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21 октября 2017

Interview with Yury Gann (cryptocurrencies, politics and opinion)

Julin: Hello, dear friends, it’s me Julin GYS. Today I’m taking the interview with Yury Gann, the head manager of «Digital Gate» project. Hello, Yury.

Hello, Julin.

Julin: How and when did you know about cryptocurrencies?

I think, the first time it was in 2014. Maybe, in 2013.One man called me and said: «By  the way Bitcoin is growing, everyone advise to buy it». I decided to look at the chart and there really was a huge growth. It was possible to sell $100 dollars and get back $600-700. It was the first acquaintance. At that time I did not go deep into it, I thought it was another kind of digital asset — no great things.
And the second rendezvous happened in April of this year, when I was already invited to the team to create an exchange, the management company etc. I had already known a lot and really caught on with this idea. I saw many opportunities to make this world better.

Julin: And can you say, what kind of exchange it is?​

Sometimes it is difficult to find words to describe what we are doing, because it is not stereotype. I would call it the «cryptocircle» of experts who design the products, which make our world better and integrate blochaine into our live. The second name is «Blochaine integrator GATE108». By this time we have already completed the site of brand identity you can see it. Everything will be ready in the nearest future but now we do not want to entry into market with raw products.​

Julin: If at once, then everything must be very beautiful.

Yes, everything must be beautiful from the jump – full information, all sections available etc.

Julin: Yury, tell us about Dash please: How did you meet it and why do you became interested in it?​

I met with Dash thank to Alex.Ru. We cooperate with Alex, we are on good terms and help each other in development. I was told: «Do you want to know what Dash is? — here's Alex Ru, ask him, try to find out». Ok. I started asking, pressed him for details, and then we agreed on a meeting. I arranged a meeting face to face in my country house and we talked well.  Alex is a open-hearted, interesting person. He intrigued me and I decided to look more closely, what Dash was.  We organized a small webinar where Alex expressed his ideas, his vision of the future.
I was imbued with these ideas - they are good - but there are some nuances.

Julin: What kind of?

They are illusory. I mean when I analyze the exchange trade, I try to understand people mood, my inner self's mood, therefore in this questions psychology plays an important role.

I must say that now Dash is estimated more or less adequately, but I think now it can cost more. If we talk about the future of Dash: it's equivalently the future of good guys. Dash is a good guy. Do you get what I mean?

Julin: Yes, I agree.

  It's a good lad, it's so handsome, so nice, but it's a good guy, and girls rarely choose good guys. This is a little problem, but it exists, although I hope this is a temporary one. After all, in the long run, the potential of Dash is huge.​

Julin: Yury, what do you think, why now Dash has fallen down slightly? Now it costs $280 though Bitcoin is growing. What do you think, the reason is?

There are many factors, I think.​

Julin: And your opinion?​

I sometimes say simply - we waited and purchased at the level of $270, and we are expecting the next one - $560. There is no sense to guess more. And I say so: I want to keep my brain in good fettle without information overload.​

I believe, Dash will stay a little at this level and then some news will come returning Dash to $560 again.​

Julin: They promise soon there will be a press release and I think, in any case, Dash will grow up a little. Recently, you have created your own«Digital Gate» channel and took interview with Alex, who plays a huge role in Dash community. On your channel you generally present the reviews of cryptocurrency market. Are you planning other interesting news?  Where are you going to move to next?

Yes, we are. Just now we are preparing the content for this channel. 
I have already invited a group of people with reduced capabilities, more properly disabled ones, who I taught trading long ago. We had our own team and now I collect them again. First, they learned cryptocurrency themselves. Second, I will gradually integrate them into our services. In other words, it will be technical support and traders support as well as placing orders etc. Now they have a task to share knowledge and create videos, which must be useful to any beginner in the world of cryptocurrency.

Julin: Will this channel work only with cryptocurrency?

Yury: Mostly yes. 90% information will be on crypto trading, the rest - on будет psychology and different ideas to help traders to be in progress.

