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16 сентября 2017

How to renovate the Dash Core wallet

I salute you, Dear Friends!
This video deal with Dash wallet renewal. You’ll need it, for example, in the following cases: you’ve reinstall the system, your computer is broken, your laptop is stolen, you’ve bought a new computer etc. 

For security purposes, you should make a backup copy of your wallet anyway. And most of all you should hide it as far as possible and preferably on several devices.

Please, open the Dash Core wallet. Press the «File», then press «make a wallet backup copy». Then choose a place where we will save our copy. At this time I save it on desktop. Do not forget a name of the file. The backup copy is ready. Everything is easy, is that right?

Right because of that file, we can restore access to our wallet.

I have duplicated our wallet copy to the second computer. Now we gonna set up Dash Core.

Now access the official Dash site and download Dash Core wallet. While scrolling the home page you see the «wallet download» button and push it. I choose the wallet with Windows operating system settings. We see start loading. Now let's begin with Setup.

After wallet installation you start it and then we have to wait for synchronization with network. The process may take up rather long time so, please, be patient.

Now the wallet is ready to use.

Then how are we going to return the money to the balance, see all our wallet addresses and get access to our transactions?

Let's get back to our backup copy. Now we need to rename it into wallet.dat.

Dear Friends, what I'm going to show you then can differ from your folders and their content. It depends on the operating system in your computer. Now I work with Windows 10. 

Yet another point  is, that a dummy like me never figure out how to use it. To find the needed folder on the computer ( and it turned out to be  hidden ) I spent the whole day  
I believe that this video will be very useful for you and most importantly,  save your time by tenfold..

I opened the «My Computer» folder then disc «С». Now I am opening the «User community» folder, then «User», but perhaps this your folder has a name of your computer. Generally when the operating system is under reinstall, the name of a computer  is indicated as a name of its owner. On my old notebook I had this folder by the name of «Julin».

Inside of this folder, you must have the «AppData». But it is out …  No need to worry about, this your folder is just hidden in privacy settings. To find it you can use many options. 

Let me show you how to find it, if you have the same arrangement as I do. 

Click on your folders path. Put slash then type the word AppData and press Enter.

You won't believe this, but there are some folders in this folder. Open the «Roaming» folder.

We've finally found the «DashCore» folder. Open it. Find the «wallet.dat» file. Now, the most important thing is to replace this file by that we have renamed, i.e, by our backup copy.

Close Dash wallet before doing so.

Go back to our folder and drag the backup copy of this folder. The window comes out with the question how to use this file. Your task is to select the «replace the file in the destination folder »point. It’s ready!

Now start DashCore wallet. Our balance is now shown fully there which means we have recreated it on a new computer.

In very deed, it emerged that it was easy!

Earlier I promised to show you several options to find the «AppData» folder. If you work with another system - not to worry! There is a very easy way to find it wherever located.

Let's go  the search for the folders again. Open «My Computer», then enter the name of the «wallet.dat» document in the search  box. Heads up! Exactly the name of the file and not the name of the folder! Wait full loading of search. Look, it is shown first.

Right-click on it, then select «File location». You’ll see the open «DashCore» folder, where you need to change this file.

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Find out more about Dash - here

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