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20 ноября 2017

Now to be funded by Dash - Posting preliminary budget proposal - the third step

Hello, dear friends, it’s me Julin GYS. This is the series of videos on how to get funding from Dash.

In previous videos we talked about our goals and how to create a preliminary budget proposal.

The subject of this video is: Posting of the preliminary budget proposal. The third step

Why do we create a budget proposal?

We do it in order to know the opinion of Investors, because new proposals not always are good enough to be taken and if we do not want to throw away money, all the details should be previously confirmed with Investors.

They will decide whether they like this proposal and ask you the questions that you have to answer. It happens that after discussing the preliminary budget proposal, it fundamentally changes and improves.

Investors are interested in the development of the Dash project; they expect its improvement and leadership. But if they ladle their money out then you can imagine what happens! Money will go to waste.

Did not I convince you? Ок!

Imagine that you are an owner of a large company; will you give out money for nothing? Will you give it to passers-by who you do not know? They can say: give us money and your company will get more profit. Would you believe it? Of course not. You need to check everyone, understand what he is like, and find out their reputation, where they worked before and what they achieved.

It is against this background that Masternode owners of want to find out everything about you. Their task is to develop a business, the larger the company, the higher their income.

To  ensure that Investors will see your preliminary budget proposal, you need to post it in such a place which is visited by them for watching the project development.

And there are the three main sources:

1. Dash Official Forum
– there is a separate section, on discussion the preliminary proposals. Create a new idea and place there your proposal. The link to this section and to my preliminary budget proposal you will find in the description. While posting information make sure you include links to your sources, if any. This can be your site, channel, reports, work, social networks, etc.

2. Dash Nation Official chat – there are a lot of different channels on certain subjects, you should select «pre-proposals». Write in brief about yourself and provide a link to the first source where you posted the full preliminary budget proposal. Now you see my example on the screen. A link to the chat will also be given in the description.

3. Official Dash community on the «reddit» social news site - you should just subscribe and send them the link to your preliminary budget proposal. Do not forget to indicate in the title that it is just preliminary. It is very simple to share the link, just press this red button.

I think you noticed that on these sites you should post your information in English. I also post my preliminary budget proposal in Russian on my website and then share it with Dash Russian-speaking community. I mean the Dash forum, other forums, social networks and chats.

You should constantly review all the sources where you placed your preliminary budget proposal, answer the questions of concerned parties, conduct a dialogue with them, and come to a common decision. Be sure to answer everyone, even if it's just "Thank you". They take their time and you should be grateful.

I hope that this video will help you to properly create a preliminary budget proposal.  In the following videos you will find out where you should place it, then, how to place the application, why we pay for submitting a proposal, and why so much. And number one, you will learn about the results of voting, getting the budget and further steps.

So that you do not get confused in the sequence of these videos, a special playlist is created. We are also preparing an article where you will find all the steps at a single location.

If you have questions about Dash and want to know more about this cryptocurrency, you will find the links to the official website, forum, chat rooms and social networks in the description.

Click the "Like", I will be very pleased. Do not forget to subscribe to my channel and click on the bell. Notifications of new videos will be sent to your mail and you will always be aware of the events. Add this video to your playlist in order not to lose it. Share it with your friends; perhaps, this information will be useful for them. This has been Julin GYS. See you.

Find out more about Dash - here

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