Julin: Well done, Yury, I want to ask, how will your business interact with Dash cryptocurrency?​

We accept money for training in Dash​.

Julin: Does it mean you will take money for training in Dash cryptocurrency?

Yes. Also on the plus side is our other services will use Dash also. Crypto integrator is going to use Dash in other services. Now we are preparing a service for legal entities which also want to take the cryptocurrency in their business. We are working on legal packages and all needed software.​

Julin: Probably, it will be a very complicated process.​

We are working on this step by step. We have a team and professional lawyers who are ready to do it​.

Julin: But for big money?

I don’t know, we are just working with a small business, and I do not think that a small business can be able to afford big expenses. I do not think it's expensive.​

Julin: I know that you visit Dash meetings in Moscow . Please tell us about your impression and questions to discuss there. Do we need to attend these meetings?​

  One of them must be tonight at 8.​

Julin: I know that you will also be there.​

Yes.I was not at other Dash meetings yet.  But once we met with Alex in a country house, had a lot of talk, took a walk and had a great time.The  digital world is one thing, and to meet face-to-face, look in the eyes is quite another.​

As to other activities... I try to visit all sorts of meetups, see how  the cryptoworld lives, how it develops, how people either make money, or cooperate, what interesting ideas come. Thanks to these ideas we find like-minded people, consolidate, because, ultimately, we all do one thing. Why do we need to hog the blanket? Having received information and seen the potential of this technology, we all understand that cryptoworld can change our life for the better, so there's no point in being selfish and play the hog.

Julin: You say that it's all useful, this is our future, but our politicians clearly say that this is all fraud and theft of money from people.​

And now a little cognitive dissonance: around two years ago an amnesty of capitals was announced in Russia. That is, it does not matter where your money comes from, you pay 13% - and you're not in fault.

Julin: So is it working even now?

I think it was canceled, a year ago or at the beginning of this year.

Julin: And what's to be done?​

The question is: why not apply the same in cryptoworld!​

Julin: I agree, but then it will be like cat and mouse. Some people run away, others catch them up and take away this 13%.​

Here’s the case of willing, I think. Most likely, the policy of our state is based on the principles of our leader and the approach is as follows: we invite everyone to work in a white legal environment,  but for the white legal environment it is necessary to prepare normal accounting, normal tax policy, normal ICO accounting, exchange policy, etc. When all this is done, he will say: you have got white legal environment, and you can work.​

Julin: Ok, Yury, look here. Everyone knows that I live in Kazakhstan; I am an individual entrepreneur so I can have big troubles. I do not even know at what rate I should close out a cash register or if I have any profit in the cryptocurrency. How can it be regulated, how can I relate cryptocurrency to rubles? What do you think about it?

Yury: Some of our lawyers actively interact with the team of Sidorenko, which promotes legislation on cryptocurrencies, and here’s just an issue of the quality of legal support. And now the following concept is being developed: Most of the major transactions will go through the Moscow stock exchange «National Clearing Center». You open accounts there and do your operations via them. For example you get 3 Bitcoin or 5 Dash, 6 Dash. Difference in 1 Dash — pay a tax of 13%. Everything that happened inside the cryptoworld - it is your business. Such a policy, I think, is quite reasonable. The profit has already been taxed, everything is fair what I say is. This is a very good option, I hope this variant will be submitted and adopted at the State Duma.

Julin: I hope so.

This variant is very reasonable and rational.​

Julin:  It's just that everything must go through the Moscow stock exchange sounds like a crunch.

I think, it will be possible to open remotely. Sure, there will be branches. There is a strong possibility that Sberbank redesigns its offices for GFC to present different services. Gref understands, Sberbank will live maximum 5 or 10 years and during this time he will try to make the GFC. More than likely you can open this account in the Sberbank office.​

Julin: Yury, Besides the fact that you teach people, do you invest in Dash or trade on exchanges? Do you use cryptocurrency as a means of payment?

 I use it as a store of value on the stock exchange and do trading. I used cryptocurrency couple of times as payment. Unfortunately, there is very little infrastructure in order to use cryptocurrency. I hope that in a year or two there will be more projects in which you can use the cryptocurrency directly without conversion into cash.

