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27 сентября 2017

My holiday with Dash in Novosibirsk

Cryptocurrency is the future that will change the whole world. I'm very proud of my mission – to tell people the last news about cryptocurrencies, particularly, about Dash. Dash, really, inspires, you want to interwork and grow together.

In July, I went on vacation in Russia and decided to conduct an experiment – to spend this time with Dash. You must admit that it really sounds unusual!

It's quite simple, I ordered t-shirts, mugs, magnets, and key chains with a Dash logo.
I guess I became the first person in Russia, who was on the plane in such a T-shirt, walked in it around the city and visited various places. To be honest, it was an inexpressible experience, as you were wearing something great.

We stayed at my sister's, by the way; she has been watching my creative self-development for a long time. Although she’s far from cryptocurrencies, recently she has been very interested in this subject. But I will tell you about this in my another article - « How my family relates to what I do ». 

We rested for about 2 weeks, but of course, not quite "rested", because I always had a video camera in my hands.  I was able to capture a lot of things on video - as much as
for four Vlogs which you can see below.

The holiday was really unforgettable. We visited the Novosibirsk Zoo, which is one of the 10 best zoos of the world and it is really something to admire. It's so big that it seemed there were more than 50,000 visitors at the same time.

Then we went to the Planetarium and the round screen, which showed a movie about the planets, made me feel faint. The Botanical Garden is a paradise. I fell in love with it, it's a very beautiful place and there is a huge well-kept wood there. For five years I had dreamed of getting into the rain and walking under it. My dream came true, I was overwhelmed with feelings. Unfortunately, the video about the botanical garden was accidentally deleted and I have only the fragments of our adventure…

We managed to visit Berdsk and Iskitim cities, of course they are very different from Novosibirsk but the friends about us gave us warmth and comfort.

When I was wearing the T-shirt with a Dash logo, everyone seemed to be looking at it as if they knew what it meant. Unfortunately, I did not manage to get acquainted with the fans of cryptocurrency. I'm sure that the day will come when lots of people have such t-shirts.

After I published my first Vlog, my subscribers started writing, « why you did not say, we would meet and chat». It is nice to know that in Novosibirsk there are some admirers of my work who know about Dash. The city, which I visited, is really big, so meeting once people may never see each other again, but it cut to my heart with its atmosphere, good, and warmth.

It was very unusual to pay by a bank card everywhere. In small cities of Kazakhstan this is a big problem, only cash is accepted. Unfortunately, I did not find a place where it would be possible to use cryptocurrency but I hope it will change soon.

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