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29 сентября 2017

Interview with Oleg Karimov, investor and miner of Dash cryptocurrency

I bring to your attention an interview with Oleg Karimov, investor and miner of Dash cryptocurrency.

At the very beginning of my creative work it was just he who supported me and gave me my confidence.When II was sharply criticized, he said:

«Your viewers need what you are doing, it is your project. Obviously, those who bark cannot do anything else.  In short, cheer up, we are waiting for your new video!». 

Oleg is not only a good businessman, but also a wonderful person who knows how to be a friend and an interesting conversation partner.

- Julin: When and how did you know about cryptocurrency?

- Oleg: The first acquaintance was very superficial, one of my friends told me that he knew one way to make money. Certainly, my question was – what was the way and what should I do.
He passed the mysterious word “bitcoin” and said  I didn’t need to do anything. He brought us (me and our mutual friend) to his office and showed his first miner that was purchased ad hoc. Frankly speaking, we simply laughed and were sure it was some kind of trickery. It was in 2015. In 2016 my friends and I found out, that our friend made a pretty penny, quit his job and began to live it up. It is slightly exaggerated but the story went something like this.

- Julin: Please, tell us about Dash, how did you know it and why are you so interested in it?

- Oleg: We knew about Dash from the same friend, let's call him Alexander (the name is changed). In one year (i.e in October 2016) ). The three of us went to the guy he had known from the Internet to buy a miner from him. The road was a long one and all the way Alexander was telling us about cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, altcoins, and mining. We discovered a new world, in which we did not fully believe but that's when we decided, first, to study everything in detail, second, to understand the amount we didn't care about (we still believed that was some scam), third, to find the most rational strategy whereby we could make profit anyway. We had two choices, whether to buy some coins or the needed equipment and start mining. Alexander explained, that for Bitcoin mining we had to invest rather much including equipment cost and expenses for infrastructure (electricity, cooling and so on), but the Dash coin has a lot of interesting functions, and, therefore, more explosive growth (opportunity to earn money).
In addition, at that time one of the first Dash miners - Baikal – was just coming to the market. We did some research online,  called up all the numbers with advertisement, and understood the following:

а) among the "dealers", there were a lot of scammers who demanded 100% of pre-payment and didn’t want to regularize the deal.

б) among more or less «official» sellers there are a lot of  real «money grubs» (people who want to snaffle 300% of profitability). I can’t name them in other words.

в) It’s a long time to deal  through go-betweens, that’s why we decided risk it all. We began to look for a channel to China and found it. And we managed to do it much faster than anticipated.

We bought the first 2 miners. It took 14 days to deliver them to us and we were satisfied with that. For another thing, we chumed up with some competent men, that's why, when we bought the second much more batch, we worried less.
So we became "home" miners. You ask – why "home"? Baikals are very quiet and less energy-consuming in comparison with competitors so
we placed all the miners on the balconies of our apartments  as well as of our relatives’ and parents’  apartments. All of them still think that we are crazy.

- Julin: How profitable is mining, particularly, Dash mining? 

- Oleg:  It depends on what profitability we are talking about.

People with economic education understand what I mean, of cause, the  economically competent guys will never discuss on chat if mining is  profit- or non-profit making. I will try to explain with a practical example. We have $24.000 and a choice: whether to buy some coins or spend this money for mining equipment. Suppose, we chose the second option but should remember, a miner must be at your place not later than in two weeks. In this case it works for you and not for those sly-assed who speak of its profitability and payback thus far but promise to deliver it in 2-4 months, when conditions can change i.e, the network hashrate will grow.

Let's say we have mined 300 coins for 6 months. The price of the coin at the time of equipment purchase of was $12, but in 6 months it has come to $350. The total amount is 300*350=$105.000. Certainly, mining is profitable. And now imagine that the first choice was of buying coins. Then we divide $24.000 by $ 12 – it was the price of the coin at the time of decision making. In fine we got 2000 coins and in 6 months we multiply them by $ 350 (it is the price of the coin after 6 months). So that mining is profitable (with irony).

- Julin: I am sure you are Dash cryptocurrency investor as well, do you own Masternods? 

- Oleg: I was expecting this question, but I'll answer like this: it looks like counting money in someone else's pocket… and because I do not hide in the network and am rather a public figure then perhaps I won’t say anything.

- Julin: Please, tell us a little about yourself. What do you do apart from cryptocurrency?

- Oleg: We came to cryptocurrency from our real business. We own a transport company, several online shops, at the proper time we opened the first hostels in Belarus. We worked in tourism and provided transfers from Belarus to Moscow airports so I call my position Director of Business Development.

- Julin: Do you attend Dash events? How interesting are they? Would you recommend to attend them?

- Oleg: I visited two meetups in Moscov, which were organized by well-known Alex_ru and I was surprised what the interesting people gathered there, how high level of discussions was. I think that exactly those meetings gave me confidence that everything will be fine. When by mystical coincidence, after those meetings the price of Dash began to scale new heights, shaming the skeptics' forecasts, I began to wait for them with impatience. By the way, I take this opportunity to tell that Dash has stayed too long around 350, so I hope, Alex will arrange the third meeting and Dash come to $500.

- Julin: What do you think is Dash perspective? Is there any use to invest in Dash?

- Oleg: I see the great potential in Dash and hope it may confirm its slogan  Dash is Digital cash. But at the same time I see that today, many people use cryptocurrency only as a means of hoarding as well as a convenient tool on spec because of its high volatility.

An important factor for the development of the crypto-currency and dash in particular is the position of the states. Will countries follow the Japan example or move towards China? In Belarus we are waiting for November-December.

Any day now we are waiting for the President decree On Hi-Tech park development being signed. I suppose the position of cryptocurrency will be firmly expressed in the decree. Belarus is building a nuclear power plant, its start is scheduled in 2018, which means that there will be great opportunities for creating « Paradise for Miners». Time will show but I have a feeling that everything is just beginning.

Find out more about Dash - here

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