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21 февраля 2018

Materials for promotion of Dash cryptocurrency

It would seem that it may be easier to find a picture, download a video, add it to your page or refer to the information in the blog. It is difficult when it comes to some routine things, for example, about cooking or hair care. However, it is unlikely that the future is defined by a truffled duck or split-end serum. The future is on cryptocurrencies! Now the world of digital currencies has reached the level when many countries are in a trend and trying to enter cryptocurrencies into the legislation. Under the circumstances, every reasonable person, who can think rationally, turns to huge information flows about trading platforms, mining and other words from the world of cryptocurrency unknown for beginners.

At the time of this writing, Dash is really increased by quickly steps. The trading platform no longer needs PR. All the characteristics and functionality of the exchanges speak for themselves. A lot of articles about the advantages of Dash before widely promoted and popular Bitcoin are written. We repeat briefly for those who missed this information (look for articles about the advantages of Dash and find out more, we guarantee - it's interesting) why Dash is superior to others. This is, at least, speed, anonymity, prospects. This is not just an alcoin, it's a currency that is really capable of being in advance Bitcoin in many ways even in the eyes of experts! Do not believe? Read more about Dash, and then return to this article in order to find out how to find the right materials and, finally, to join the business!

Deeper into the information, a user starts thinking not only about buying the chosen currency, but also about its promotion. At a minimum, here we are talking about an idea interest. 

However, in this article we are not talking about the motivation of people who have seriously approached the cryptocurrency, it is devoted to a point of finding materials for a new case. Icons and images, сopied by someone and put in Google, do not show quality and originality, and readers are unlikely interested in counting the pixels on the icon you inserted. And only we'll tell you where to find requires!

Forget about the "pictures" section in Google!

For Dash promoting there are some sites on which you can find pictures, icons and buttons in a normal quality, and also act according to the license, (we will talk about it later). We will share a few links to find the right materials.


This option is simpler, because the standard image search for a given topic will not show you the right material. Visit this site. You are greeted and then you see a huge amount of material you need. The process of saving this treasure is standard.


Of course the pictures are not enough for promotion. Every user loves the dynamics, and therefore it is important to place video materials in blogs and on websites. Go to the channel of your chosen cryptocurrency, click on the following link:


and you see a selection of promo videos


If you need icons, buttons, etc., go to the official Dash site. As it is said, the presented materials can be used for online services, trade establishments, press and other promotional offers. The license type is also indicated there.

More about the license​

The license allows you to copy and re-distribute the materials on any media and in any format. You can transform materials for any purpose (even commercial ones).

The main request is to indicate the name of the creator, copyright notice, license, disclaimer and links to the material. Even if you change the material, you must use the original license.

So, on these conditions, each user can freely use the following materials:

Logos and Icons 

Buttons for trading

Buttons for donations

General stylistics​

The official website of Dash provides recommendations to support the overall style of the brand. This is beneficial not only for a trading platform. Developers have created a certain design and, for example, using their color gamut, you maintain the established style. A site in the correct color will be associated with Dash and automatically generate more confidence among its visitors.

Recommendations regarding the color palette, as well as the fonts are presented in the screenshots.

Why do you need to search for official and better-quality material and use these sites and recommendations? The answer to this question is simple - it allows you not to waste time. If you want to promote Dash, you need to get down to business seriously and wisely. On the official website everyone can find many useful recommendations. If you have also read a lot of information, you are ready to promote the finest cryptocurrency.

You just need to start, learn more about Dash, because it is the thing of the future!

Find out more about Dash - here

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