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24 ноября 2017

Interview with the legendary Chris Silver creator of the forum "The silver forum" and co-founder of "The Bit Forum"

I have recently registered at the forum "The Bit Forum", in order to write a thread on Dash cryptocurrency. This is a young English-speaking forum and I’m sure that this young English-speaking forum will have good future.

The most interesting thing is I was highly supported by those guys of this forum, A short time afterwards the administrator of the forum started taking interest in Dash, ask questions about cryptocurrency, and then we began private correspondence.

For me it was the first and great experience of close communication in English and this interview is also unusual.

It was the first one conducted in English, and then translated into Russian. You know full well that I write and front a news programme in Russian, and then my team translates a needed text.

It turned out that Chris Silver (the administrator) is a co-owner of this forum. He and his friends, Justin Roy and Guy Thomas decided to open a forum about cryptocurrencies together, since this subject was very interesting for them.

Now, the weirdest thing is that Chris knows Russian, can you imagine? It really is an incredible acquaintance!

During our exciting correspondence I found out that Chris is the owner of another forum. You will not believe … «The silver forum» – is the largest world forum for investors and collectors of precious metals. By the way, these are English-language forums, I'm sure that our English-speaking community Dash will find a lot of interesting things there!

Julin: Why are you building The Bit Forum?

I started The Silver Forum and we have built a great community there, every member has helped make the forum the success it is and there is a really nice community spirit there. 

Recently crypto currency took my interest as I believe blockchain technology is the future, so I decided I wanted to create a forum about crypto currency. By creating a forum it also gives me a platform to learn more about crypto currencies whilst I also help out others. I like the strong community spirit that good forums have, everyone helping out each other.

I hope to build a great crypto community on The Bit Forum, which we have already started to do, where we can all help each other with investment ideas and help new members to the crypto world learn about crypto currency and avoid scams and get the best information available from the community so that they can make the best informed decisions. 

Julin: Chris, how and when did you learn about cryptocurrencies?

I first heard about crypto currency a long long time ago, but back then it had an association with being used on the dark web for illicit purposes and although some people had mentioned to me that it might be good to invest for long term as a currency, I had never thought of buying any. It wasn’t until after I had started The Silver Forum that some keen supporters of crypto currencies on the forum started to discuss crypto currency, and I decided to “risk” buying a couple of bitcoin just incase bitcoin really did go to the moon. I purchased some bitcoin in what must have been sometime in 2015-2016.

At the time I dismissed all other crypto currency because I ignorantly thought they were all just copies of bitcoin. Regrettably the 2 bitcoin I had I sold for roughly what I bought them for in order to invest in another business project, leaving me with 0 bitcoin, unfortunately this I invested into failed and I never had the spare money to rebuy bitcoin. Which was a shame as at the current market value (November 2017), these 2 and a bit bitcoin would be worth over $16,000 USD.

It wasn’t until 2017 that I noticed crypto currencies again, because of the huge price rises in an extremely short period of space I started to take notice at the industry as a whole and started to research into the technology behind bitcoin and other crypto currency. I realised that blockchain technology is the future and there are possibilities beyond bitcoin itself. Decentralised application built on networks such as ethereum and other platforms which will no doubt soon emerge or have already begun to. I realised that it is an opportunity to invest, maybe not so much into bitcoin, but into some other existing projects which may even become bigger than bitcoin itself. 

Julin: Why are you interested in the Dash crypto currency?

It is my understanding that Dash is supposed to be one of the fastest cryptocurrencies to send transactions with low fees, I have heard about the evolution plan to make it easy for the general public to use cryptyo currency to send payments to each other and I believe that the issue of high remittance fees and length of transaction times could be solved by dash in the future. ​

Julin: How did you and your friends decide to open a forum about cryptocurrencies?

It turned out that my friends had starteda news website called bitGuru, which is about crypto currency, (bitBuru.co.uk) I suggested to them that we should start a forum as I had also created The Silver Forum. I started to build The Bit Forum and we got to work discussing ideas for the forum and how to grow it. A short time after launching I decided that I wanted to take full control over The Bit Forum and we came to an agreement, this was also good as it gave them more time to focus solely on bitGuru.co.uk which is, as far as I am aware, the largest crypto news site run from the UK.

Julin: Chris, how do you know Russian?

I know a little bit of Russian as I had a Russian girlfriend and lived in Russia for several years. I like the country and the people there a lot. Actually my Russian isn’t so great, but I do know quite a few words and I can say a few basic sentences. Russian is a fantastic beautiful language that I hope one day to be able to converse freely in it.​

Julin: Is it difficult to remain incognito and at the same time be popular with investors and collectors of coins? Do you like the Private Send function in Dash (anonymous transactions)? 

A lot of Investors and collections of precious metals on The Silver forum appreciate their privacy and a degree of anonymity as they freely post pictures of their gold and silver collections and prefer that their real identities are not known, it is mainly due to their security but a lot of members may wish to simply protect their privacy, which is is their right to do so. 

This appreciation of the right of privacy is also seen within the crypto currency world, where people may wish for their holdings and identities to remain anonymous. I think that Private Send or any other anonymous type feature in a crypto currency is important to a lot of people in the community who believe that governments have invaded too much into their privacy and that some people wish to maintain their privacy with the freedom to transact with each other without 3rd parties.

Julin:  Do you and your friends invest in cryptocurrency? And Do you use the Dash cryptocurrency ?

Both my friends and I invest in cryupto currency and we have very similar portfolios investing into similar coins.

I was looking at Dash when it was at about £200 and it had just gone back under that price, I wanted to buy some then but I didn’t have any money to invest. At the time of writing I have a little money to put into crypto currency but the price of dash is unfortunately at £373. I do believe the price of Dash will eventually get to thousands and thousands per dash, but I am waiting for a hopeful pull back before I enter into dash. I may however never get the pullback I am looking at and miss out on the desh opportunity, only time will tell.

Julin: Do you think that digital money has a liveable future?

I think that eventually we may even see governments of some countries issue their own currency on blockchains. This would have many benefits for the people and governments, one such benefit is eliminating counterfeit currency, as it wouldn’t be possible to counterfeit cryptocurrency.

It would be nice if there was a crypto currency that could eventually be a world currency, that could be used for easy and quick secure and private remittance as well as being accepted in merchants. Julin, let me ask you, do you think Dash has the ability to be this world currency that a lot of people are all using in the future?

Julin: I consider it  the best, I'm sure that Dash will certainly  be the strongest and most independent cryptocurrency.

Find out more about Dash - here

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