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02 февраля 2018

Dash mobile wallet and some information on cryptocurrency for neophytes

Hello dear friends!

My name is Maxim, and I'm running the program on the channel "World of Internet Business". Today we show you a video about Dash cryptocurrency. What is Dash? What is cryptocurrency in general? How can you get Dash? How to keep it? Far and by, this video is a little longer than the previous ones. But I hope it will be interesting and useful for you.

Let's go to the official site of the cryptocurrency - Dash.org. Here you will find very detailed information on what cryptocurrency is. I will try to talk about it shortly and intelligibly.

So, Dash is a cryptocurrency. What is cryptocurrency in general? I think you know it?! If not, I will briefly explain to you. This is the same digital currency, electronic money, but, in this case, protected by a cryptographic method: using a digital signature. Cryptocurrency has a number of advantages over electronic money. Every cryptocurrency has its minuses and pluses. I think you've heard about Bitcoin - it's the most popular cryptocurrency. But Dash just has such advantages, that help it to gain momentum. Let's look at them.

We are not going to discuss Bitcoin, since the question is Dash. With the help of this currency you can pay for your purchases (in fact, it is the same money, only in digitized form). On the official website, in the "Goods and Services" tab, you can see where the currency is accepted: for example, if you have a wallet on your mobile phone, you can pay for coffee, for various goods, and so on. Cryptocurrency itself is "born" on the Internet as a mathematical code.

Let's compare the crypto currency with electronic money: so that they appear, we take the usual paper money that the Central Bank issues, we put them in the terminal, and here in the electronic wallet we have money. Let's open the Yandex wallet, we have money there. In fact, we brought them there, or someone else. Crypto currency works another way! As I said, it "arises" on the Internet: a certain code is generated and, thus, nobody can control it. It means that cryptocurrency has decentralized governance. If the usual money depends on banks (rubles on the Central Bank), then the cryptocurrency is not subject to anyone. I think you have often heard in the news that they want to ban it. This is the essence that cryptocurrency can not be under control.

Cryptocurrency is kept in your wallet, no one has access to it, that is, no one knows about your transactions. In particular, if we talk about Dash, we are dealing with complete anonymity! If banks know how you manage your money, where you transfer your funds, then the cryptocurrency is completely anonymous. It is created on the basis of a blockchain. I will briefly describe what a blockchain is. This is an algorithm, chain data that is stored by every owner, every participant of the network.

If we download the Dash wallet, we become a member of the network, because we have a wallet there. Accordingly, the data on transactions are stored by all users and is is absolutely impossible to hack, copy, or remove a part of the code! The wallet is securely protected! If suddenly something is wrong with this code, the block (the block is a closed chain), your transaction will not work. In general, the process goes without failures, since a transfer must be confirmed by the network participants with each transaction. Everyone has a set of blocks of this chain: every transfer is checked for coincidence. If there are no coincidences due to hacking or deleting part of the code, the transaction does not pass.

Audio perception of any theory is rather difficult. If this subject is really interesting to you, I recommend finding some videos about the process technology on the Internet - it's very simple. Pay special attention to foreign ones, they are very interesting. There are also videos translated into Russian.

Dash is a kind of cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin and other ones (for example, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, etc.), but Dash has its own advantages. Let's get acquainted with their site. One of the very important advantages is a speed of transactions (speed of payments). If we look at other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Lightcoine, Ethereum, then, as I said above, all the network participants must confirm the transaction. Due to the modern "architecture" of these payments, the process becomes instant.

You can read about the advantages here: "Private", "Safe". But it is important to understand: currency is not controlled by anyone; it is kept only by you. If you, for example, remove your wallet from your mobile phone or lose your phone, or something else happens with the application "Wallet" - you will lose your money. This is important to remember! There are still different difficult things; they are even more complicated than I told you. On the official website you can read about technical details, including the information how the Dash cryptocurrency network is built.

