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12 марта 2018

DashBoost is releasing a beta version of its Micro Treasury. Release#104

Hello, dear friends!

This is a weekly review of Dash cryptocurrency news.

I am Vita and I am with you. The Dash exchange rate for the past week reached a minimum of $ 457.00 and a maximum of $ 624.00

DashBoost is releasing a beta version of its Micro Treasury. This is a public beta, which represents the second level of the self-financing ecosystem of Dash. This project gives DAO Dash a significant opportunity to expand its borders. When submitting an offer, the commission cost must be reduced to 1 Dash, and in case of need even more. Now those community members who have less than 1000 Dash can take part in voting. A number of additional functions have appeared on the site of the new project, for example, moderation of comments.

Dash claims three of its updates. The first update is DASH Electrum - a simple wallet that provides customers with a secure key and is easily recovered; the second update is DASH Binance - the trading platform Binance will not get any harm; Dash is already available at CoinSwitch, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

Journalist Ben Swann comes back thanks to Dash cryptocurrency. This is a triumphant return after almost a year of silence. Swann experienced the media blitz from many corporate media. Because of this, Swann disappearance from the Internet caused a serious discussion. But Ben Swann confirmed that he would again appear in public, and, in particular, he was at the Anarchapulco conference, which took place in late February in Acapulco Mexico.

The popularity of Dash in Venezuela is growing. Barbosa, developer of Dash in Latin America, was impressed that the lunch and driver services were paid for in Dash. The conferences demonstrate how quickly Dash is spreading across the country. Local currency bolivar continues to depreciate, so Venezuelans need an alternative currency. Dash is gradually becoming such a currency.

How is it possible to make money on digital currency? Masternodes are a way of obtaining passive income from cryptocurrencies. You will find all the subtleties of masterpiece settings, the principle of their work and much more by following the link in the description.

Dash did it! It has already come to RBC. What Dash is, why this cryptocurrency, is needed and how to create your own Dash wallet. By clicking on the link in the description, you go to a small but very informative article.

The first ETF Cryptocurrency fund will install Dash Masternode and distribute the rewards among the first owners of the Crypto ETF tokens. Creation of Masternode corresponds to the general mission of the First Crypto Fund ETF - to make cryptocurrency even more accessible to a wide audience. Now the owners of ETF tokens are able to evaluate the work of Masternode without creating their own nodes.

An interview with Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core was conducted. Dash is already used in 160 countries, i.e. almost all over the planet. Dash is beneficial for those who do not use or use the services of banks. Dash is actively engaged in business development and supports those companies that are on the network. Therefore, Dash has a strategic advantage over crypto-competitors. Elements of the Dash Evolution will appear over the next few months. In the spring, a series of tests will be conducted to clarify and correct errors, and after that, users will receive a full set of long-awaited functions.

Cryptocurrency is now absolutely transparent, - says an independent journalist Ben Swann. In his six-minute video, he told about the main drawbacks of cryptocurrencies - they do not have the original value and are not "supported" by anything. Swann detailed about the blockade technology. This video had almost 50,000 views on Facebook. Ben Swann is a longtime fan and user of cryptocurrency. He has now received sponsorship from Dash, which allows him to say what he thinks and not be afraid of censorship.

Dash has been added to the deVere Crypto application, as well as to the CryptoWolf, ACX and SouthXChange exchanges. At CryptoWolf you can instantly exchange one cryptocurrency for another. SouthXChange is a large stock exchange in Argentina, and ACX is the Australian Currency Exchange, which ranks 82nd in the daily trading volume according to the CoinMarketCap website.

The reputation of Bitcoin is falling lower and lower, and Dash makes a leap forward. In this cryptocurrency, four qualities are particularly attractive: mobility, economic efficiency, divisibility and speed. Dash is a good alternative to Bitcoin. Recently, the number of joint partnership agreements with Dash has increased dramatically, and this has a positive effect on its development.

The International Summit of the International Blockchain Summit Moscow was held in Moscow on March 1. He gathered 1000 participants and 30 speakers from all over the world. Dash also visited the event. Representative of Dash in CIS countries, Oleg Karimov, spoke at the summit. The Dash team answered all questions of the guests of the summit, and also gave them gifts.

And this was the news of the last week. Do not forget to subscribe to news on social networks, and you can discuss this and another news about Dash at the Dash-forum or on the Telegram-chat, links are given in the description. See you next time, friends!

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