson is the face and voice of Dash Core company. She really is off the charts.

Another interesting person is Ben Swann. Previously Ben Swann was known as an independent and uncompromising journalist of the TV program Reality Check. He was engaged in journalistic investigations of hot and interesting events, which were often completely ignored by the central media. For several years the show remained very popular. After his mysterious disappearance, which lasted a whole year, he returned again, having received funding from Dash treasury. What can happen next is difficult to say. At the moment, you can be firmly confident that it will be really hot.

DASH in Education​

A motivated person is the best generator of brilliant ideas. This is how the team of Dash reasoned, taking root in the sphere of education. It all began in 2017 with the funding of the annual contest "Cryptorally," which is a decoding competition with the elements of the quest, conducted by the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences at the Arizona State University. Students from this university or a higher school can participate in the competition independently or with a partner. Hacking the coded cipher, they get a clue that leads them further to a secret place in campus, where the next cipher is located. The teams should move on the territory of Arizona State University, starting with Wexler Hall, Noble Library, Piper Writers House, Memorial Union, and also through Virginia G. and the exhibition at the ASU Art Museum.

Right after funding the competition, Dash and University of Arizona entered into a partnership agreement in research and development. This integration is aimed at researching blockchain and developing new technologies that will significantly improve the Dash ecosystem in the future. As we said above, "a motivated person is the best generator of brilliant ideas". By "motivated persons" we mean students who are given 100% for maximum results. The director and the Head of the Blockchain Research Laboratory, the professor-researcher of School of Computer Science, Informatics of the University of Arizona, Dragan Boskovic, shared his opinion. He said that this partnership is a new step in the conquest of blockchain technologies and new discoveries. “We are very happy to cooperate with Dash, it's a great honor for us.”

DASH and sports​

The last, but no less important sphere of Dash application has become sports which is popular all over the world. Over the past year, Dash supported and financed many magnificent sports projects, giving the beginners and ambitious athletes the prospects for a sporting future. The most incredible sponsorship from Dash was the collaboration with Rory McDonald - the famous fighter of ultimate fighting. The number of people who know about Dash ecosystem is difficult to count. An excellent advertising move has repeatedly raised the ratings of the digital currency. Rory himself is very pleased with the new cooperation. He is sure that Dash is a wonderful project, and really glad to act and achieve new victories under this tag. This exactly happened during his last title fight, in which Rory McDonald triumphed over Douglas Lima, the welterweight champion.

Dash is a project with a big heart and it is ruled by a great team. We hope to hear of new interesting integrations soon and wish Dash success and prosperity!

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