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23 декабря 2017

Stories from different people - "Why I chose Dash cryptocurrency" - part 3

We received another wonderful story and we want to share it with you. Remember that "World of Internet Business" is holding a competition together with the Dash cryptocurrency, which is our main sponsor.

This is the last story that we are publishing within a framework of this contest.  3.5 days remains before the voting results and now everything depends on you. Each of the contestants hopes to win, and you should honestly evaluate the best story.

The contest is divided into two categories; you can participate in the both of them.

1. Subscription, comment and repost.
2. A story "Why I chose Dash cryptocurrency".

More information about the contest you can find out here.

The author of the most interesting story will receive a prize of 15,000 rubles (in Dash cryptocurrency).

Olga Jagolnik, Ukraine, Lugansk

In 2016, someone recommended me crypto currency and this word broke into my life. I read the articles on the sites for a long time, I wanted to understand - what is this? and how is it? "I noticed a few coins that attracted me" by ear "and visually (by the logo).

At that time, I did not go into the history of creating, advantages, difference between cryptocurrencies. In my head there were words "deception" and "shell game", but video=reviews of other people, true-life stories and the tendency of constant growth made me believe those who placed a huge hope in the world of cryptocurrency (and they did not fail :)). And so, gradually, I started watching Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dashcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum.

Since the end of 2016-2017, I started to follow-up information, write down prices by the dates in the notebook and all in that spirit (I hope everyone did similar things in the beginning of the way :).

I did not cease to marvel at Bitcoin's growth, but I always looked at him with caution, as something unattainable. At that time, I did not reach beyond the cranes ... and that suited me. Slowly, but confidently, so to say.

But when in 2017, Dash started to grow up, I became thoughtful (the price was affordable ... why not?) And at my own risk I spent ALL MY SCHOLARSHIP (hurray!.. I did not fail :). The price of Dash started to grow smoothly and confidently up starting from 10 dollars. At that time, it seemed to me that if it reached $ 100, it would be "WOW", but after 100 it was 500, and then 1000 ... now the price (rounded) is 1500 and I am sure that it is not a limit.​

In course of time, I learned that Dash has a number of advantages over other coins that so far remain the most important for me.

Security and anonymity in the performance of operations with this coin and the speed of payment were, at that time, the main advantages for me (see as soon as possible that the money came and did not go anywhere ... oh, major concern!).

I think that now, due to the use of new technologies, this coin has a great future. Its developers actively cooperate and attract new investors.

Competition for me is relevant because recently I want to try Dash in a long-term investment and believe that if you really want to - everything will turn out.

Thank you for your attention :)​

It's nice when our viewers and fans of Dash cryptocurrency trust us and tell us how they started and developed. Experience can not be bought for any money. This is a unique feeling when you realize that you are a part of something great. Day after day more and more people begin to trust Dash cryptocurrency and use it.

Please vote for the story you like - here.

We have also made an English version of this article and stories where the English-speaking community of Dash can vote. All votes will be counted together.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who supported our participants, maybe your voice will be decisive.

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