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30 января 2018

The Brisbane Airport has begun accepting Dash and other cryptocurrencies. Release #98

Hello, dear friends!
This is a weekly review of Dash cryptocurrency news.
I am Vita and I am with you.

Now I will do Dash news on the World of Business Internet channel for you. Julin GYS has been and remains the head of the company. She is always glad to help you and answer any your questions in social networks. The changes are related to the health of her family. We hope for your understanding.

And now the news - let's go!

Dash exchange rate for the past week reached a minimum of $ 761.00 and a maximum of $ 965.00.

How to introduce cryptocurrency to your family and friends? A series of five articles will tell you how to do it. Your friends will know a lot about the world of cryptocurrency, learn about Dash and how to buy it, what exchanges are better for using, and be warned about the risks. You can find more information by the following links in description.

As a result of the partnership between the leading blockchain web services provider and the laboratory, Dash will be the first in what will be a blockchain-agnostic energy-sharing platform to maximize the efficiency and minimize the costs of the US energy grid. Enabling smart meters with the ability to exchange digital currency for electricity can help you. Blockchain technology presents a unique opportunity to efficiently scale a platform for maximum efficiency of the electric grid. There are plans on testing this via a project leveraging peer-to-peer Dash payments between two initial test homes.

The Brisbane Airport has begun accepting Dash and other cryptocurrencies. The official website of the airport announced a partnership with the TravelbyBit platform. Thanks to this platform, in two terminals of the airport travelers will be able to use cryptocurrency in the shops and restaurants. Thus, the Australian airport has become the first world large transport hub that fully supports cryptocurrencies.

Does Dash carry out the legacy of Satoshi Nakamoto? What kinds of technologies and principles did he put in the development of many cryptocurrencies? How does this affect Dash? To some extent, DASH is a fork, but it really improved Bitcoin in many ways compared to the original project. Now DASH is still at the initial stage of its development, but it has already demonstrated its extraordinary opportunities. This currency is only a few years old, and its community constantly grows. It has not used all its capabilities yet, but an open code allows other altcoins to evolve. DASH is adjusting to the needs of users and it will maintain a high level of trust over the long term. To shift Satoshi from the position of the prophet of cryptocurrency will no longer work, he really laid the right foundation for the development of Bitcoins, altcoins and other projects. And now the world market will decide which of the coins is more profitable, more promising and work for the benefit of users.

Interview with Bradley Zastro, the director of global business development in the Dash Core Group, has already been translated into Russian.

Let's remember that Rory McDonald, a contender for the MMA belt, is actively interested in cryptocurrencies. He has already received the sponsorship from Dash. He should actively promote Dash, act in clothes with the logo of this cryptocurrency, give interviews and mention dash in his posts on social networks.

Dash announced the integration with the Mercury Cash Exchange in Florida, providing users with an easy way to purchase Dash with a credit card. This partnership expands the extension of Dash around the world, since more than 50% of the user base of Mercury Cash is in South America. In addition, an access to digital currencies is provided not only for American, but also for international users. Integration with Mercury Cash provides a secure financial alternative for residents of economically unstable countries in South America, such as Venezuela, in which the demand for digital currencies is growing.

We have prepared a detailed review on the technology of Dash Masternode for those who do not understand yet what it is. You will learn what Noda is, what Masternode is, why you should own a Dash Masternode, and also get acquainted with Dash Masternodes using Neptune Dash Technologies Corp.

For your special benefit, Rycrypto together with Dash is starting a weekly news review of RuCryptoNews. You will get the latest news from crypto world.

Oleg Karimov worked as a school teacher for 10 years, went up the career ladder to a deputy head teacher and ... left school for business. Now Oleg's business is a mining of cryptocurrency and its sale on stock exchanges. In our video interview Oleg will talk about the cryptocurrencies, mining, blockchain and a bright future.

If you want to buy, sell or exchange the most popular cryptocurrencies (for example, Dash), the Telegram bot is the most profitable way to do it. It provides very fast and reliable transactions. You can also trade in Telegram bot as on any exchange. The "World of Internet Business" channel has provided a detailed overview on this subject.

And this was the news of the last week. Do not forget to subscribe to news on social networks, and you can discuss this and another news about Dash at the Dash-forum or on the Telegram-chat, links are given in the description. See you next time, friends!

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