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17 октября 2017

Implementing Dash in the IT sector in Serbia. Blockchain conference in Kiev. Release #83

Greetings to all, Dear Friends!
This is seven-day coverage of news on Dash cryptocurrency.
And here’s your newswoman – Julin GYS, creator of the channel WORLD of INTERNET BUSINESS. The price of  Dash for the past week attained the minimum of $ 265.66 and the maximum of $ 302.16

Dash Budget system is truly revolutionary. Blockchain has never worked at the expense of self-support before. And there was no such a case when people received financial support from the payments through blockchain. However, any ideas have weaknesses and shortages. Sometimes the proposed "improvements" may really became a step in the wrong direction. For example, it can be DBS fraud. A person can deceive the network and get some amount of Dash. But DBS is not a small contract of elites that manage money at their own discretion. The probability of collusion and corruption is low. For Masternode owners a sound reputation is very important and any wrong step may destroy it.

The third meeting of Dash Russian-speaking community representatives went on October 13th in Moscow. Its was open and went in a democratic environment. The moderator of the meeting was a man whose name is associated with Dash in Russia – Alex_ru. If at the first two meetings people showed traces of emotion and were looking for ways to develop the project, this time they were passionately discussing the matter: «will grow or won’t grow, if it grows, then how much». At the next meetings, the event model may be revised. For example, there will be conducted «panel discussion» - meetings of miners, meetings of traders etc.

The Dash network has funded a program to conduct STEM education to elementary school children, including paying teachers in Dash. Dubbed Bit-By-Bit, the project seeks to educate children in elementary school children in science, technology, engineering, and math in order to increase the numbers of students pursuing a career in those fields.

Dash Ambassador Nebojsa Jovic recently submitted a proposal to introduce Dash to the Serbian IT sector. The proposal passed, guaranteeing an on-the-ground initiative to address challenges in this area. Dash Force News spoke with Jovic about prospects and barriers for Dash adoption in Eastern Europe. Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria are the countries to target for Dash adoption. Each country has its perks for adoption of Dash. Of course, these countries cannot compare with Venezuela and Zimbabwe, but there is an opportunity for Dash to be business oriented in this Region.

The Dash Network voted to allocate funds for sponsoring Irish Pubs Global Awards which is conducted by Festy. Festy is a company that builds user-friendly wearable wristbands using Dash as payment option. Their main goals are festivals in the open air but the range of application of this product can be much wider. Thousands of pub owners will have the opportunity maximize the Dash potential and save their money.

Masternode tools proposals review. Masternode owners vote for Dash treasury funding proposals.  Those that pass get funded. Here are initiatives to create tools to help Masternode governance: DashMasternodeTool - which funded development on a GUI tool that helps masternode owners secure their collateral; easy and secure Masternode starting from web browser and hardware wallet – with this website you can very quickly start Masternode on Mainnet or Testnet in secure way. DashCentral is the main site for “proposal management” where most people enter their proposal and where most Masternode owners vote.

In the US soon it will be possible to buy legal cannabis paying by Dash.  New functionality for customers, traders and suppliers will be integrated into the digital platform and reduce the costs associated with cash processing and bank transfers. Within this integration Alt Thirty Six focuses on traditional payment systems, blockchain technology and digital currencies. The Alt Thirty Six updated platform will eliminate the need for cash-related business activities.

Dash takes part in the Kiev Block Conference as General Sponsor. On the forum you can see photos, interviews with Ukrainian Youtuber as well as comments on Facebook.

The Dash journey across America or Great American Pilgrimage. The route started in Los Angeles has so far come to Denver. The trip is sponsored by Dash. You can see many splendid photos by clicking a link in the description.

The Kuva Project, an initiative to bring easy cash for Dash exchange to Zimbabwe, has been funded by the Dash network. Zimbabwe has undergone a serious cash crisis, with hyperinflation leading to the collapse of the national currency, and a resulting underground market for US dollar notes. In order to address this, the Kuva Project aims to provide a gateway for Zimbabweans to exchange cash for Dash, providing an improved store of value that’s easier, cheaper, and more reliable to transact. In a country with problems associated with the devaluation of central bank-issued currency, blockchain-based digital currency is a natural fit for relief.  Dash is catching in on countries with currency issues.

I wrote an article on what my family thinks of my business. What made me start a business on the Internet? What the first year was like. I was a real «muggle» except coming into mail and social networks. And nothing more. I started with different things: mailing, surfing, writing articles. That was not mine. It was a total fraud, I was so sick of being rip-off. Then a decision came to create something to warn others against cheating and at the same time help them to find sites where they could earn a living.

An interview with Yuri Gunn, the manager of the "Digital gate" project was conducted. In video you can see what the project is and why it is needed. We discussed Bitcoin and Dash, policies and legislation. And what was the most importantly - we heard the opinion of a professional in trading.

Find out more about Dash - here

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