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24 сентября 2017

How to fix the error in Dash Core wallet

Good time of day! In this video, we will analyze the error which may or may have occurred in your Dash Core wallet. The wallet does not open and a window with an error appears. If you translate the error description, it will be said «Could not start control cache from the governance.dat file». 

This error occurred after creating a backup of my wallet, i.e. I shut down the wallet, and the next time it was launched, it did not open.

Note that a version of the wallet has not been updated for a long time. Perhaps this is the reason for this error. 

When you click on the button «ОК», the wallet closes automatically. What should we do in such a situation?

Let's solve the problem together. Go to the official website of Dash cryptocurrency  and download updated wallet. Attention! We still do not install it. Open « My Computer», then Disk «С». Find the  «Users» folder, perhaps, it is named «User». Inside it you should open the folder folder 
with the name of your computer, in my example this folder is named «Julin». Then open the «AppData». In my previous video «How to recovered your Dash Core wallet» I told you, 
where and how you could find this folder. A little later I'll show you one of the options again for those who do not know how to do it. Let's continue. Open the «Roaming» folder and inside you can see just what we need – the «DashCore» folder. You should leave there these 3 folders and the wallet.dat file. You can easily remove the others. I ask you to be very careful when deleting those files.

Let's go back to the installation package of the wallet, which has been downloaded before. Now press the Install button. Pass completely all the stage of wallet installing as you do it at the first time. After installation the wallet is automatically downloaded. You see that the version of the wallet has changed
Now, our wallet has opened and we see that all the funds and transactions are in place. Perhaps in your computer everything it's completely different and your «AppData» folder is hidden. To find it go to "My Computer", then disk «С», enter the file name – wallet.dat -  in the search box. Wait for the full load then select that folder, from all the listed, where there is a way to the «DashCore» folder. You will see it straight away.

Right-click on this folder, select «file location». The «DashCore» folder is open and you should remove all the files except:

- 3 folders
- wallet.dat file

I should remind once again, you need to be very careful not to delete the files you need.

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See you next time, friends!

Find out more about Dash - here

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