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18 марта 2018

Dash - self-management and self-financing

The most developed and progressive spheres of human activity are those where the right to vote belongs not to one person, but to majority. This principle helps to achieve maximum dynamics, and as a result - the common good.

Today we will talk about the digital currency Dash, which in a short period of time was able to achieve significant success. Dash is the first cryptocurrency where the working model of self-management and self-financing is pronounced.

What does it mean?

Everyone has the right to vote and opportunity to submit project proposals directly by offering them to the network. By this we mean absolutely different components: marketing, advertising, network development, conferences, technical aspects and many other things. Anything that can be useful for developing and becoming a Dash can get funding. Every year, Dash has its own budget, which exceeds million dollars. This amount is intended for hiring contractors and sponsoring projects. Such a process is due to the Dash Treasury.

What is it?​

Treasury provides wonderful opportunities for those who are interested in working with the blockbuster directly. Treasury project was created by Dash in 2015 and meant funding for successful offers. And it lived up to all expectations! During the first month of work, Treasury financed proposals for $ 15,000. The average monthly payment for 2017 was $ 755,000, and currently has mounted up to the sum of $ 10 millions, which is many times greater than the initial amount of payments. Thus, on the one hand, Dash finances its own growth and distribution, and on the other hand it meets the needs of people who contribute to Dash development by reaching a consensus. It is difficult to find at least one person who, after receiving funding from the network, would be dissatisfied. We can say that this method of decentralized management is simply genius. You do not need to spend huge resources to promote Dash network to a higher level relative to other cryptocurrencies, it is enough to encourage people who have zeal and desire for it.

Quality control​

Unfortunately, some people have itchy fingers. The budget of the Treasure increased every year, and control over the money became more and more required. And then the enthusiast under the pseudonym of Paragon proposed to create a project called Dash Watch. The task of the project was a system of tracking and reporting for Treasury offers. It is a web site that provides only objective and important information about the accepted offers of Treasury. The information contains the following data: cost, updates, results, deadlines, delay, etc. Now, thanks to Dash Watch, the owners of Masternodes are fully informed about the progress of the proposals received and the status of their implementation.

Theory of origin​

There is a rather interesting story about the origin of the idea of self-government. Once upon a time, even before the existence of Dash, its future creator and developer Evan Duffield knew about Bitcoin. It happened in 2010, when the digital currency was just beginning to emerge. In 2012 Evan began to think seriously about adding anonymity to Bitcoin and came up with about 10 ways to do it, but after the release, Bitcoin developers did not want to include his code. After that Evan decided to create his own digital currency called Darkcoin, (Dash in the future). We can assume that this incident served as the impetus for creating a special kind of decentralization: ordinary users have the right to offer their ideas and be heard. In Dash, everyone has the right to vote and it is unlikely that the story with Evan Duffield can happen again. Who knows what would have happened to Bitcoin now, if in the distant 2012 they had accepted Evan's offer, because thanks to his genius work, today we see how the Dash ecosystem is developing remarkably.

However, it is true or an accidental coincidence - we can not know for sure.

Find out more about Dash - here

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