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16 ноября 2017

How to update your Dash Core 12.2.1 wallet

Most recently, the update of Dash Core wallet version 12.2.1. Has been out.
Ordinary users or beginners do not know “how to update Dash Core wallet” and today we will do it step by step.

If you still do not have cryptocurrency wallet, I strongly recommend downloading it. You will not find a wallet better than Dash. No matter how much I study and download other cryptocurrency wallets, Dash, anyway, the simplest, and it still has the lowest fee for transactions. Rumored "Evolution" must be released in 2018 and this purse will be just a sensation, even our mothers and grandmothers will understand it. Downloading and installing a purse Dash Core right now, you do not need to update it, because it already works with the latest version.

At the moment I have a wallet with 12.1.5 version; perhaps you have an older one.
Let's fix this situation together!

Having opened your wallet, you need to make the most important step - to create a backup copy of your wallet.

To this effect you should choose «File» on the menu, then « Make a backup copy of the wallet...». Call it by a name you can easily remember what this file means.

A copy of the wallet looks very simple, it is one file in *dat format. You should hide it in several safe places, it may be of service to you if wallet renewal is needed. Such cases usually occur while OS reinstalling, computer changing or if your computer is out of work. 

Next step: Go to the Update page on the official Dash website, by the way, this is the page where you can choose any convenient Dash wallet. You can choose a wallet for your computer, mobile or even hardware.

In our example, this is the Dash Core Win/64 wallet. Download it to your computer.

Be sure to close your wallet, if it is open, wait until the work is completed. Then click on to install wallet and carry out instructions. It looks as if you are installing a wallet. The program will do everything by itself automatically and after the update is completed, your wallet is loaded.

Please note that now the version is 12.2.1, also, when you open the wallet, the picture is changed (compare with the above one). That is the whole story. You have all history of operations and your balance is in order.

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Find out more about Dash - here

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