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15 декабря 2017

Stories from ordinary people - "Why I have chosen Dash cryptocurrency"

Today we would like to tell you a few stories about "Why I have chosen Dash cryptocurrency". Remember that "World of Internet Business" is holding a competition together with the Dash cryptocurrency, which is our main sponsor.

The competition is divided into two categories; you can participate in the both of them.

1. Subscription, comment and repost.
2. A story "Why I have chosen Dash cryptocurrency".

More information about the contest you can find out here.

The author of the most interesting story will receive a prize of 15,000 rubles (in Dash cryptocurrency).

First week we received many letters. Someone asked about the details of the contest, someone thanked us for what we do. We got a few stories and read them with pleasure. It seems there's a pretty good reason why we make the contest and after reading the stories below, you will understand what I'm talking about... :)

Denis Kurbatov (30 years old), Russia, г. Zheleznogorsk

I'm subscribed to your channel and I really like it. It is very educational. I collected cryptocurrency on cranes for a long time.  I did not work then and started doing with cryptocurrency to somehow survive. Then the time came when it became hard to get Bitcoin from cranes and I decided to collect the cryptocurrency which was easier to receive. I started watching video on YouTube and found your channel, saw all your video and collected 0.75 Dash without investments for 7 months. At first I wanted to withdraw Dash but then changed my mind and left them for 2 months.Then I got a job, bought the entire Dash and it was cool because Dash started growing! And a month later it grew ten times as much! I decided to deal with this cryptocurrency. I believe in it and collect it on cranes. I also like the designs of Dash wallets. They are convenient and understandable I have them in my computer and a telephone.I think that in a couple of months, Dash will grow tens of times and become the most stable coin, not as Bitcoin. Dash has a good perspective and it will always be so! Thank you for your channel, it helped me a lot!​

Nikolai Laba (31 years old), Ukraine, г. Dnipropetrovsk​

It started in early 2017, when Dash cost about 8-10 dollars. Frankly speaking, I really liked the etherium at that time. It was growing dramatically, but when I found out that its mining never stops, I changed my mind and chose Dash. I didn't know much about cryptocurrency then, but I chose Dash precisely because it had limited emission. In March 2017, I borrowed a loan of $1,800 in Privat Bank, went to the exchange, bought Dash and after about 10 days I sold it much more expensive . The same day I returned the loan to the bank without interest and commission, because I did not exceed the grace period of 55 days. I repaid the loan and still had $ 260 of net profit. And I believed even more in Dash and its future. I told this story to my friends, they didn’t believed me, some of them flashed me the Vulcan sign and laugh, saying, it was IMPOSSIBLE. After that I did not tell anyone this story, but now I've decided to write to you.​

Dmitriy Safronenko  (24 years old), Russia, г. Novokuznetsk​

It was a warm spring day in 2016 when I met one charming girl. She was a close friend of my family and I was glad to meet her. She told me about a difficult life of lone mum, who had strain every nerve to provide for her daughter. She did everything trying to find normal work in Internet, tried to earn, but everywhere met a deception. Finally, she began to deal with crypto currency and the fortune smiled on her. Her life bloomed up with happiness and hope, her example inspired me and I joined the ranks of those who chose earning Dash the cryptocurrency! Oh, yes! ... You all know her ... :)​

Anton Rudomino, Russia, г. Saint Petersburg

I chose Dash crypto currency because Julin, the Dash program hostess, is always charming, in a good mood, which she passes to the viewers and information releases about Dash are always fresh and relevant. Wathing Julin’s programmes I always understand what is happening in the world of Dash, what to expect from it and what it hopes for, therefore, I chose this crypto currency!

Nikolai Tsikhler, Kazakhstan, Ust Kamenogorsk

I took up cryptocurrency in summer and noticed the Dash coin in August, then I started working with it. The story began with the fact that I took the loan of $20,000 in the bank for 2 years. Also I had my own $10,000. Although my mother tried to dissuade me and my friend called me « idiot», I decided to take a chance. I remember, as it was yesterday, that exciting moment, when in August Dash cost about $ 300 and I bought it in the exchange office at $ 320. I spent totally $30000.All the balls to the wall. Ask why Dash? This is a very interesting technology, an ever-evolving project, and there are not many coins, just 7million. I put all eggs in one basket and believed in this coin, and now I have Dash to the value of about $ 30,000. I repaid my loan a month ago and I believe that this is the second coin after Bitcoin.I happily summarize that the Dash coin gave me a start, I believed in it and my feeling did not let me down. Now the mother and friends see me as a competent investor, thanks to Dash cryptocurrency for everything.​

nnn nnn (a girl)

I learned about the cryptocurrency market in February 2017. One of my friends started spamming me with messages about Bitcoin and strongly recommended to buy it. And he himself could not really explain what it was like, why it is needed and how it works. He, At the drop of a hat, demanded to buy Bitcoin as soon as possible and gave me a link to Exmo exchange. Okay, I thought I'd take a look. At that time there were only 5 coins on the exchange: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and Dash. I still did not understand how it worked and their technical details (and even now I do not really get it), so I was guided only by the price graph. Bitcoin scared me away with its high cost. Then it cost more than $ 1000 and it seemed to me that it was too expensive. Now it probably sounds funny. Dogecoin seemed cool, but was clearly not suitable for serious investment. The graph of Litecoin looked like a straight line, the graph of the etherium showed a weak growth, while Dash grew on a dollar every day.
During the week when I studied everything and sent money to the exchange, it grew from $ 20 to $ 25. Take it or not? I've already been in such situation. Once I did not buy a dollar for 40 rubles, then I did not buy it for 45, then I had to buy it for 50 rubles. So I did not repeat my mistake and immediately bought Dash. To this moment these coins have already grown 30 times against my first buy.  Things are going really well. As a token of gratitude, I sent one Dash coin to my friend, who open cryptocurrency world for me. Thanks to him.


I have chosen Dash because this is the best coin in terms of price growth. Also Dash does the quickest blockchain-transaction, better than Bitcoin. I believe that dash, will be number one very soon. Dash forever.​

Dear friends, these are the stories of ordinary people - how they developed and why they chose the Dash cryptocurrency. But their stories cannot be taken as advice to repeat these people’s actions.

«I do not recommend taking loans or investing all your money. If you want to invest, do it wisely and share the risks. I would like to see Dash not just as a way of earning, but as a technology with which you can quickly and comfortably send money anywhere in the world. Also it should be means of payment with minimum fees. Primarily Dash is digital money » — Julin GYS.

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We have also made an English version of this article and stories where the English-speaking community of Dash can vote. All votes will be counted together.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who supported our participants, maybe your voice will be decisive.

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