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07 мая 2018

Dash Labs

The ecosystem of Dash is a collection of a large number of branches that provide its best work. Today we’d like to talk about Dash Labs - one of the youngest branches of the organization.

Dash Labs was created by Evan Duffield, the developer of Dash digital currency, shortly after his leaving Dash Core team. He transferred his powers to Ryan Taylor, the current CEO, gave up the share he received from his Masternodes, and saturated himself in developing new equipment and network provisioning. Duffield says he dropped all the rest to focus on the most important thing - "the future" of Dash. For this Evan created a special organization Dash Labs, which is engaged in creation and development of new hardware with open source for long-term network scaling.

The location of the Dash Labs is Hong Kong. As Duffield notes, this city is great for work because of its silence and tranquility. However, he says that Hong Kong is not the only place of functioning. Soon, Dash Labs offices will be located around the world, and Hong Kong will become the headquarters of developers.

The goal of Dash Labs team is the development and implementation of a new concept of hardware for user equipment. Considerations of other units of scientists from Arizona will be used here as well for scientific research. These studies must prove our realize our power to bring to life great ideas and show their efficiency. In Hong Kong we are going to work hard and solve any problems before they can disrupt the network.

The most important task of Dash Labs is the creation of equipment with open source for long-term scaling. As Evan Duffield points out in the popular medium Medium, - “the plan is to start using a hardware accelerator based on the GPU to improve network capacity. This means that soon we will be able to process one block at a time together with hundreds of transactions, the blocks will be processed in a short period of time using Masternode network.”

Dash Labs now is working to ensure Dash digital network openness and transparency. Obtaining a patent for technologies with closed source codes will provide the most affordable prices for transactions. Evan Duffield said that the team Dash Labs does its best and promises a positive and smooth operation of Dash network.

At the moment, Dash Labs is the third major organization in the decentralized network of DAO Dash after Dash Core and Dash Force. These three organizations cover all areas of activity, they advertise and distribute Dash, interest new and new people, and also support and implement new plans. Every day the joint activity of these organizations improve the network.

Today Dash is an incredibly fast growing ecosystem. Thanks to the hard work of the development team, each user can appreciate the huge number of advantages of Dash digital currency. And, Dash Labs has become another confirmation that the team is dedicated to their lifetime project.

Find out more about Dash - here

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