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24 апреля 2018

In the United States the due date of cryptocurrency tax has come. Release #110

Hello, dear friends!
This is a weekly review of Dash cryptocurrency news.
It's me, Julin GYS.

For the past week Dash exchange rate reached the minimum of $ 355.00 and the maximum of $ 477.00.

In the United States the due date of cryptocurrency tax has come on April 17. The lack of clear criteria and instructions has thrown many users of cryptocurrency into confusion. The last instruction concerning cryptocurrency, where it was classified as property, was issued as early as in 2014. However, it is very difficult to determine the field of this “property”. Tax inspectors have no idea how to qualify taxes on cryptocurrencies and how to calculate them correctly. Such uncertainty makes many users behave chaotically. Dash users fall within the ambit of the provisions, however, thanks to a unique system of management and budgeting, Dash is able to stabilize itself. Dash users understand what needs to be done, when fans of other coins have not much to boast of.

Can Dash solve Bitcoin's problems and win the competition with it? Now it is the time to enter Dash, but for taking the right decision, you need to consider a few points. Dash is not a financial bubble, it really corresponds to its capitalization. It is always necessary to consider traders and suppliers of other services that accept Dash as payment. This is the obstacle that needs to be overcome to displace Bitcoin from the pedestal. It is also necessary to correctly resolve fine points of rapid mass adoption and using Dash as a payment instrument. When these problems are solved, Dash can completely outshine Bitcoin.

Dash is already available on the Bibitbook cryptoexchange. This is one of the results of the work of the Belarusian "Territory Dash" team. At the Dash forum you can see the official information with all the details.

One day, a well-known investor Tim Draper said that "the world needs a new kind of currency." Now he predicts that by 2022 the price for Bitcoin will grow to $ 250,000. The prediction was exhibited in the group on blockchain, and on Twitter. The method of forecasting was not disclosed. It is very difficult to predict the price correctly. We need a quick way to filter out the noise that surrounds the skyrocketing prices for cryptocurrency and look at the price of Bitcoin, Dash and other cryptocurrencies on a logarithmic scale. Thus, you can see that over the past few years the prices of Bitcoin and Dash have had a tendency to grow. At the moment, Dash, having low commissions and fast transactions, allows people around the world to use it to exchange for goods and services. The convenience of using Dash puts it in a very favorable position. In the future its price will definitely rise.

Is Dash really good, bad or wicked? And why? The answers you can read in the article.

Dash would like to stay in South America. Its huge popularity in Venezuela, where the Venezuelan bolivar is considered almost useless currency, led to massive adoption of Dash cryptocurrency. However, everything is not so smooth. Petro cryptocurrency is being introduced in the country and Dash to be changed to this cryptocurrency. In South America, Dash has a strong market, but it's time to take up another area of it.

An interview with Inna Tarpan on the site of the World of Internet Business. She is a crypto enthusiast, the founder of the Tarpan Digest media agency and a video blogger. Inna's blog is a world seen by her eyes; there are programs on different subjects: travel, cosmetics, and blockchain technology. First of all, Inna invests her time in crypto-currencies: blogs, speeches, articles. The primary task of any newcomer is to evaluate incoming information, and for this he has to learn a lot of things and observe the market carefully.

The budget system Dash is the most important part of the project, and it will be the main engine of price growth in the future. But Dash success depends on its community and the initiatives financed from the budget. Dash has a cohesive self-governing community that perfectly interacts and helps Dash grow professionally. These interactions are the most interesting and exciting thing in the proposals from the community. Over the past few months, we have seen a huge number of proposals from the community that really work and bring good results.

On April 17-18, 2018 in Moscow in the Congress and Exhibition Center "Sokolniki" an international conference was held, the main sponsor of which was DASH cryptocurrency. The audience was attended by crypto-enthusiasts, investors, businessmen, media, financiers, lawyers and many others. There were representatives of Dash who told about this cryptocurrency. Besides the link to the article, in the description you will also find the links to video interviews with the most prominent representatives of Dash.

In an interview, Kim Levchuk talks about Dash cryptocurrency listing at the Bitexbook.com exchange. The decision on the listing has already been made - and what will be then? In the interview you will also know about how the Bitexbook.com exchange differs from others, what is the level of its security, what are the commissions there and much more.

An interview with Alex_Ru on the RuCrypto channel. The conversation was about Dash cryptocurrency, its prospects and much more.

And this is the news of the past week. Do not forget to subscribe to news on social networks. Discussing these and other news, you can on the Dash-forum or in Telegram-chat about Dash, the links you will find in the description. See you next time, friends!

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