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26 февраля 2018

Evan Duffield and Ryan Taylor: the formula of Dash success

Thus far, Dash cryptocurrency is considered one of the most promising and successful digital currencies. By 2018 its capitalization exceeds $ 4.7 billion. However, it was not always so. In order to understand how Dash became successful, we will get back to basics.

This story started with Evan Duffield, a common entrepreneur and software developer. One day he was so keen on cryptocurrency that he decided to create a completely new digital currency, which we now know as Dash.

Evan Duffield was inspired by the digital coin Bitcoin. This was the impetus for creation of a new, unique coin XCoin, which was later called Dark Coin and finally, Dash. The first Evan brilliant introduction was the use of the Masternodes system in Dash ecosystem.

This is about using a network node in a blockchain that has a fixed amount on its account. Anonymous PrivateSend transactions are conducted using Masternodes. To get Dash Masternode, the user is obliged to pass 1000 DASH, which will be stored in the blockchain. Evan developed this system to simplify Dash management and decentralization. In order Masternode work to be productive, he introduced a system of motivation, which allows Masternodes to get the right to vote and the right to manage the network. Also, all Masternodes receive a reward in the form of payments from the Dash blockchain. At first, no one paid laid stress on this innovation, however, today the Masternodes are the main critical characteristic of Dash.

The year 2015 was very important for Dash. Evan Duffield has implemented the "Treasury" project. Treasury is a way of financing proposals, which is controlled by the Masternodes. It is just Dash Treasury that is the main instrument of financing and decentralized management. Also, financing a variety of projects, Dash has good advertising and support from people who have received funds for their further development.

2017 came. A new person appeared in the Dash world; and today he is one of the most significant figures in Dash. This is Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core. Under his guidance a large number of partnership agreements were signed. Successful cooperation with various partners raised Dash to the top of the best cryptocurrencies. The most successful deal, which initiated the rapid advancement of the digital currency, was a partnership with the medical marijuana industry. It is a unique cooperation, where Dash acts as a payment system. This way has taken place of unprofitable fiat payments.

Another brilliant idea was the partnership with the University of Arizona. This university is engaged in research in the field of Dash blockchain. Dash funding has accelerated the promotion of new developments and people training. Students receive scholarships, and they are motivated to develop the Dash ecosystem. Of course, the university cooperates not only with the Dash team, however this partnership has a clear advantage, since the Dash treasury finances the developments and the university staff can not affect the ecosystem, unlike the Bitcoin University, which looks for funding on its own and has huge opportunities for manipulation.

More and more exchanges accept trading pairs with Dash. This indicates the popularity and being in demand of this cryptocurrency. I must say that the price of Dash has grown tremendously in a short period of time! And this is the merit of a selfless and dedicated team, led by the General Manager Ryan Taylor, who is able to realize his own unequalled ideas. We can surely say that Dash is the future, which is coming!

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