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20 сентября 2017

Interview with Dmitrii Zhludin, translator from Dash Force

The "World of Internet Business" company wants to introduce the members of the Dash Russian-speaking team to you. And the first of them, who has given us  the interview, is Dmitriy Zhludin, a translator from Dash Force. It is very interesting to learn about people who are thirst after knowledge and share it with us. Thanks to Dmitry, we can receive important information in our language. This is a kind of huge reputable work.

- Julin: How and when did you learn about cryptocurrencies?

- Dmitrii: I learned about Bitcoin a couple of years ago after watching by chance a video on youtube. This video provided basic information but that was enough to make me interested in Bitcoin and underlying blockchane technology.

- Julin: Please, tell us about Dash, how you know about it and why it caught your attention

- Dmitrii: Then again thanks to youtube. I bump into the Amanda B. Johnson’s channel (Daily Decrypt) so, as I'm good at English, I began to see avidly all her reviews about crypto-currencies. In  her latest video on this channel she said she was going to cooperate with Dash network and continue to work on another channel called Dash - Digital Cash. In one of her video's  Dash Detailed (The Amanda and Pete’ own show on the Dash official channel)  Amanda said, she was looking for translators for making subtitles for her video and I decided to write her. As the result in October 2016 I started translation of English subtitles into Russian. I was interested in Dash because it stands out among other projects. Dash is an entire ecosystem with great potential.

- Julin: I know you are a member of the Dash Force Russian-speaking team and translate information into Russian. How did you end up in the team? 

- Dmitrii:  I came to the Russian community thanks to Amanda and Pete. My collaboration with them  ended  and Pete gave me the contact of Alex-ru, whom you know well. So I started working as a translator of articles in the Russian team. Then, a little later, I was offered by Mark to translate articles on the www.dashforcenews.com site.

-Julin: Translating articles is rather hard work. Do you really like what you do ? What do you do else? 

-Dmitrii: As for today My main activity is  translation of articles on cryptocurrency for DFN and other news resources. Also I am a Dash Force News online representative from Russia, I run an account (dashforcenews-ru) in the  different social networks. Now I feel as if it's a job worth doing, I am always up to date with what's going on in the Dash sphere.

- Julin: And what did you do before you came to the team? Please, tell us a little about yourself.

-Dmitrii: I am 28, live in Saint Petersburg. I used to work mainly in retail and was always interested in earnings  on the Web. I knew English very well, it was my interest, and I would never have thought, that my current activities should be so closely connected with it. 

- Julin: The Dash community is very large, in the meantime cohesive and friendly. Could you compare it with any other project? 

-  Dmitrii: I don’t know much about other communities but I absolutely agree that Dash community is cohesive and friendly. I will be sincerely glad if we see some new projects in cryptospace, with  developed products, “road-map”,  strong development team and active community like Dash. 

- Julin: Do you invest in Dash, trade at exchanges? Maybe you use cryptocurrency as means of payment only? 

- Dmitrii: Definitely I am rather a long-term investor than a daytrader. 

- Julin: What do you think, Dash has a great future ahead? 

- Dmitrii: Clearly  Dash has an interesting future. Its features like Masternode network, PrivateSend and InstantSend functions, decision-making mechanism, DAO implementation, and project self-finance  need to be given constant attention at least.  And of course, Dash Evolution is the project whose purpose is to  make cryptocurrency affordable  and plain for anyone. I personally want to see further development of this project and it is just spinning up.  We are looking forward to even greater Dash achievements and I am very glad, like all the members of Dash community, to be a part of this huge, promising, and most importantly needed project.

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