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22 марта 2018

No time to wait – just act: the interview with Armen Gevorgyan

"You need to learn from the mistakes of others," a phrase that every person has heard hundreds of times in his life. There can be a long discussion - what is more effective - "to put feelers out" all alone or follow the path after a leader. We decided to ask our guest - Armen Gevorgyan - how important a mentor is in studying cryptocurrency and also about many other things!

Armen is the founder of the Super Margin project, a financial and crypto analyst, a practicing trader, a private capital manager. He is the founder and shareholder of a large financial company, Technopolis-Invest. He has had experience in financial markets since 2007. Also, he is the author of the Super-Margin and Fight with the Shadow trading system. He completed a full course of study at the Institute of Trading and Investment. He works as a lecturer of financial disciplines at the Academy of National Economy and the State Service under the President of the Russian Federation. He is the author and instructor of the Crypto Profit course and an expert in the sphere  of development of individual trading systems in cryptocurrency market. Is this not the image of the thought leader in the field of digital currencies?

- Hello, Armen. You are an analyst of cryptocurrency, as well as the founder of the Super Margin channel. Our readers are interested in how you started and why became so interested in this industry?

- Throughout its history, the virtual currency is accompanied byboth positive and negative reviews, and experts have completely different opinions on this issue. Someone believes that digital means is a trap created to lead us into a dead end. Others, on the contrary, suppose it to be progressive technology and an incentive for financial markets.
In 2015 I decided to sort out the issue on my own and make up my own opinion about this innovative financial instrument. Since I have sufficient experience in the foreign exchange market, I saw the identity of the main mechanisms of price movement, the work of crypto-exchanges and financial markets at large. In November 2015, I bought Bitcoin for the first time for about $360, but since I was more of a trader than an investor, I sold the coins when their price rose to $ 1,300. At the end of 2016 - beginning of 2017 my interest in cryptocurrency grew up and I began to actively analyze the movement of the market and give daily forecasts on my YouTube channel for those who were just beginning to delve into the subject.

- Based upon your activity, you hold to the standpoint of mentorship in the matter of сryptoсurrency market. Also, you yourself are involved in the education sphere on the subject of сryptoсurrency and conduct the Crypto-Profit course. Why is this learning so important?

- As Henry Ford said: "Each of us, in order to achieve the set goals, we must constantly learn. To make this process happen quickly and efficiently, we need a teacher, coach, mentor, who will help us to choose the right tools for achieving the goals, will show the right path to the goal and will give good advice at a difficult time. Finding such a mentor in real life is not so easy, but you manage if you really want to." I have a wide experience of teaching in higher educational establishments and I can confidently state that a mentor is a person who can make difficult things easy, and incomprehensible ones - clear. Cryptocurrency market is a place where one should not enter warm-blooded. If you want to multiply your own capital all alone, you must go through trial and error, losses and disappointments, or escape this stage, using many effective tools that I collected in the course of Crypto Forcing.

- I think our reader want to know whether you had a mentor in this field, maybe someone from the Academy of Trading where you studied?

- There were leaders with unconventional worldview, perseverance and insistence. There were positive examples and ambitious competitors. But the most valuable teacher is my experience. The first setbacks chastened me and made me find new ways. And today I'm a little sorry I did not have a wise mentor who could warn against mistakes or guide me along the right path. On the other hand, I could get one remarkable quality - immersiveness. Now I treat the result of each of my students as if it were my personal positive result.  I am proud of his victories from the bottom of my heart and show a quick and easy way to individual strategy and personal experience in trading.

- The Super Margin channel looks like a mentor in this area. You provide, basically, Bitcoin reviews, however there is also a video forecast about the top 5 and top 10 cryptocurrencies for 2018. Now it is 2018 and we want to know if you have changed your "favorites" and what digital currencies would you put on the top 10 list now?

- This is a superficial impression of my channel. Now the format is changing and I add a lot of practical videos for beginners. As for the main content, I usually do an in-depth analysis and look in detail at TOP10 cryptocurrencies for an hour. My favorite one is ETHEREUM, despite the fact that it is much less volatile. Bitcoin (BTC) Ethereum (ETH) Litecoin (LTC) NEO (NEO) Cardano (ADA) Stellar (XLM) EOS (EOC).

- Do you think Dash is a competitive cryptocurrency? Will it be able to compete with bitcoin?

- When Dash cost $ 250, I had an interview with a man who did not believe in my forecast that Dash would reach $ 600. To date, I believe that this coin has a future, but it is not necessary to expect the same growth as it was at the end of 2017. Its growth will be progressive, without the so-called "hype".

- Would you decide to invest in Dash and should we count on this cryptocurrency?

- To diversify a cryptocurrency portfolio, some of the funds may be invested in this coin. But I would not make a major bet on it. Security and risk minimization, this is my main principle in the cryptocurrency market.

- What prospects do you see in Dash, given the speed of its development?

- Last year, the Chinese Bitmain plant produced a record number of D3 antiminers, the so-called "Aisiki". Accordingly, the production of Dash increased. It is obvious that this coin is a success both for miners and for traders. I can name the main advantages:

- transactions in Dash are anonymous, which in itself attracts investors and holders;
- Dash uses not one algorithm, but a combination of several cryptographic ones;
- unlike other coins, Dash mining requires less energy;
- decisions about the further development of the system are made not by individual programmers, but all members of the Dash network through the mechanism of decentralized governance.

- Thank you for your answers, Armen.

- Thank you for your interest in me personally and for the deal to which I dedicate a significant part of my life!

A link to our guest's website you can find here. Learn more about Dash and become more successful!

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