Julin: It would make life much easier. How much will your services cost? In Dash, I mean.​

In Dash, I am going to make a revision, now we take around 2 Dash. The theoretical part of the training will last two months, and the practical part – all life-time.​

Julin: What will those people, who use your services, get? I have a lot of subscribers who watch the video, they want to know everything, but It's very hard for them. It is necessary to collect all the information bit by bit. I understand that it will be from beginning to end.​

Yes, be from beginning to end. At first I will work very hard to change consciousness because how the earning traders think and how the hamster thinks, it's been a meme for a long time. But, of course, the differences are great. First, thinking changes, and secondly, trading becomes boring, because everything is predictable. So the answer to the question "What will happen to Dash?" – “It’ll cost 60”, won’t be a surprise for me. When everyone will scream –“And we care because?”, if more - it means there will be more.

Julin: We are ready for this.

Yury: We are ready for this. We were also ready for 270 and even under, we waited for that for a long time, we bought and now we are ready to everything. If it goes down - we'll buy more, what's the odds? There is a need to build a strategy properly, not paying attention to emotions.

Julin: When Evolution comes, what will be the future Dash prospects you think?​

Gobal? If you look far ahead…. I’ll try to get the analogy. I take Bitcoin as a big vacuum cleaner for money.He really collects as much agiotage - hype in modern language - as possible, so that a lot of people invest in Bitcoin.And it will grow, create this excitement by its price. Everyone will think, why keep the dollars, when it is possible, at least, double the amount for the year and they will invest in Bitcoin. It is now working as a vacuum cleaner for fiat money.​

Julin: The most important thing is that newcomers think: «Oh, I will now buy for 5200 and it will cost 10,000». It starts to go down - and they have a panic. I think that you will just teach people not to be in a hurry, completely turn off all the emotions.

We thought on it carefully.​

Julin: Yes, against this background.​

The next stage: Bitcoin will vacuum at least 20% of turnover, but a dollar is based on the global trade turnover. According to the golden rule of 20 to 80 a radical change in the monetary system, economic system will begin. It is what we all dream. Then the cryptoworld will come. And at that moment everyone is expecting the Bitcoin bubble will burst. But there won’t be a special catastrophe Bitcoin simply will stop growing, and everyone loses interest in it.

And then a question comes, what would be better? Of course, Dash. Dash really will grow, but suppose that by that time Dash will be 300,000 dollars. For those 300,000 dollars you will buy Lada Vest but the dollar itself will go down in value by that time. So that Bitcoin is not becoming more expensive, this is a dollar is depreciating at such a rate. People are now ready to pay for the currency they are willing to exchange anywhere in the world without looking back at central banks and without any restrictions. That must be the price of both Bitcoin and Dash.Why is Dash so expensive regarding other coins? Because people are willing to pay for it, this is a technology in demand. And gradually it will be more and more in demand.

Julin: We see how Dash goes ahead. They have such a large team, everyone can submit the budget, perform some functions. I wanted to ask you, will you apply for a budget?

  It's hard to accept such a formulation "apply for a budget" even in my mind. I'm not used to it.

Julin: Let this be unordinary, but you can get funding from Dash.​

If I do something useful for Dash, Dash will appreciate it and somehow requite for my service. It will be good if this is useful for Dash.​

Julin: First you need to approve yourself.​

First you need to do something useful. There must be an inner desire,and if money comes or does not come, it's a secondary question. So we have a completely different concept of the training center: it's not about making money, we're already making money with other things.We are given a budget and we with traders push money to work. The interest thereupon is more than enough to cover all costs of the training center.All that is above the plan target - it is very small, 17% per annum - all that is above 17% per annum, we will send to development: making new videos tutorial, different training events and even promote Dash. The question of financing is far from being paramount - we have money. A question is the development of cryptoworld and promotion of interesting ideas that can make our world a better place.​

Julin: My subscribers sometimes argue how to say correctly: "dash" or "dush"? What is your opinion?

