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08 мая 2018

The prohibition on three cryptocurrencies: Zcash, Dash and Monero. Release #112

Hello, dear friends!
This is a weekly review of Dash cryptocurrency news.
It's me, Julin GYS.

For the past week Dash exchange rate reached the minimum of $ 457.00 and the maximum of $ 510.00.

At present Dash puts through a budget cycle with the highest competition, having a huge number of proposals, with the value more than twice as high as the current budget. The size of the Dash budget remains approximately at the same level, but due to fluctuations of dollar exchange rate, its value has decreased. Many owners of Masternodes have to work in full force to look through and evaluate the independent proposals. An "input filter" was installed - a contribution of 5 Dash - but even it does not stop anyone who wants to receive funding.

The Dash Core team has announced an upcoming overhaul to the Masternode system by introducing deterministic Masternode lists. This will enable a variety of improvements to the masternode structure as well as previously unsupported special features on mobile devices. What is it? It is masternode lists which are fully derived from on-chain data. The network will gain access to many special features, both for managing and operating masternodes and for mobile/light wallet clients.

The Agency of Financial Services of Japan is trying to do everything possible to impose a ban on three cryptocurrencies: Zcash, Dash and Monero. It is difficult to trace the transactions of these cryptocurrencies, so combating against financing terrorist activities is complicated. These cryptocurrencies can also be used by hackers in criminal fraud.

The KuvaCash startup, which focuses on solving the crisis of cash in Zimbabwe, has announced the receipt of a cash management license to launch and expand the scope of monetary services for users in Zimbabwe. This project is launched due to Dash-financing. More than 20 people from all over the world join the team. In June KuvaCash will participate in the MoneyConf conference, which will be held in Dublin, where together with Dash Core team they will demonstrate their application and services at the corresponding exhibition.

Dash will be the first cryptocurrency that can confidentially transmit information about mobile payments. You can read the details in the article.

The list of 1000 businesses that take Dash is represented on the DiscoverDash website. A great number of  businesses that have implemented Dash are in Venezuela, the US, Ukraine and Australia. The site has a clear reference and online chat, which makes Dash more accessible and useful for consumers.

The time when musicians could earn a living only with music has passed. However, partnership with cryptocurrencies saves the situation. Thanks to Dash there were created an online music storage and a recording studio, and you do not need to sign a contract. To buy songs you only need to subscribe using Dash. Musicians receive 100% profit from the sales of their songs. It's an honest, cheap and useful way to enjoy music.

Vyacheslav Zolotukhin is a guest of the «World of Internet Business» site. He is the ideologist of blockchain projects and the EvoXoX cryptocurrency and also he is the founder of the Evodesk project. Evodesk is a project with the adaptation of blockchain. The scores that users receive can be exchanged for the Evocoin cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, there is no direct exchange of Evocoin for Dash, but the active work with this issue is being conducted. Users will be able to exchange it for a great body of cryptocurrencies.

The Money Show channel interviewed Ryan Taylor and Bradley Zastrow. Ryan shared his opinion about Dash technologies. Dash is similar to Bitcoin and other forks, but this cryptocurrency has significant details that distinguish it from other cryptocurrencies. Ryan also explained that he is the CEO of Dash Core group Inc, but not the CEO of Dash Network and indicated the differences between them. The official release date for Evolution has not been announced at this time, but users can access the demo version.

MyDashWallet is a web-based platform that has a web-wallet function. The platform is compatible with hardware wallets. It allows you to use InstantSend and PrivateSend, and also offers a powerful platform for sending small amounts to users of Reddit, Twitter, Discord, by e-mail address, etc. Recently, its update with many improvements has been released.

In Kiev the BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT KYIV conference was held on April 26, 2018. The "Territory of DASH" team took part in it with the DASH exhibition stand and gifts. The team told the participants about DASH cryptocurrency, its uniqueness, and also about the advantages over other cryptocurrencies. During the conference Oleg Karimov make the listeners aware of "Testaments of Satoshi Nakamoto: Does DASH follow them?"

In a video interview you will see information in English about how Dash Evolution works, how you can build it into your applications, games, etc. You will learn how internal scripts will work, how internal tokens ("credits") will be used to perform service functions on the Dash platform, etc.

And this is the news of the past week. Do not forget to subscribe to news on social networks. Discussing these and other news, you can on the Dash-forum or in Telegram-chat about Dash, the links you will find in the description. See you next time, friends!

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