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30 сентября 2017

The policy of Dash cryptocurrency

I want to have a talk with you about honesty and decency of Dash cryptocurrency. All of us know that it has its own budget the amount of which varies depending on the exchange rate of the digital currency. In simple words: if the rate increases, the amount of Dash budget also increases.

Looking at the graph, you can see how Dash is in progress:

Undoubtedly, Dash growth depends on its popularity, and its capitalization grows only if there is some demand.

Popularity is a high degree of demand for someone or something in a certain area, in our example, these are cryptocurrencies.

It is impossible to be popular and wanted  cryptocurrency for no special reason.
For this you need to work every day on improvements, to advertise the project, be able to hear your customers. But the most important, certainly, is the team; no company can survive without a strong team.

People in Dash fall into different categories:
1. Engineering experts and programmers
2. Financiers and lawyers
3. Marketing experts and PR-managers
4. Investors and traders

Each of them receives the profit, let's look more closely:

Engineering experts and programmers
– people who are hired for either a team or for a certain period of time / project.

Financiers and lawyers – are also in the main staff of the company.

Investors – receive their income from  Masternods, as well as profit from the rate growth. Most investors are attracted by longer-term investments, as statistics show, from 1 to 5-7 years. If you look at the chart above again, you can calculate how much profit the Masternod owners may receive if they sell them now to those who bought Masternods at the very beginning.
Let us remember, 1 Masternod costs 1000 Dash.

Traders  – These are participants of financial market who make sales transactions with the sole purpose of attracting profits. Even they play a big role, in the development and growth of the cryptocurrency, the more live the market is, the more interesting it is for others.

Marketing experts and PR-managers – basically, these people work with Dash on a temporary basis, someone one month, and others can work for 3 years. Dash has a feature - , anyone can cooperate with it and be paid. Also Dash has decentralized control.

This is an organizational structure in which senior management carries out a minimum (strategic) control and management of operations and rules of clearly separated activities and operations. 

It's very simple, the owners of Masterdn (Investors) are responsible for distributing the expenditure of the budget, and just they make a decision which proposals of marketing specialists and PR managers are to accept. Anyone can become an Investor, you just need to have 1000 dash in your wallet.

The faster Dash grows – The faster proposals come. Look at this picture and you will see with your own eyes how many proposals come every month.

To see the full list, click on the Link.

There are also such proposals, which are given for half a year ahead. Each of the participants evaluates his/her own work personally, someone has 15 Dash a month, another even 200. 
The most interesting is that as the result, people get much more than they planned initially. Let's take Amanda, for example. She is a broadcaster of the official Dash channel. She did a lot for the company:  all kinds of interviews, instructive video lessons, speeches at conferences, and a host of other things.

Look how her budget began – the start was $500. In the table there is also a  column of Dash price. You can see how the price grew and how Amanda's income grew at the same time. Over the past month, she received more than $. 70000

This is the advantage of the cryptocurrency and the big plus of decentralized management. If the policy of Dash was originally honest, it just goes the same way. For many companies this is an unreasonable waste of money, even more accurate - misallocation of funds. They  could spend this money for more important things. But the Dash company wins due to its decency and honesty for everyone. It has been building its reputation for years, and years are measured by actions. Reputation is very difficult to buy for money that is why Dash every day becomes stronger and faster. Having lost in one place, it acquires in another one.

Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous people who are chasing after easy money. Masternod owners began to face more troubles while voting every proposal, because they control the budget and this is a great responsibility.

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