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08 мая 2018

No time to wait – just act: an interview with Evgeny Kaznacheev

In order to solve the problem, you do not need to puzzle for a long time, go to the library or practice for months at specialized enterprises. You can contact the relevant companies or simply read our articles that tell you about the world of cryptocurrency and ways of making money in it!

This is the project "No time to wait – just act!" And our guest - Evgeny Kaznacheev – the technical director of the financial platform Midex, CEO and co-owner of Yoldi Agency, an expert in integrating technology into the ecosystem of business projects, an expert in the security of cryptocurrency services and high-load projects.

- Hello, Eugene! Your company Yoldi Agency specializes in solving problems of different levels, developing and implementing projects. Tell us about this business, do you often come across points of blockchain?

- We have been engaged in web development for more than 8 years, and during this time we worked with projects from various fields: from entertainment social projects to complex financial-technologic products of banking sector. The first commercial orders for blockchain appeared quite late, as the business still did not understand why it needed blockchain. We began to study these technologies independently for internal use, and in 2015 the first orders came to us. For example, at first they were online casinos and gaming services, which they tried to increase the loyalty of users due to the blockchain and make it more convenient to work with the in-game currency. In 2017, banks began to look actively at the blockchain. As the independent consultants, we took part in several interbank experiments to integrate blockchain, as well as worked with online voting systems based on blockchain, which politicians were interested in just before the elections-2018. But, of course, most of our projects were made for IT companies that were just starting to master this new technology.

- You have been working in the field of blockchain for 5 years and specialize in the security of large-scale cryptocurrency services. I think our readers would like to know what you think about Dash in general and about the services developed by the specialists in this field?

- We are really actively engaged in computer and network security, mainly, this applies to web services in the field of financial-technologic products, through which large amounts of money pass. Such systems are a tasty piece for hackers, and therefore our task is to come up with such non-standard solutions that will reduce the risks of hacking or stealing funds. Everyone understands that it's possible to hack anything, and our main task is to design such a system, so that even in the worst case scenario, losses can be minimized. The cryptocurrency area is in the sphere of special risk, since it is a relatively young direction, where clear rules and standards have not yet been formed. Because of this, there is a lot of vulnerable software on the market, and project owners, succumbing to the gold-crypt fever, ignore security and do not want to spend time on it. As a result, we regularly see news about the hacking of crypto-exchange exchanges and wallets.
We have a high opinion of Dash, there are even a few miners of this currency in the office. We were first aware with Dash in mid-2017, when we developed a cloud-based service for this cryptocurrency. We liked the implementation and the development plan for the product, which was officially published. From a technical point of view, this cryptocurrency has a great future and potential for development.

- Do you invest in Dash and which cryptocurrencies in general do you consider to be a lucrative investment?

- We do not deal directly with investments, although some clients pay us in cryptocurrency. We do not exchange it, but we keep it. We play long-term, because now there is very high volatility, and the market is very stormy. I think that in the coming year it is better to forget about selling cryptocurrency assets. The Bitcoin exchange rate seems to be profitable, but it has fallen dramatically. If you buy it, you need to do it now, since it is obvious it must bounce back and entail the altcoins. There is also an interesting NEM coin, in which we see rather great technical potential. And you should look at the tokens of various young projects, for example MDX Midex crypto-exchange token, which enters the market with very ambitious plans and a strong technical solution.

- Wandering from the subject of specific cryptocurrencies, what do you consider the most interesting and most important in your work? What makes you happy to do it every day?

- The most important and interesting for our entire team is the involvement in the construction of a new technological future. We know that thanks to us and people like us, the world is changing for the better. The subject of cryptocurrency is very close to us, because the technology of the blockchain, which lies at their basis, gives transparency, economy and independence for all world financial processes. It's the blockchain technology that allows you to build a free and secure world in which a person can feel comfortable. It's nice to feel like architects of the future.

- Could you share your advice with our readers: how to become successful in the field of cryptocurrency? What is worth paying attention to, what must be used?

- It depends. If we talk on investment in cryptocurrency, it's better to give money under the management of experienced traders, since the market is very complex and it takes a lot of time to work with it. If it's about web development, you need to have a good experience, without it it's very difficult to succeed. When we had a few orders, we just did something for ourselves, for gaining experience. Technologies are developing so quickly that as long as you make a product, it can become obsolete by the end of working with it, so it is very important to stay relevant, find the opportunity to attend conferences and draw new knowledge every day.

- Thanks for your answers, Eugene!

You can find a link to our guest's project here. Learn more and become successful!

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