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20 марта 2018

The major Dash innovation is just newly-emerging. Release#105

Hello, dear friends!

This is a weekly review of Dash cryptocurrency news.

I am Vita and I am with you. The Dash exchange rate for the past week reached a minimum of $ 366.00 and a maximum of $ 564.00

The biggest innovation of Dash is just emerging. DAO is more innovative and revolutionary project than improved payments. DAO is the first, the largest and most efficient among all projects of this kind. Dash gives power and form to decentralized groups and threatens to disrupt the structures of control and domination throughout the world. The next few DAO elements will show how effective this system becomes.

Dash is added to three new exchanges: BACE, CoinSwitch and Styx24. BACE is a Swiss exchange, which is preparing for the opening. Thanks to CoinSwitch it will be possible to receive Dash by exchange with many different cryptocurrencies. This is a fast, simple and accurate service for more experienced traders. Stock exchange Styx24 is a new exchange, located in Zimbabwe. To date, it supports Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash, and offers for all of these coins trading pairs with USD.

Every month Dash Force News shares fresh news from the Dash Core team. Dash community and Masternodes select some questions for them. In February, they answered the questions about Evolution.

Dash can be exchanged for goods and services almost everywhere. Among all the cryptocurrencies  Dash stands out the best way to use and gives people the opportunity to use it right now. Due to this, the price of Dash is stable enough and less subject to fluctuations on the market. Unexpected news can not seriously affect the price of Dash. For example, news about requirement for compulsory registration of exchanges is partly responsible for dropping prices of cryptocurrency market. Other sources say that the Binance exchange is to blame for this dropping. The active use of cryptocurrency can stabilize price fluctuations.

The news of a new integration and partnership with one online payment provider in the UK was announced. Now the users of Payza will be able to receive and send Dash to other users of Payza, and this is more than 100 000 retailers of e-commerce. This is a great chance for Dash. Payza has a good reputation among millions of users. Dash was chosen as the second cryptocurrency after bitcoin.

Dash community is growing in Venezuela and is already actively involved in the life of several regions of the country. The community offers free communication, conferences, as well as advice on the issues of cryptocurrency for the entire population of Venezuela. In Venezuela, there are already five public organizations that accept donations in the cryptocurrency.

An interview with Armen Gevorgyan from the program "No time to wait – just act". Armen is an analyst on the issue of cryptocurrency and the founder of the channel Super Margin. He also works in the field of education on the subject of cryptocurrency and conducts the course of Crypto Profit. He believes that Dash has a future, but it is not necessary to hope in its rapid growth, as it was at the end of 2017. The growth of Dash will occur progressively.

An interview with the author of the budget proposal on Internet advertising Dash in runet was conducted. Maxim Popov and his team are engaged in promoting the Dash cryptocurrency in the Russian-language Internet space. In February, they managed to get funding from Dash Treasury.

One former employee of Wells Fargo accused the company that it specifically closed accounts of those customers who complained about fraud. Wells Fargo customers still have a long way to get their money back. Dash, whereas, offers a reliable blockchain and effective financial instruments. Unlike projects of the type of Wells Fargo, the Masternodes are economically interested in winning users' confidence, as well as in ensuring and growing acceptance of Dash. Dash is able to use the strongest economic incentives to meet the needs of users, and quickly offer them secure wallets, exchanges and business solutions.

Dash will be available on the Wirex cards. In addition to Dash, several more currencies are offered: Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple. In Europe, the issue of such cards has already begun. Then they will work in Singapore, Japan, Canada and the USA. In Russia the process is suspended as the government is developing a law on cryptocurrencies. If it is adopted in the summer, the cryptocurrency cards will appear in Russia in the autumn.

And this was the news of the last week. Do not forget to subscribe to news on social networks, and you can discuss this and another news about Dash at the Dash-forum or on the Telegram-chat, links are given in the description. See you next time, friends!

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