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01 марта 2018

Overview of node40.com Site

The cryptocurrency world does not stand still and every day it is more and more introduced into our everyday life. The question of a legal status of various digital currencies and their taxation has already been raised in many countries. Of course, many users try to avoid taxes, but it is obvious that for legalization of cryptocurrency and its extensive use it is necessary to introduce rules that are "negative" for many people. This will help to use cryptocurrency much more and implement it in everyday life, which in many ways can simplify purchase and sale operations.

NODE.40 will help you to understand the taxation system for cryptocurrency. Information on profits and losses, assistance in managing transactions - that's what, in general, NODE.40 provides.

What is NODE.40

This company has become famous for hosting services. Two years later it launched a beta-version of the software "Balance" to account blocking, calculate IRS for transfering  Dash and Bitcoin.

At the time of this writing, a beta-version that focuses exclusively on the Dash transaction has been created.

Based on the information provided on the official website, we can say that NODE40 is a boot start-up that has already shown itself in the blockchain industry. They began with provision of hosting services for stimulated blocking applications, such as Dash Masternodes. Now NODE40 Balance is familiar almost to everybody – it is the first of its kind block accounting system.

The purpose of the company was to assist users in acquaintance with the current tax legislation. The site has a comment that relates to the purpose of functioning:

"If you make a transaction, trade or mine a digital currency, you probably initiate a taxable event. The software for accounting of blockchain accurately calculates your profits and losses, and also shows whether the profit is short-term or long-term. We calculate the cost of each transaction in a digital currency so that you do not recalculate your taxes."

In addition, the interface of this program is very convenient for a client, everyone can make a profit for a short time. Node.40 is characterized by a high level of security and ease of use, the user receives a detailed instruction on how this works and what needs to be done to work in the system. Not only "advanced" customers, but also novice users can easily take the necessary steps.

Products of  Node.40​

The company provides two products:

- software for blockchain accounting;
- services of Dash Masternodes "Balance"​

The legal status of crypto-currencies is a complex issue for many countries, but the users of exchanges are increasingly trying to understand how the trade or mining cryptocurrency affects taxation. The "Balance" program just helps to understand this by:

1. Providing the software for your transaction book of Bitcoin and Dash;
2. Providing an explanation for even the most complex transactions;
3. Calculating your profits and losses;
4. Showing at the end of the process a clear picture of the state of your digital currencies, as well as losses and this information will be understandable for your accountant for further actions in accordance with the current taxation.

* For residents of the United States the form IRS 8949 will be created. 

We can say that in general the "Balance" program works in the same way as accounting software: it analyzes transactions, allowing you to make comments to them in accordance with the needs of the user, as well as receive full reports on profits and losses. To view all the data, the company has created a concise and understandable interface that allows the user to quickly navigate the program. To view the income, profits and import transactions as well as to manage a book, this panel is necessary:

«Dash Masternodes»​

Dash сryptocurrency has achieved great popularity. Despite the fact that it is an altcoin and based on Bitcoin, it surpassed its "teacher" in many ways. As a result, not only the users of exchanges, but also many providers became interested in it.

Node.40 takes one of the first places by volume of hosting Dash. The company offers a set of services for managing and evaluating performance on such stimulated blockchains as Dash. The functions provided by Node.40 are as follows:

1. Masternode installation wizard.
The program creates Masternode server in real time by entering a key to the account with 1000 Dash. After the server starts working and the program confirms the payment, the client can launch a new Masternode. Node.40 manages your server remotely, notifying you if your operation is necessary. That way you get the benefits from Masternode.

2. Portfolio Insight.​
The user receives reports once a month, quarter and year according to the performance of his Masternodes. They completely demonstrate Dash profits.

3. Masternode Monitoring.​
The user can monitor the status of his Masternodes, monitor the nodes, see the overall evaluation, open a common transaction history, and read the brief information about the node capacity.

This function allows beginners to quickly understand the matter and benefits of working on the stock exchange. Of course, you can support the server yourself, but then the reward can "overshoot". With Node.40, the probability of profit loss is almost 0%. Developers support the service "online", and in case of failure they compensate for a shortcoming. The advantage of such a service is the possibility of influencing on Dash development, using a one-click voting system. Also, users can buy goods or otherwise spend their money.

Node.40 is one of the leading Dash Masternode, which has been recognized for two years due to stable system operation and guaranteed income.

Сheck in​

Company Node.40 takes careful care of anonymity and registration is carried out in a few simple moves:

1. Entering email and password.

2. Reciving a letter from the service to the specified email, with the necessary link to activate the account.

3. After clicking on the link you enter your email and a password again in order to enter your account. After that all the features of the site are open to you.


Of course, such a service can not be free, so each feature has its own cost, which is also shown on the official website. 

The most profitable offer now is testing "Balance" during the beta version.

In other respects, for the owner of Masternode with remote launch, the pricing policy of hosting is the following - 0,27648 Dash per month with an annual obligation of that (information from the official site is presented in the screenshot).


Node.40 is a service based on Dash, which is one of the leading hosting providers. The company also created the software "Balance" for tracking taxable events, so far available only for Dash users.

In general, we can say that Node.40 is a convenient base for both beginners and experienced users in this field. The site provides clues to the "newcomers" and broad functionality to "old sea-dogs", more informed users. In addition, every successful person, who wants to earn and develop his capital, should look at the site, based on the help of Dash and giving the opportunity to increase profits. After all, Dash is a payment system that managed to surpass its "teacher" in a short time!

Find out more about Dash - here

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