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30 августа 2017

The grant programme for blockchain- startups with DASH-$400. Issue №76

Greetings to all, Dear Friends! This is seven-day coverage of news on Dash cryptocurrency. And here’s your newswoman – Julin GYS, creator of the channel WORLD of INTERNET BUSINESS.  The price of  Dash for the past week attained the minimum of $ 262.00 and the maximum of $ 398.98

Amanda has recently announced her Dash retirement  and it’s time to remember the history of her cooperation with Dash treasury. Prior to working for the Dash Treasury Amanda B Johnson was doing a Youtube show called the Daily Decrypt.  Her first Dash sponsorship was for 10 episodes shown from Jan 4th to Jan 15th 2016. This is the first time the Dash logo shows up with Amanda. From the very first show Dash was one of the cryptocurrencies she was accepting.  Amanda first interviewed Evan Duffield. The first episode of DASH: Detailed was on June 15th 2016 titled “What Stands Between Digital Currency & ‘Mass Adoption’?” A series of 6 videos explaining in easy to understand language all about Dash.  Published in September 2016 the first episode has 67,000 views, that is a lot a people learning about Dash. Follow the link in the description and read of many other Amanda’s projects.

So, which Dash financed projects can be implemented? Funds for some projects were allocated some time ago, but their implementation has not been completed yet: others are expected in future, third have  long-term schedule, and fourth just remain short of stated deadline. 
Dash community was invited to act as the main sponsor of the TEDx show. The large Dash branding on the mainsail: Sidney will be able to see this brand name in the course of at least five years. Sponsorship of Circus City. Payment platform Alt36. There are some half-done projects: DashPay system for accounting at points of sale (POS). Last updated activity status for project from kodaxx. Dash/Ripple port with open code. Last updated activity status for project from akhavr. Bitcoin /Dash rework protocols. Last updated activity status for project from QuantumExplorer. 

Price Dash set a new historical high. For Dash the year 2017 was very successful. Dash was the  common altcoin not long ago: exactly one year ago its cost equaled $12 for one coin. By today Dash managed to place fifth on the list of cryptoprojects showing the highest capitalization. Despite significant updates at the beginning of the year, Dash bull period has been continuing for three month already. When at the end of May the price of asset came to $118,9, a lot of people thought it was the Dash top. Everybody, who sold their assets at that time, made a profit  but those investors, who decided to wait , were even more enriched. I shall remind once again – this week Dash has increased  to 399 $. 

Dash Force proposal review is ready. Dash Force has been a part of the Dash community since December 2016 . Their aim is active engagement, reddit discussions, forums, twitter engagement, article comments. They also aim to weed out Dash disinformation wherever they find it.  After operating for 9 months Dash Force has grown a lot. Every day they fight with the “forces of evil” and providing honest information about Dash. As regard current team activities, two articles covering  everyday life of Dash community have been published.  

Dash and BlockCypher started a grant programme for blockchain-startups. Grants must be given to blockchain- projects having viable  business model and plans of invading  market. And what is more they must be able to offer innovations regarding usage Dash network together with BlockCypher blockchain- infrastructure. According to the company formal statement financing should be given to the businesses developing technology solutions in terms of: health service, KYC, payments, Internet of things, insurance, supply chain, connection, personal details identification. In such a case, amount of finance depends on the content and potential of every specified project. 

Payments system review - POS-system (short for Point Of Sale) at the points of sale from Coinpayments.net. Coinpayments have everything they need  to create such the full-function and easy-to-use system based on Android. They support more than 65 different cryptocurrencies including Dash. Their web-site looks reliably and protected with plenty of information on your transactions. It is very pleasant to note that their fee is 0.5%, that is fairly honestly. But there is always a “but”. Some transactions went incorrect, and those that went correct, were shown to be true only after a few hours. Complex  registration and authorisation. However, there is nothing needless in this application for Android, it is easy to understand and use, you should only click the button and input a payment amount. 

Proposal and its review: Built-in function of Dash purchase and sale in a wallet. What is the first idea coming to those who are going to set up the Dash-wallet?  A common question sounds like this: «Where can I get some Dash?» You can register in the exchange, send money from your bank account, then buy Bitcoin, convert it into Dash, and finally send Dash to your wallet. Now  some other faster ways are available. For example, you can use Dashous or Wall of Coins for direct Dash buying whether at the personal deal, or sending money to contraparty into a bank account. The project of Dash purchase and sale directly in the wallet provides for building the functional of purchase and sale of Dash directly into some popular Dash wallets. It will be possible to buy Dash, placing an order and then taking cash deposit on account at the Bank's nearest branch. After deposit is confirmed, Dash will come into the wallet. The project is behind  initially declared schedule. However, there is still every reason to expect a very useful service upon its completion.

Ripple gateways are companies, that provide movement of money and other values “in” and “out” of the Ripple Consensus Ledger (RCL). A gateway receives money (or other valuable assets) beyond Ripple and create records in RCL. Therefore the customers have the opportunity to receive money in and out of the  RCL. We can consider this action as currency exchange. In the course of about a month you will be able to use this gateway to exchange Dash on RCL. RCL is in itself the Ripple blockchain. DASH will be added to Ripple network via integration into GateHub Fifth, which is one of the most famous Ripple gateway, now providing the work with BTC, ETH, ETC, and REP in the Ripple network. The biggest advantage is reaching Dash users (about 300 thous. of users) and all the net potential rather than project engineering content. Users will have the opportunity to put DASH into their multi-currency wallet. As  soon as such possibility appears users will be able to make deposit and take DASH but, more importantly is that they will have possibility to change it into any currency, supported now by Ripple network. The start is scheduled by the end of August.

In collaboration with the Arizona State University School of Engineering Dash has created the "Blockchain Research Lab" to work with blockchain technology and teach students how to use it. This is said in the Dash formal statement. It is expected that initial studies will stay focused on network scalability, know-how, network architecture, ecologically-friendly mining, network stoppage as well as its capacity.The new laboratory is considered to be the first authorized research unit engaged in active research of applications for blockchain technology.

And this was the news of the last week. Do not forget to subscribe to news on social networks, and you can discuss this and another news about Dash at the Dash-forum or on the Telegram-chat, links are given in the description. See you next time, friends!

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