In English must be «dash». Alex pronounces this and that» - it doesn't signify. Someone even says «dashcka».

Julin: This is what Alex says and how do you pronounce?​

I sometimes get confused, so catch-as-catch-can. The main thing is that they understand you. Sometimes we can use the words that one can get but others cannot. It is important if your message is understandable at least for 95% listeners and it does not matter what is the message.​

Julin:. What would you wish for my subscribers? I mean, to direct them to the right path.

About the right way: now I'm reading a book «Maverick». The author is Ricardo Semler, a Brazilian entrepreneur who created his own team. «Maverick: the success story of the most unusual company in the world». You can see him on  «Ted Talks». This is a general idea, but it is advisable to read the book of around 300 pages. I've already read 200 pages in three days. I’d like to recommend you this book. What is written there? It is about our future, how people will interact, do business and make money. The book will be perceived by those who want to earn and fulfil themselves. Someone may fall this book on deaf ears - no big deal, he is not ready for this information yet.​

Julin: I think you have already read this book - «The richest man in Babylon». It is very useful. The book is about how to increase your capital and I recommend this book to everyone. It is easy and interesting like an amusing story told with unction.​

Yes, it is. We are now in a transitional stage of life, think, for instance, of a car: everyone wants to have an electric car, but the infrastructure is not ready for this yet, many of us are not ready yet. The same happens with economy with business and just "The richest man in Babylon» more or less shows a transitional stage of thinking. The next stage is just Semler but Kiyosaki is the previous one.​

Julin: Honestly, he is my favorite writer.​

As a writer he is great, but his ideas are already irrelevant.​

Julin:  You mean about real estate?​

I mean investing. I prophesy when the crypto-era, which we are expecting, comes, the money will become completely unnecessary. Someone will be cash-backed for his term of life having 10 Dash, even 5 Dash. And if you have 50 Dash, you will not eat them. This is like communism, but normal communism. For those 5 or 10 Dash you can buy Bentley and whatever you want, then what? You will not need more. And value of money will go down. Kiyosaki said: «You should collect money». Collect, it sounds like in the famous fairy tale about an antelope with golden hooves - the same sort of thing.You can collect, but what for?

Julin: Kiyosaki did his business with real estate, bought up everything  on the cheap and makes money with it. He earns his living with his stories, books, courses etc.​

He does what he likes. First of all, you need to understand what you like to get, and money will come by itself to be enough to succeed. So I'm against money for money. Money should help you reach your goal – that's all.

​Julin: You should love your business, shouldn’t you?

First and foremost. Someone, who has set a goal to become the best in anything, will never have problems with money.I'm sure that the chef earns more than the average manager. Much more. And he is much happier. I do not think that at the end of your life you will be glad that you have worked overtime in the office once again.​

Approaches can be very different. Semler just offers such approach: an employee can come to work at any time wearing clothes in which he feels comfortable, working at the pace that suits him and working his own way - that's quite interesting. I already applied such the rules at our previous training center. I refused the dress code and obligatory visit and turned the unprofitable enterprise to successful one using simple steps.​

Julin: Just phantasy, - people work as much as they want.​

Yes, they work as much as they want and how they want. The main thing is that the goals are fulfilled, even if you are sitting at home, it does not matter. The main thing is: everything works, everything is ready in time, and there are no problems.
And the customers, who come to talk about money, recently have more trusted the guy in jeans and a T-shirt than any manager in a perfect suit. Now such the managers cause suspicion. When a guy is relaxed and wearing jeans everyone understands that this is a professional who does not need to mask himself with a suit or anything else.

Julin: He does not wear a mask.​

Yes. This is a completely different approach and I have given you an example.​

Julin:, Thank you very much, Yury, for this interview. I hope we will have a lot of interesting common projects, video, articles and we will definitely meet face-to-face to have a couple more interviews about your developing, what you have achieved, and what interesting things have happened over a certain period.​

To share experience of course.​

Julin: Definitely. Thank  you very much.

Thank you, have a nice day.​

Julin: Good-bye.​

Find out more about Dash - here

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