To get this information you need to download the wallet. To do that we go to the "All wallets" tab. You can download a wallet for any operating system. It can be done for computers: Windows, Mac OS, Linux. There are also mobile wallets for Android and iOS and hardware wallets as an additional means of protection. And what is very important - here you can even create a paper wallet, it looks like a checkbook and this is the safest mode of storage your Dash coins.

We will have a look at a mobile wallet for the Android operating system. I advise you to download Dash Wallet - a wallet, which is "tailored" to Dash currency. The rest are partner ones, but you can also work with them. So, in order to download Dash Wallet, we either click on the link "Google Play Download", or turn on the phone, go to the "Google Play Store", and there we are looking for this application. I am switching to the broadcast from the phone, and now we'll look at this mobile wallet more closely.

Sponsor of this video is Dash cryptocurrency. This is an excellent choice for a quick and anonymous remittance around the world.

So, I entered the "Play Store", now we need to find the "Dash - Wallet" application. I just write "Dash" in the search-window. The first two applications are the advertisement; we need the third - Dash Wallet. We go inside. This is the official Dash cryptocurrency wallet. Beware of wallets that pretend to be official. You saw the list of wallets on the official website. If other applications or wallets will assure you that they can store this currency, do not pay attention to them. You should trust the official website!

Well done! We installed the application and let's open it. I'm just opening. This is how our wallet looks. You do not need to register; you downloaded the wallet, opened it, and can already receive Dash coins. We did it! The wallet is already on your phone.

Let's take a look at the interface: what is there and how to work with it. We are now on the main screen. At the top you see our balance of Dash - coins, the equivalent in rubles. There is an uninteresting menu: "report a problem", "filter", "help". We are interested in the menu on the left and the bottom panel. At the bottom, we see the round icon of the QR code, when you click on which the camera opens. With it, you can scan the QR code of another wallet and send money to or from there.

At the bottom you see two buttons "Request" and "Send". If I press "Request", I can request as many Dash coins as I need. For example, I have to get a payment of 1 Dash coin. I am writing this sum. This is the equivalent of 63 thousand rubles with kopecks. Accordingly, we have generated a QR code, which I should send to someone who must transfer money to me. By scanning this code, sender automatically transfers to me the amount that I requested.

We get money in the same way. I write the address, or I scan it using the round button QR-code. If I write the address manually, I fill in the amount fields - I write the equivalent in rubles. I can write in rubles, the system will automatically translate them into Dash. I do not have enough coins here, so the program shows an error. If I scan the QR code, the amount is automatically added. Let me remind you that we can scan the QR-code in the "Request" tab. Of course, if we want to request a certain amount.

Open the left menu. Here there is another code, clicking on which you open the address of our wallet, without binding to a certain amount. If I now send a screenshot of this address (this QR code) to a person who can transfer me Dash coins, he can do it using a phone camera, or by copying this address and using the insert on the "Send" tab. I'll show you how it works. To have a visual representation we will refill the balance by a symbolic amount.

Now let's go through the tabs.

"Home" - returns us to the main screen, where the history of our transactions is displayed. Now it is empty, but we will refill the wallet so that you will see everything.

"Address Book" - these are the addresses where you send the currency. Now it is empty. If we swipe screen to the right, we open a tab with our addresses. Now we have created 5 different addresses, they are all ours. When you send Dash to any of the addresses, they will come to us. For security reasons, the wallet will change with each new transaction, that is, a new wallet will be generated. But all this is done for safety.

The next tab is "Exchange rate". Here you can see how much one Dash-coin costs now on the exchange. Let's compare it with rubles: one Dash now costs 63,668 rubles.

In addition to the fact that you can simply use this cryptocurrency (pay for purchases or store it), you can also earn with it. If you get this currency, and, for example, do not pay your costs, then after some time, the rate is likely to grow. Accordingly, the equivalent in rubles will also grow. This is a simple investment, and those who do this, perfectly understand what it is all about.

