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02 декабря 2017

Dash funding - How to submit an application for a budget proposal. The fourth step

Hello, dear friends, it’s me Julin GYS. This is the series of videos on how to get funding from Dash.

In previous videos we talked about our goals and how to create and place a preliminary budget proposal.

The subject of this video is: How to proceed with an application for a preliminary budget proposal. The fourth step.

All the budget proposals you can see on the Dashvotetracker.com site.

1. Those that have been approved and their financing period is not over yet.
2. Some new proposals voted by the required number of Masternodes.
3. Proposals which have not supported by Investors yet.

Proposals, marked with a green colour, have already been voted by 10% or more of the Investors according to the formula:

All votes «For» - all votes «Against» = the right amount, this final figure should be 10% or more.

Proposals, highlighted in green, mean planned approval.

Proposals, highlighted in red, are the ones that have not got the required number of votes yet.

By the way, the proposal can be submitted no later than 3 days before the end of voting. In the previous video, I told you that it was better to apply early month since the schedule of payments is shifted each time. It may be the third or the fourth day. Now it will be December 3-th. So, on December 4th, everyone can place an application.

Also, we see the total budget for this month and what budget can be approved.

To submit an application you should come to the Dashcentral.org. site. You should register there. The registration is very simple. You should specify a login, and then it will be displayed in the list of all offers on the Dashvotetracker.com. site. Then write the password and repeat it in the next line. The next step is entering the PIN code of 4 figures. Be sure to remember it or write it down in a safe place and enter captcha.

Visit the site after registration you will find a lot of interesting and useful information.

For Masternodes owners this site is absolutely easy to use. If you click on this button, you can see the entire list of offers, read all the information about any proposal, write comments, and also vote.

You can change passwords in your profile, specify mail if needed, and also set up two-factor authentication.

Just let's begin to fill the application. Link to it is in the description under this video.

Now, with you, I am filling it in for the first time, so I'm a little worried. It is not good when there is not enough information on such interesting subjects. It's unclear what you need to press. But for you it is much easier, because you are watching this video with step-by-step actions.

Before filling an application, go to your Dash wallet. Make a backup in order to have the opportunity to restore your wallet if needed. Budget money will not go anywhere in this case. For your peace of mind save the backup copy in several places and on different media in order not to fret about your obligations towards Dash community. If OS or your computer suddenly stops working, you can easily restore the wallet thanks to one small file. Let me remind you that on our channel, there is a video on how to restore the Dash Core wallet.

Make sure that your wallet has 5 Dash, if not, then top up the balance and do not forget about a fee, which is taken away at the time of sending, so put a little more than exactly 5 Dash.

Now we return to the page with the application and begin to fill it. In this field, select the month you would like to start your cooperation with Dash. I have chosen to start since December.

In the next field you need to specify the period of your proposal. It is not good to choose a period of 6 months because there is a high probability that you will be refused since this is a big risk for Dash. And it's not just a possible deception on the part of the performer. The cost of crypto currency is growing and the budget can increase much in terms of dollars. If you are a newer and Dash community does not know you yet, it's better to apply every month. But if you have already got solid reputation and you have a big plan for cooperation you can expect to succeed asking for 3 months. I have chosen 6 months as my proposal was originally calculated for this period.

Due to the fact that the rate has grown significantly I will have to try very hard to live up to expectations and do far more than I have promised. Otherwise I will spend more money on advertising companies than has already been planned. 

If Investors like my work, next time I will apply for a shorter period and think primarily about the interests of the company.  I advise you to do the same, if you want your application to be approved.

Then you should specify the budget that you want to receive inside a month. My budget is 15 Dash, and you will see right over the total amount for the entire period which you selected. My total amount is 90 Dash. Do not forget to add your 5 Dash to your budget. Just divide them by the number of months in your offer. Thus, I add 1 more Dash, so that at the end of the offer, I can completely refund the money for the application. For example, you apply for a proposal for a period of 1 month, with the sum of 20 Dash, add your 5 Dash, and specify 25 Dash in total.. If you submit a budget proposal for 3 months for 20 Dash, you should indicate 22 Dash per month, then your 5 Dash return to you. It is an easy matter.

