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21 декабря 2017

Stories from different people - "Why I chose Dash cryptocurrency" - part 2

The other day we received another letter with a story. We want you to evaluate it. Remember that "World of Internet Business" is holding a competition together with the Dash cryptocurrency, which is our main sponsor.

The contest is divided into two categories; you can participate in the both of them.

1. Subscription, comment and repost.
2. A story "Why I chose Dash cryptocurrency".

More information about the contest you can find out here.

The author of the most interesting story will receive a prize of 15,000 rubles (in Dash cryptocurrency).

Andrew Krotov (22 years old)

Today there are so many crypto-currencies that it is difficult to understand all their nuances. Each coin contains some unique features, although most of them do not differ from each other in any way. These are the usual Bitcoin forks, which are created for speculative tasks. Against this background, DASH stands out sharply, because this crypto currency is the result of unique technologies.

Every DASH plus can be described on hundreds of pages, but I believe that the most important advantages of DASH are reliable anonymity which works due to the PrivateSend transaction mixing system, as well as instant InstantSend transactions. A unique system of Masternodes is the basis of stability and safety of DASH. To create a new Masternode, you need to deposit the sum of 1000 DASH, and owners already have more than 5000! It should also be noted that these coins exist in a limited number, and the annual reduction in coins producing by 7% gives a prospect of growth for investors, moreover, this coin is presented on all major exchanges in different currency pairs. All of these facts give us confidence that DASH is forever!

Of course, everyone should think carefully and assess the risks. You should clearly define priorities and understand what technology is worth to invest in. After all, we are standing on the cusp of great future, a new digital era!

It's great if Dash users know all the subtleties and advantages of this cryptocurrency. We hope that in 2018 users of Dash will become even more.

Please vote for the story you like - here.

We have also made an English version of this article and stories where the English-speaking community of Dash can vote. All votes will be counted together.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who supported our participants, maybe your voice will be decisive.

Find out more about Dash - here​

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