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07 мая 2018

Indx - the cryptocurrency exchange

Hello, dear friends. My name is Max. You see the channel "World of Internet Business", and according to the screensaver you see on the screen, we again talk about the exchange, where you can profitably buy or sell cryptocurrency.

The exchange is called "Index", here is the abbreviation "NDX". What does this exchange stand out against other exchanges, and, in general, what is this instrument? "Index" is the official exchange from the developers of WebMoney. For those who conduct transactions via WebMoney or often use it, this exchange is suitable never better as the developers are the same, everything is connected with WebMoney.

You replenish the account, money is withdrawn to WebMoney wallets and then you do whatever you want to do with it. This is, of course, a big plus, since many exchanges that trade in cryptocurrency have no outputs, so-called fiat money, that is, ordinary dollars, rubles, etc. On other exchanges everything is done through exchangers.

At best, it is possible if you have an account with a foreign bank or with a bank that accepts a third-party exchange, plus you have signed a contract. There is no such thing here. You just need to have a WebMoney wallet, enter it, replenish the account and you can buy and sell.

The undisputed advantage of this exchange is the absence of fees. WebMoney takes a standard commission of 0.8% for replenishment of the account. That is, it is the standard fee of WebMoney payment system. There are no fees for trades, for outputs. That is, it is not a broker, since exchanges always take some interest, even if it is small, for their transactions. There is no such thing here, and you can sell or buy currency on demand, that is, according to those applications that the users put up, not according to the market situation. But, as a rule, the price is similar to the market price, so the nuances are not even noticed. It is also very interesting from a legal point of view.

I will not go into details, but you should know that they are traded here through so-called "notes". What is one "note"? For example, look at our favorite Dash cryptocurrency. If we click on this tick of Dash, we'll see what one "note" is equal to. One thousand "notes" of the Dash tool is equal to one unit of the Dash coin. Therefore, one "note" is one thousandth Dash. The rate you can see for one "note" is 0.6375. Accordingly, in order to learn the course, we simply multiply this number by a thousand. This is important to understand, since this term "notes" is used everywhere. We saw how the course is calculated. It would seem that Dash costs $ 640, but why is it worth zero here? No, this is the cost of one "note" for this coin. Once again I draw your attention to the fact that, one Dash coin is worth a thousand "notes". The same happens with other cryptocurrencies.

It is worth saying that the exchange allows you to trade not only with the cryptocurrency, but also with ordinary shares for example, Apple, Gazprom, Yandex, IBM, Qiwi shares and others. For these shares, you also receive dividends in exactly the same way. This is a normal tool, here everything is based on "notes." For example, 1000 "notes" equals a certain number of shares of GAZP.

We have figured out how to work with Dash, it interests us the most. To start acting, we need to enter. If you are a WebMoney user you know, in order to enter you need to run the WebMoney Keeper Classic program on the computer. You can also enter through E-NUM and through other services. My security certificate is sewn-in with my data, so we just press “enter”. My WM id has been successfully verified, and I again enter the auction, but now with my account and my office. Let's click "Buy" and see that there is no limit to buying "notes". I can buy 1/1000 Dash for 0,6790 WMZ, that is dollars. Accordingly, if I want to buy one Dash coin, I write 1000 "notes" of 679 dollars. You can either buy or sell. To do this you need to replenish your account. You replenish it with the usual translation. We click "My account". In order to carry out the operation, we must once again confirm my identity. I made a confirmation by SMS. And the account is replenished in the usual "Recharge" column.

The WebMoney payment form is open. She is familiar with those who often use WebMoney. For example, I want to pay WebMoney from a certain wallet. I take my dollar wallet. I need to replenish my regular WebMoney wallet for $ 10 and then transfer them, respectively, to the stock exchange. All this happens very quickly. There is another advantage - it's speed. As users say in the official and other forums, there are no such transaction confirmations as the usual cryptocurrency.

Usually, if a payment is made, you receive several confirmations. There is no such thing here, everything happens almost instantly. An unquestionable advantage is security of the system. WebMoney developers are a very serious team. The exchange has existed for a long time, but previously it traded only in shares, now it works with cryptocurrency as well. The exchange can boast of a high level of security. The WebMoney program itself has a high level of security, so has this exchange. Here and there the same developers worked. It seems that everything is smooth, but somewhere there should have been a dirty trick and it certainly is. The fact is that quotations, that is, exchange rates, are not always the most profitable. I do not focus on this attention, because, I repeat, buying and selling here is made on demand. To buy Dash cryptocurrency here is also profitable. Again, the difference in rates is small. You can compare it yourself with other large online exchanges.

Moreover, if at the first blush the current purchase rate seems to be unprofitable, you simply count the fees that you should pay to other exchanges for the same transactions, for money entry, for transfering, for exchangers, and so on. Here, after all, we can replenish the WebMoney wallet. There are some ways to replenish it even without fees. We transfer here a fee of 0.8%, plus a small difference in the official rate and this can also give you come profits. You see, this exchange is good, I recommend using it. You will find the link in the description for this video.

That concludes my remarks for today. Click the "Like", we will be very pleased! Do not forget to subscribe to our channel and click on the bell. Notifications of new videos will be sent to your mail and you will always be aware of the events. Add this video to your playlist in order not to lose it and share it with your friends. Thank you very much for your attention and seeing to the end! This has been Maxim from the “World of Internet Business” channel. See you soon!

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