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24 декабря 2017

Interview with Eugene (dobcrypto), the creator of the "Cryptocurrency extraction" channel

I am told about "competitors" very often, but I do not think that similar channels are competitors. First, each of us is unique, and secondly, we have different manners of writing content, different points of view on the world of cryptocurrencies. Everyone has his own experience, someone knows one thing, someone another one. And the most pleasant thing is to make friends with people who have interests similar to mine.

Today I’d like to introduce my friend Eugene to you. He is the creator of the "Cryptocurrency extraction" channel. Eugene often watches our videos and supports me in all endeavors. He is not only a good blogger, but also a wonderful father. Be sure to go to his channel and subscribe to it :).

- Julin: How and when did you know about cryptocurrencies?

- Eugene:
I can not name a specific moment. I remember only that I tried to work with the crypto currency and from the first time nothing happened (2013-2014). A year later I again returned to this issue, began to delve into the subject and realized that I was interested in it.

- Julin: Tell us about Dash please: How did you meet it and why do you interest in it?​

- Eugene:
I seem to have learned about Dash on one of the services of cloud mining, then I started to study the sources - the Dash.org site, reviews on YouTube, articles on the net. Then I learned about Russian communities. Alex-ru was very helpful at the beginning, everybody knows him in the Russian community. I even translated three articles for Dash and got a reward in Dash, it was an interesting experience. I was interested in functions that bitcoin does not have. For example: budget allocation, instant and hidden transactions, Evolution version, community. I felt at once that Dash was very promising.

- Julin: How long have you been running your channel and what is it about? Please tell us about the scope of your activities.​

- Eugene:
I have been running the channel since August 3, 2015. Before this channel, I have already tried to make videos. After my second immersion into the world of cryptocurrency, my friend "strongly" persuaded me to create a separate channel to share my experience. I liked the idea, but without his persuasion, I would not have created a channel. Thank him for that. I set a goal to make money with cryptocurrency and amass a fortune without significant expenditure of fiat money. So I started writing videos about cranes, mining, pseudo-maming, investing projects, about different coins and services, and relevant information which I searched on the web.

- Julin: Do you like what you do?​

- Eugene:
Yes, I do it with pleasure. Doing something useful for others is very exciting. This is a regular training of your skills and self-improvement. Also it brings a lot of new acquaintances and knowledge.

- Julin: Do you invest in Dash or trade on cryptocurrency exchanges only?​

- Eugene: As I just said above, I invested ready cash only at the very beginning in cloud mining services. Those acts helped to get a constant flow of cryptocurrency, including Dash. I just accumulate cryptocurrencies. By the way, I never bought any of the crypto, I exchanged one for another, but did not buy. I rarely trade on stock exchanges, the bot does it for me.

- Julin: I get a lot of questions on exchanges where I trade, for example, which of them are safe. Which exchanges are good, you think, and which ones do you use?

- Eugene:
I use Poloniex and Bitfinex to borrow cryptocurrency, because there is such an opportunity there. I shot a video about Poloniex. I know many exchanges: Bittrex and Binance etc. I believe that Poloniex has the most user-friendly interface. As for security, all exchanges are the same, no one is immune from cases like MtGox.

- Julin: Tell us, please, a little about yourself: what do you do except dealing with cryptocurrency and running your own channel?

- Eugene: I bring up my son. We use a family form of education, so I'm not only a father, but also a teacher.​

- Julin: What do you think of Dash? Does it have the future prospect? Is there any use of investing in this cryptocurrency?

- Eugene:
Dash has great prospects. I really like their economic model. It implies integration into business and also in life of ordinary people. I do not like to give any recommendations on investment, My point of view is that everyone can decide for himself. But I would recommend paying attention to Dash, studying information on this cryptocurrency in your own right, and decision on fiat money investment should be taken only after that.

The "Cryptocurrency extraction" channel http://www.youtube.com/dobcryptocurrency​

Find out more about Dash - here

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