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13 апреля 2018

New success again! Dash cryptocurrency has been added to the deVere Crypto application

The globally known, especially in the US, deVere company has launched the deVere Crypto application for convenient use of digital currencies by customers of any level of "awareness" in this subject. Among the cryptocurrencies included in the application, now we see Dash, a currency that many experts and famous people, that have become successful thanks to investment in cryptocurrencies, are betting on.

This is another step for Dash in the direction of peremptory success. In the world where Bitcoin took the first place among digital currencies, we find more and more advantages from Dash – the altcoin, created in accordance with the model of the so-called pioneer, but perfectly improved and became the best alternative for those who really want to earn.

The deVere company

It would seem that there was another new application and another wallet. Why is there so much noise around them? For those who do not know anything about this, we will tell about the company itself: what is its goal, how it has came to world-wide fame, in general, their history.

"deVere Group" is one of the world's leading companies providing financial advice. Its capital is more than 10 billion dollars. Employees of this company help foreign emigrants and international investors in matters of financial development. As the representatives of the company indicate on their site, their clients often get much more, than they bargained for.

This is not a company in which everyone will do for the customer, "turn-key". Their policy is close cooperation. This is how all economic and financial strategies are developed, ideas are supported or denied, and capital is created and multiplied.

Undoubtedly, those who turn to the company have advantages, as they use the deVere Group's technological developments, their connections with the world financial institutions, and also they receive advice from leading experts.

Such service and interaction gives their customers confidence in the future. The purpose of deVere Group's work is the calmness and safety of their customers.

The application of deVere Crypto​

The deVere Crypto application helps simplify the use of digital currencies. This application is both a wallet and a stock exchange, because with its help it is possible to store cryptocurrencies, trade them and even present them.

Safe, reliable and convenient - this application fully justifies the original intent of the company.

Also with the help of this application, customers can see a graph of prices of digital currencies on exchanges for a day, a week, a month and a year.

"DeVere Crypto" is not created solely for advanced users and investors. Its functionality is understandable even for beginners, and at the current moment this approach plays an important role in the field of cryptocurrency – it provides their popularization.

Installation and use

Installation and use of "deVere Crypto" does not cause difficulties. To install, just go to the already familiar Play Store and download the application.

After installing and running the application, the introductory part will be displayed.

You enter your login and password and enter the application.

Then you should register by entering the standard data:

- country;
- phone number;
- Email;
- name and surname;
- the code sent to the phone number.

The application helps the client to register step-by-step and start using the application.

You can use the following functions of deVere Crypto:

- purchase and sale of cryptocurrency;
- gifts;
- free storage;
- see graphs of the cost of bitcoin and altcoins;
- use biometrics or access codes to protect the application.


As one can understand from the target orientation of deVere Group, their main points are to help users to learn something new, get their financial development made and popularize this industry. Similarly, Dash aims to create a healthy ecosystem in which each user earns according to his skills. At the same time, this altcoin pays a lot of effort to popularize digital currencies. The technologies described above make cryptocurrencies accessible for users of any level of competence.

Learn more and become successful!

Find out more about Dash - here​

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