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05 сентября 2017

Solution to a Bitcoin problem. Prize from Dash is 10000$ .Release №77

Greetings to all, Dear Friends! This is seven-day coverage of news on Dash cryptocurrency. And here’s your newswoman – Julin GYS, creator of the channel WORLD of INTERNET BUSINESS. The price of  Dash for the past week attained the minimum of $ 331.00 and the maximum of $ 395.00.

Circus City is an international festival of modern circus art, which takes place every two years. The next festival will be held in October 12th - 29th in Bristol, in the UK. In history of British Art events this festival will be the first one sponsored by cryptocurrency and this news is expected to be the central theme. Many circus men face problems and risks associated with payment in  multiple  currencies. The actual circus community sure knows how to take decisions and  adapt technologies as quickly as possible. Thus the members of this community are considered to be the Dash probable pioneers and active supporters.

The world of cryptocurrency doesn’t stand for the government financing social welfare program, and so doesn’t care about poverty and needy. And is this fair? Bitcoin was born in the midst of the financial crisis in 2008, as a result of which millions of ordinary people suffered from serious financial difficulties, while governments saved the rich. Dash could be a tool by which the unbanked will be able to transfer any payment  easier, faster and cheaper. Dash is ready to become a means with the help of which people can get out of poverty.

For the day more than 300 businesses across the globe accept Dash in payment and even more  will add to the current list thanks to the new grant program for blockchain-startups. Strategically profitable partnership with BlockCypher allows Dash to offer blockchain-grants to interested businesses. The grant program provides advice and support to enterprises and startups which look toward to adopt blockchain-technology to their business cases. Surely, after starting this grant program more and more companies may start accepting Dash.

If you are a new investor in cryptosphere and you have seen how Dash has come to its price ceiling but at the same time you don’t understand the reason – this information is just for you. If you are not a newer in the Dash project and this information is commonsensical, we kindly ask you to share it with your sceptical friend. Dash has already fixed the Bitcoin problems, related to scaling and consensus. Dash has a monthly budget of $2,5 for the development. Dash privacy has never been broken, and the one to do it will get significant pay-off. Dash is the most decentralized among the other coins. Dash mass adoption is not far off. You can learn about this in more detail through the link in the description.

In the competition of forecasts about Dash one Lithuanian won $ 10,000. On his Twitter he wrote a forecast that Floyd would TKO Conor in the tenth round, after the referee stopped the boxing fight making salvage of Conor. It was the forecast of the boxing match Mayweather – McGregor. It was the most accurate forecast which won in Mystic Dash Challenge – the competition with prize-winning fund $10 000.

AnyPay.global - new POS-system of Dash – has been tested. It is the completely new POS- system, developed by Steven Zeiler, businessman from New Hampshire. AnyPay is being used in production in a retail store owned by Steven with a slow roll-out being planned for other businesses to ensure things go well. AnyPay is easy-to-use. You should simply register on the website and start accepting payments in Dash. It works practically on nearly every device. The way is simple -  you put some US dollar amount on payment screen and get some Dash. «Working» part of the site is very facilitated and userfriendly the same as the main site, which is well developed  and visually understandable.

The review of Masternode.me (trusted service of Masternodes) is completed. Services like Masternode.me, run by legendary Dash Core member Moocowmoo, offer trusted shares, where the service will hold user funds and use them to make masternodes, giving back a proportion of the node’s earnings to users. Setting up masternode shares with Moocowmoo is extremely simple and streamlined, almost disconcertingly so.  You can find greater details in the article itself.

Cryptosphere is terra incognita for Kazakhstan. I would not say there is lack of employment or cash-flow problem in Kazakhstan but unfortunately the number of crimes has increased. Just the money and its lack make people do robberies. Mass adoption of cryptocurrency could change the world. In my article, I'll describe what is going in our city and also about the strengths of cryptocurrency.

My friend Alex held webinar on Dash. The subject can be useful to the general public. Don't judge too harshly, since such kind of video has been recorded for the first time. The other Dash experts are also expected at the next Dash webinar. We kindly ask you to pose  your questions about Dash in online comments as well as to vote on other questions. The most popular will be answered at the next webinar.

The next article on the Dash forum aims to improve communication between Dash community, Dash Core, and Dash Labs. It also informes on the progress of project going.  Much work has been done internally which is not easily grasped from the outside without spending large amounts of time in the dash project, sifting around the forums and slacks to get all of the available data. At the present time the remaining part of the Evolution project is being documented. They make use of a whole new  documentation system called DIPS – Proposals to improve Dash.

Dash conference, which takes place in London, promises very important declarations. The event is organized by Keynote, the same company that put together the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami and the World Blockchain Forum, among several others. The event will feature panel sessions on hot topics such as development of the upcoming Evolution upgrade, a Dash debit card, and the newly-announced Dash Labs. Dash boasts the first two-tier network in cryptocurrency, with the network divided between ordinary users and miners (tier 1) and masternodes (tier 2). These masternodes provide the advanced features of Dash, including PrivateSend, InstantSend, and Dash’s self-funded “Decentralized Governance by Blockchain” system.

Dmitriy Baimyratov told about Dash at the «Bitcoin Talks Ukraine» conference. The meeting took place on September 1st 2017.

And this was the news of the last week. Do not forget to subscribe to news on social networks, and you can discuss this and another news about Dash at the Dash-forum or on the Telegram-chat, links are given in the description. See you next time, friends!

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