In the next field you need to specify your wallet number where Dash financing money must come. To do this, it is better to create a new address so that only this wallet is used for the budget, but it rests with you to decide.

Copy the address of your Dash wallet and insert it. Construct the link continuation to open your proposal. It must not repeat the links which are on this site.

Use short English hyphenated words and do not make the link too long. And do not worry, the title of your proposal and description, we will fill with you later. That is just the link that should be in the search box.

Now, open the wallet to pay the budget proposal application:

Choose  – Tools – Debugging console.

An additional window is opened.

Copy information of this field from the Dashcentral.org. website.

Then insert all the copied information into the wallet console using CTRL + V and press ЕNTER.

Then you should copy the answer and place it into this field on the Dashcentral site.

Readme! Do not reload the site page in any way. Just wait for 15 minutes, it means 6 network's acknowledgements.

Let's open the wallet and "Transactions". We see our payment of 5 Dash together with the fee. You can track the confirmation here.

Just to be safe, copy all the data received in the scratchpad.

Consider this, on the Dashcentral website changes are in process.

After 6 network's acknowledgements we have new information in this field. This information should be also copied in the scratchpad.

Again insert all the copied information into the debug console using CTRL + V and press ЕNTER and copy all the data received in the scratchpad.

We should wait a little and our budget proposal will appear approximately in an hour. I did not wait for a long time I saw my proposal after about 7 minutes.

Open your proposal and press this button. I have translated this page to understand what to do next.

1. You should select an address for verification and you have indicated this wallet number for proposal payment.
2. Get into your wallet, open -  File - Sign message.
3. Copy the address indicated on the site and insert it here.
4. Copy the following data and insert it here.
5. Then click on the blue button  “Sign Message”.
6. Copy the "Signature" and place it on the site.

Thus, we confirm exclusive ownership of the application and its editing.

We have succeeded.

We can finally edit our proposal. By the way, it's very important not to delay the editing, otherwise Investors may see your empty proposal and do not vote for it.

Most importantly, fill in the application in English. It is not necessary to invent anything we have already created a preliminary budget proposal and translated it into English. If you have made any amendments and additions I'm sure that you did it before placing the application, so as not to waste time on it.

Click on the button "Edit offer". You can see an empty form for filling in.

Enter the name of your budget proposal, which unpack it.

I inserted a video and a detailed description. Be sure to include valid links to your sources, if any. Also do not forget to include a link to your branch of the preliminary budget proposal that you placed on the official Dash forum. Put this link at the very beginning. Do not forget to save your editing and check if everything is done correctly.

Be sure to place your proposal where we placed the preliminary budget proposal, and on the Dash forum you can make a separate topic and indicate that this is a budget proposal. Ask the community to support you and vote "for". In Dash chat there is a separate branch for applications, it is just below the preliminary proposals.

You can see your offer on the Dashvotetracker site; it will update later and look more representative. You will be interested in observing how your proposal is developing.

Be sure to answer all the questions you may be asked as well as thank those who support you and take the time to write you kind words.

25 days have passed since I published my budget proposal and I really wanted this video to be completely opened and shown.

You see how many offers have been posted and let’s look at mine. It gained 19%, 905 votes "For" and 38 "Against". 1 day left until the end of voting. Tomorrow we may celebrate the victory.

I hope that this video will help you to properly create a preliminary budget proposal.  In the following videos you will find out where you should place it, then, how to place the application, why we pay for submitting a proposal, and why so much. And number one, you will learn about the results of voting, getting the budget and further steps.

So that you do not get confused in the sequence of these videos, a special playlist is created. We are also preparing an article where you will find all the steps at a single location.

If you have questions about Dash and want to know more about this cryptocurrency, you will find the links to the official website, forum, chat rooms and social networks in the description.

Click the "Like", I will be very pleased. Do not forget to subscribe to my channel and click on the bell. Notifications of new videos will be sent to your mail and you will always be aware of the events. Add this video to your playlist in order not to lose it. Share it with your friends; perhaps, this information will be useful for them. This has been Julin GYS. See you.

Find out more about Dash - here

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