Let's give a banal analogy: you buy dollars, the dollar exchange rate grows, the equivalent in rubles, respectively, also grows. The same thing happens with Dash.

This currency can be bought on stock exchanges. There are some well-known exchanges, for example, Bitfinex, a reliable exchange. There you also create a wallet, and buy this currency for rubles or dollars. But this is also an investment - one of the ways to earn money.

We see the next tab - "Take from paper". This is the same paper wallet that I’ve told you about. The point is: you print a specific document (a A4 sheet) with a QR-code. Approximately, this is the format. Here are the QR-code, and one more data i.e. your public wallet and a private key. Although it is considered to be the most reliable way of storing cryptocurrency cause it can not be cracked, there is still one problem - it can be lost, or burned, torn, etc.. Therefore, if you create a paper wallet, be sure to make several copies of it. For example, put one of them in the safe for safety.

The next tab is "Report a problem". If something goes wrong with your wallet, you should write to the corresponding support team.

Once again, if you make a mistake and send a transaction to the wrong wallet, you can not return cryptocurrency back! If we make a mistake and send money to the wrong bank, they return us money on the request, but in this case it will not happen. Only the recipient can send you money back. Remember - if you lose your wallet, phone or delete the applications - all your money disappear. Be careful! It is impossible to restore it, because it is not stored anywhere or controlled by anyone. Everything depends only on you.

Then you can see the complex adjustments of blocks of configuration, network monitor - it's already interesting to those who do mining this coin. As I said at the beginning, the crypto currency is generated on the Internet by generating mathematical code. Create them, the so-called miners. This is another way to earn a crypto currency. Those. you can generate it using your computer. But this is a complex topic for a separate video. Perhaps in one of the videos we'll talk about this. Subscribe to our channel in order not to miss this story.

Next is the "Security tab". Very important! We recommend backing up your wallet to your phone. It remains on your phone, but it would be better if you download it from your phone and store it on a safe media, or on a computer. If you downloaded a backup copy and accidentally deleted the wallet, then you can restore the money. There is a tab "Restore wallet" and a tab "View Recovery Phrase". This is the same as the backup, but you have a certain phrase, remembering that you can get your money back. There is a tab "Restore from the recovery phrase".

The last menu item is "Settings". There are more detailed and technically complex processes, which we will not touch upon. For example, you can specify a name that will be added to the payment request.

Let me refill the balance so that you can see how the transaction history is displayed, how it looks, and then we will sum up our lesson. So, I refilled the balance. As you can see, the sum is 0.0030 Dash, equivalent to 187 rubles (at the top we see it). We see the date and the wallet from which we received money. A green dot indicates a receipt operation. We have a menu for managing this transaction: we can add a name (make a note, for example, from which the payment is received). Next, we can show the QR-code of this operation, report the problem and see the review. That is, we have full information on the official website of the Dash cryptocurrency: from whom, where, by what means, in other words, all the details.

Now we are on the main screen of the "Home" tab. The history of operations is displayed here. Accordingly, when you send the money, you will see a red dot, which means a write-off, and your balance will decrease.

In general, this is all you need to know. At least you’ve got some basic concepts about Dash cryptocurrency. You know what cryptocurrency is. You know the technology of its creation. I’ve tried to explain to you how it works briefly and clearly.

If you have any questions about this information you can ask them in the comments. You will find the links to the official website under this video. Click the "Like", we will be very pleased. Do not forget to subscribe to our channel and click on the bell. Notifications of new videos will be sent to your mail and you will always be aware of the events. Add this video to your playlist in order not to lose it. Share it with your friends; perhaps, this information will be useful for them and someone will be ready to have the Dash wallet.

That's it for me, thank you very much for your attention, thank you for seeing to the end. This has been Maxim from the “World of Internet Business” channel , see you soon.

Find out more about Dash - here

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