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09 мая 2018

No time to wait – just act: an interview with Inna Tarpan

«He who owns the information, owns the world», - said Nathan Rothschild raising the question of importance of thinking and awareness in doing business.

A shining example of a person who owns information is our today's guest. This is Inna Tarpan - a crypto-enthusiast, the founder of the media agency Tarpan Digest and video blogger!

- Hello, Inna! You are a blockchain-evangelist. Please, tell us how you started your journey, why you became interested in this sphere.

- I have always been interested in everything new and progressive. I was seized by the philosophy of blockchain. This is something between the ordered anarchy and libertarianism, but it works according to a certain and very precise algorithm. I started to study this subject in more detail and was fully involved. Everything happened very smoothly - I told the readers of my blog about my new concern. By reaction to the first few articles, I realized that I could not keep the lid on blockchain. Therefore, after a couple of months, a video blog, Tarpan Digest, "about cryptocurrencies and blockchain -technology in simple words" appeared.

- Do you have an ideological inspiration or image that pushes you to development?

- I try to communicate with people who can teach me something. Sometimes this is a successful business, and sometimes just compassion or tolerance. As for motivation, I usually inspire myself. I have a special device in my head, an alarm clock that says "it's not time to give up." Until today, it rings constantly :)

- You write: "My blog is just the world seen via my eyes: from travel, movies and cosmetics to blockchain technologies." If you compare the "look" of the world before the popularization and development of cryptocurrencies and after it, what changes, perhaps even cardinal, can you see?

- In this matter I'm a cynic. The world basically adapts to us and our time. That is, for us, all the changes in general are logical, because we have time to adapt to them. Many people predicted that the cryptocurrencies would revolutionize. But in fact, they are perfectly integrated into the existing financial system, bringing us more and more convenience. It is not necessary to blow up old cities to build new ones instead. The history of mankind has already known too many abrupt changes. I prefer an evolutionary development to a revolutionary way. This is exactly what happens with cryptocurrencies.

- Do you invest in cryptocurrencies and, if so, is it a secret which ones?

- First of all, I invest my time in cryptocurrencies. All my activities related to the blog, speeches, articles are, in fact, the most valuable investment. Now we are watching the turning point when wealth is measured not by numbers from your wallet, but by knowledge and skills to build communication.
I prefer to refrain from discussing the denominations and names of specific currencies in my asset. It seems to me that when opinion leaders stimulate the market so directly, it can not lead to anything positive.

- You travel a lot to form your view of the world and events that fill it. Tell me, did you often have to pay for goods or services abroad with digital currencies? And "at home" - in your country- is it an often procedure?

- Unfortunately, or fortunately, it is not possible to pay all accounts with crypto-currencies directly. I try to talk about similar precedents, when a business or service is accepted cryptocurrency as a payment. For example, in Japan, I specially shot a story about buying in a huge online supermarket of electronics Bic Camera, and in Kiev we showed a restaurant in which you can pay bills with cryptocurrencies for more than six months already.
But still, these are isolated cases, as long as it is rather a PR campaign. On the other hand, I have already said that perhaps it's not bad: every new industry needs time to develop partner networks. When people argue against cryptocurrency saing they can not be used anywhere else, it's just as stupid as to demand everywhere 4G 10 years ago, for example. The introduction of new technology takes time, this is normal. This gives us the opportunity to study the question and prepare to changes. We are gradually offered more and more options, we just have to have patience.

- You attend various events and are genuinely interested in the progress in the field of cryptocurrency. Tell me, have  you visited Dash events?

- To my regret, I have not visited the thematic events of Dash yet, but we crossed with the team at other conferences.

- Now Dash is in the top-list of 10 cryptocurrenciies, its updates are targeted both a wide audience and to beginners. Do you think that this is the right strategy or digital currencies should be understood and accessible only to a select few?

- I think that today the most important thing that we can do for the future of the crypto currency is to educate the general public. This is what I am currently doing in London - the creation of educational materials for companies in the field of brothels and crypto-currency businesses in particular. We all need to understand that the more people understand and love the idea of blockade, the sooner we will be able to distribute related technologies. Therefore, what Dash does is completely relevant to time and requests.

- By the end of our interview I would like to ask you, what is the most important for those who for the first time step on the road leading to the world of cryptocurrency? What is worth paying attention to, what is needed to be learnt first?

- Critical reasoning is the staff of life. The first task of any newcomer is to be able to evaluate incoming information. And for this you will have to learn, watch the market, so much so, that you can find any information on the Internet. And secondly, you need to maintain cool-headedness. The era of cryptocurrency as a method of rapid enrichment will sooner or later come to an end. Therefore, right now you can imagine a total capitalization of 100 times more than the current one and start inventing business tools for the upcoming time. I think the solution to these questions will lead to real success.

- Inna, thank you for your answers, may good success attend you! 

You can find a link to our guest's project here.  Learn more and become successful!

Find out more about Dash - here

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