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06 октября 2017

Free advertising of your project on "World of Internet Business"

«World of Internet Business» wants to offer you free advertising on its channel, forums and social networks.

Due to such advertising you can get:
1. Brand recognition / name
2. New clients / subscribers / viewers / readers
3. Inbound link to your website

What is needed:

1.  You should work with Dash cryptocurrency
1.1. You trade Dash
1.2. You invest in Dash
1.3. You take Dash as means of payment
1.4. You are an owner of currency exchange office and take Dash cryptocurrency 
1.5. You make video or write articles on Dash etc.

2. You give and interview to «World of Internet Business». It can be a text format, as well as a video format.

Of course, interview in video format is much more popular as you have your audience. Definitely, your business will be trusted and your reputation increased. The interview will be translated into Russian (or subtitles will be added), which provide an opportunity to reach more audiences.

I should remind you that «World of Internet Business» is a portal and a channel on Internet business, cryptocurrency, and trading. It has got its popularity due to free video tutorials on the topic concerning «trading on cryptocurrency exchanges» with showing step-by-step instructions. We also talk about all kinds of earnings, business promoting, and money saving.

At the moment we have more than 33000 subscribers and friends.
Channel statistics : 16000+ subscribers
Site traffic: 1000+ unique visitors a day

Also your Interview will be posted:
1. in social networks about Dash
2. On 20+ cryptocurrency forums

I want to give an interview, but I don’t use Dash, what's to be done?
- If you have your own business, you can run it with Dash. It will be the great news for us and you get a chance to be advertised in "World of Internet Business".

We have just opened, may we cooperate with you?

- Unfortunately, we do not cooperate with new and untested sites/service. For Dash and "World of Internet Business" the reputation is very important. We can’t hazard reputation before our readers and viewers. If you start working with Dash cryptocurrency, we will follow your activities anyway and shortly tell about you.

P.S. We are totally against hypes, pyramids etc.

Are you ready to give us an interview?! — Please, write to us a letter to the address: mir.internet.biznesa@mail.ru (or in social networks) which are set out on the official website of "World of Internet Business"

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Read more about  Dash - here

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