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01 мая 2018

PayPal has imposed some restrictions on users. Release #111

Hello, dear friends!
This is a weekly review of Dash cryptocurrency news.
It's me, Julin GYS.

For the past week Dash exchange rate reached the minimum of $ 440.00 and the maximum of $ 539.00.

The currency that provides quality services is priceless, unlimited and reliable. Dash is just such kind of currency. It opened her network to offer financing services to the current and potential owners of its coins around the world. The article has answers to standard questions - what the decentralized government system is, how the system of offers works, what possibilities for fundraising Dash can provide.

The question, whether Dash can return to the $ 1,000 price point, interests almost everyone for a long time. If such the growth continues at the same pace, there is a good reason to hope for it. The ground of Dash dropping is the continued fall in the cryptocurrency market. The main role in the return of Dash to a price of $ 1000 should be played by buying pressure. Another reason is the upcoming release of Dash Evolution, as well as increased levels of adoption. If the cryptocurrency market behaves more actively than last year, then by the end of 2018 Dash can easily take the height of $ 2,000.

A presentation of Dash at the Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference in Russia was held. The Dash.org website features a video-presentation and many photos from Dash People. The presentation was conducted by Robert Wiensko. He answered many questions about Dash and expressed confidence that the release of Evolution would be a real revolution in the world of cryptocurrency.

DASH has long occupied the eleventh line of the rating among the world's cryptocurrencies, but now it has lost this place to the Throne (TRX). It began to compete directly with Ethereum, and there is a feeling that it is ready even to enter the top-10. Dash was once a real challenger for leadership and was a tough competitor to Bitcoin (BTC), but it seems that now it is just getting ready for a leap forward. Dash has done a very good job of creating its own working payment system. In addition, it became available to most crypto-investors for trading.

Kevin McKernan's budget proposal requests funding to improve the sequencing of the cannabis genome. Mackernan also received funds to change his work from the blockchain of Bitcoin to Dash. This project on genomics is particularly interesting and important, because in many US states cannabis goes to a legal position. McCarran claims that at least one third of the cannabis genome remains unknown. He believes that thanks to the support of the Dash network, he will be able to sequester the genome of cannabis a hundred times better than in 2011.

Four cryptocurrencies showed good growth on the eve of the last tax day in the US. They are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash. Each of them added double digits to their cost. The statement by President Trump on bombing Syria can also lead to higher cryptocurrency prices.

You can read an exclusive interview with Robert Wiecko on RuCrypto's website.

PayPal has placed limitations on unverified users, as well as made adjustments to fees, increasing cryptocurrency’s relative competitive advantage. This move gives an edge to cryptocurrencies, which can be used without restriction or permission, gaining a distinct advantage among customers stuck waiting to complete verification processes. Fees, particularly for international transfers, dwarf those of Dash. A customer using Dash could transact potentially thousands of times for the cost of a single PayPal transfer. Dash aims to outdo payments systems and national currencies alike.

We present you a conversation with Ruslan Musliev that were covered during the international blockchain conference in Moscow about the integration of Dash on the Wallbtc platform, «tothemoon» 2018, as well as many other interesting things. Link to the full interview in the description.

Coinbase grows through acquisitions. It has recently acquired Earn.com. Earn.com started as a Bitcoin mining startup and pivoted to ‘a cryptocurrency-based professional networking platform’ to earn Bitcoin by completing tasks. Earn.com follows their other acquisition such as Cipher Browser, a mobile Ethereum wallet and decentralized app (DApp) browser. At least a sizable chunk of the money has shifted to funding projects that focus on making crypto easier to use for the average consumer. Dash always focuses on the consumer and has the funds to make it happen. Dash’s treasury system allows for cool projects to be funded that truly attempts to serve the Dash consumer and is not beholden to any one central investor.

In Minsk, there was conducted a festival-competition on economics and entrepreneurship "The Ladder of Success". The festival-contest included not only competitions among young people. Several speaker-professionals, including Oleg Karimov, the representative of Dash in the CIS countries, held master classes for participants. You will find the link to the video in description.

What is special about Dash? What exactly distinguishes us from other cryptocurrency in the market? What is Masternode or anonymity of transactions? Robert Wiecko will tell you about it.

And this is the news of the past week. Do not forget to subscribe to news on social networks. Discussing these and other news, you can on the Dash-forum or in Telegram-chat about Dash, the links you will find in the description. See you next time, friends!

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