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10 апреля 2018

The deVere company has launched the application deVere Crypto. Release #108

Hello, dear friends!

This is a weekly review of Dash cryptocurrency news.

It's me, Julin GYS. I am happy to the max to be with you again! For the past week Dash exchange rate reached the minimum of $ 291.00 and the maximum of $ 351.00.

It looks like the great 2017 bubble has come to an end. Bitcoin, and altcoins like Dash, have looked down since late December. Cryptocurrencies aren’t particularly good at the slow and steady growth. Instead, they tend to advance their price through massive bubbles, which eventually pop. Dash experienced a major bubble in May 2014. When will the next be? While Bitcoin is faced numerous problems, Dash has a solution to all those ones. With Dash, we may not have to wait for the next general crypto bubble before seeing our price surge.

Dash Venezuela team has made great strides in Caracas. It requested and received funding from the network to host a sixth conference. Additionally, the Dash Venezuela team has been invited to speak at another event with the audience of 250 people who are stakeholders of important companies in Venezuela. In the case of Dash Venezuela, their past five events have given them a great deal of credibility in the community. The team hopes to turn Venezuela’s capital of Caracas into a “Dash city.”

The youngest organization of the ecosystem Dash - Dash Labs – is created by the developer of digital currency Dash Evan Duffield. The location is Hong Kong, but Dash Labs offices will soon be located around the world. The Dash Labs team is dedicated to developing and implementing a new concept of hardware for user equipment. Also, the development of other scientific units from Arizona will be used here for scientific research. Vigorous activity is expected in Hong Kong, and current problems will be resolved before they can disrupt the network. At the moment, Dash Labs is the third major organization in the decentralized network of DAO Dash.

If you like Dash and you follow its news, then the interview with Krishna Yoga will seem very interesting to you. His budget proposal was approved on the vote in the March cycle. The essence of the proposal is that Dash will get 40,000 or even more registrations in Venezuela, which means widespread. You can find the link to the interview in the description.

Dash Force restarted its DiscoverDash.com site. The user interface and online support chat have been improved. This site is one of a kind. It has the largest and most accurate list of companies that work with Dash. In fact, this is a free business directory in which, sellers who use Dash can increase market coverage and advertise their products and services. Now the DiscoverDash list includes 792 companies that accept Dash, and during 2018 many other businesses will join. Online support will help you get quick help for companies that are having difficulty adding their company to the site. So far, online support is working in test mode, but in the future it will be round-the-clock.

A well-known company deVere launched deVere Crypto application for convenient use of digital currencies by customers of any level of "awareness" in this subject. You can see Dash among a number of cryptocurrencies, included in the application. This is Dash's next step towards success. Dash is gradually becoming the best alternative for those who really want to earn. You will read more about deVere in the article.

Visitor of the World of Business Internet site - Dmitry Kolot is a co-founder of the information project on crypto and locker, investor, marketer, project manager, crypto enthusiast, investor and just a vivid example of a successful person. Dmitry has been investing in cryptocurrency since 2011 and believes that Dash has every chance to blow up the world of payments and be in the top 5 international payment systems. Dash trades well in tandem with other cryptocurrencies, and the security of this coin remains at a high level. Dmitry is confident that we are all present at the historic moment, when the dream of paying for purchases in cryptocurrency is beginning to come true. This is especially evident in the case of Singapore of Thailand and other Asian countries.

Many questions to the Dash community have been accumulated over March 2018. Detailed answers to them are posted in the article on the Dash-forum.

The representative of Dash in the CIS countries, Oleg Karimov, spoke as an expert on MinskTV. In the newscast you can learn: what a cryptocurrency is, who Satoshi Nakamoto is and how you can earn cryptocurrency.

Dash on CNN International (video in English).

And this is the news of the past week. Do not forget to subscribe to news on social networks. Discussing these and other news, you can on the Dash-forum or in Telegram-chat about Dash, the links you will find in the description. See you next time, friends!

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