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01 марта 2018

Dash - Jaxx wallet. А review of the cryptocurrency wallet

Hello, dear friends! My name is Max. We are on the "World of Internet Business" channel.

In this video, we will continue to review DASH cryptocurrency. In particular, we'll talk about one more wallet for its exchange and storage.

In one of the previous programs, we studied the wallet called Dash Wallet. You have already known this page: with its help we move to the Play Market and download the official version. If you have not watched the video yet, I advise to do this. It is available on our channel. Today I will not tell you the theory of what a cryptocurrency is and how it works, you can find this information in our previous video.

On this page we will learn how to work with a wallet called Jaxx. It is a multicurrency wallet, that is, you can store there not only Dash, but also other cryptocurrencies. But now we are interested in Dash. We have already reviewed Dash Wallet for the Android version. Today we will show the Jaxx wallet for Windows (64 bit), and in one of the following videos you will know about its mobile version. The wallet is available for both desktop version and mobile phone. It is very convenient.

Let's get down to business. We must choose an operating system. First let's look at the number of bits of your Windows (if you have Windows). We will see this on the control panel in the “Menu” point – it is called “System”. I have 64 bits, it is already selected. I click on the link "Jaxx Download". Then you need to click on another button "Download", and go to the official download page. On your computer you can use this wallet in two ways: whether download a regular wallet program or as an add-in for the Google Chrome browser.

On the left we see two icons of mobile versions - for Android and for iPhone. As I said, in the next video we will consider the version for Android. Now we are interested in the desktop version of Windows. Click "Download". Check that the Windows version matches the number of bit! I have x64. If you do something wrong in the previous step, do not worry. You can go down, here you will see two links - Windows 64 and 86. 86 means 32 bits, which is 32 bit. We can see it on the control panel in the "Menu" point "System". As I have done everything right, I click "Download". And then you need to click the "Download" button again. The program will be loaded.

The application has already been downloaded. Let's install it. I say “applications” instead of programs on default. We are installing the program. The screen welcomes us: we see the changes that have occurred with the new version of Jaxx 1.3 wallet (something has changed, something has gone, and something has been added). We are not interested in this and I click the "Continue" button. Here we must read and agree with the provisions of privacy policy and other important ones. As a rule, no one reads this, so we press "Accept".

Two tabs open on the screen:

- «Create new wallet»;

- «Pair/restore wallet» (the current wallet that you have, for example, on your mobile phone or recover if it is already deleted from your computer, but you have the code (phrase) to recover it). You can click on the information buttons to learn more about what you need to do. I have just told you in brief. If you have a wallet, you press the "Pair / restore wallet" and pair it, if your wallet was deleted and there is a phrase for recovery, also click here and restore it.

Let us suppose that you do not have a wallet yet. You need to create a new wallet and click "Continue". Next, there are two options for installation - "Express" and "Custom". "Express" is a quick installation. We will skip most of the settings now, but you can return to them later. If you select "Express", click "Next" and a wallet will be created. Then it can be customized: select the currency, exchange rates, etc. I immediately click "Custom" to make the process follow according to the established order.

The next step is to choose the cryptocurrency we need (for storing a certain cryptocurrency we create a wallet). There is a huge amount of cryptocurrencies, popular and not very much. We are interested in Dash, I have chosen it. You see there is a check box here. This means that you may choose several cryptocurrencies at once and create wallets for them. I click Dash, and then click “Continue”.

Then we need to choose an exchange rate i.e. in which currency we want to get the equivalent of the value of our cryptocurrency. The ruble is popular, but the dollar is even more popular. Therefore, I choose both the ruble and the dollar to see the market value of the Dash coin in my wallet at once.

At this stage we need to make a backup copy of our wallet. What does it look like? I have already mentioned this at the beginning of the installation. Backup is a phrase of 12 words. You have to remember them, and it is better to write down this phrase. I recommend you to write them down on paper and store this paper in a safe. Only with the help of this phrase or through a QR code (that you can photograph or print and also hide somewhere) you can restore access to your wallet, if necessary. There are no other ways to restore this access.

We see the question whether I want to make a backup of my wallet. I want to do this and press "Continue". These are the 12 words that I should write down. You can not copy/paste these words (the program will not allow you to copy them), you can only write them down on paper or type them in Word. But then these words must be removed from the computer! Then I click "Continue" and enter the key phrase here. The program remembers that this phrase is paired with this wallet. In the future, even if you reinstall Windows, buy another computer, or after 10 years want to use this program (and it still works), you should enter these 12 words and your wallet will be restored, saving all data and currency. Now I will not do this. I click "Continue".

It is necessary to note one more point. You see a proposal to create a secret PIN. Here there is an explanation for what it is needed for. It should be used when you conduct operations with cryptocurrency - get, send, pair or restore your wallet. That is, the PIN is needed for all meaningful transactions. I need to create it: I click "Yes", press "Continue", write four numbers, repeat them and click "Continue" again. Creating a PIN is the last step in the settings.

Our wallet has already been created. The interface is very simple. In the left column you see the balance of our wallet and the equivalent of the amount in rubles. If I click here, I can see the amount in dollars. Just these options we have already used in the settings. We can use one currency, we can add others. On the right we see a column with transactions, just a transaction history. If you've seen a lesson about Dash Wallet for your mobile phone, you know how it works. I will not fix on that, you better watch the previous video.

There are three main buttons "Get", "Exchange" and "Send". Everything is clear.

By clicking on the "Get" button, I enter the amount I want to request from someone. For example, someone should transfer 1 Dash coin to me. I enter the number 1 and press "Generate". A window opens and we see a QR code, which I must send to the addressee for scanning. The addressee sees the transfer amount at once. That is, the amount is shown immediately after scanning the QR code. This code is programmed to transfer 1 Dash coin. There is another way: you may copy this set of numbers and letters with this button, and send it to the addressee. It is the same effect. Let me remind that I already told you about that in the video on Dash Wallet.

"Exchange." As I said earlier our wallet is a multicurrency one. So, we can exchange currency right here. For example, we can exchange Dash for Bitcoins or vice versa. If I click on this arrow, I can choose a different currency. This is very convenient. If you want to make a long-term investment in the currency, it is better to divide the amount into several currencies. And thus you can quickly change the currency: you enter the amount you need and then choose the currency for the exchange. You also need to add a wallet display. You will pay a small fee, because this is not a function from Jaxx developers, it is provided by ShapeShift service. You can read more about it.

The “Send” button. Everything is very simple. You insert the wallet address to which you want to send a certain amount. Write this amount below and click "Send".

They are the main functions of the wallet: "Get", "Exchange" and "Send."

Below you can see our current Dash address. In the previous video I told you that the Dash address as well as the address of your wallet is changed with each transaction. This is necessary for security, so your current valid address is displayed here. You can copy it and send it to someone so that he can transfer money to you.

Let's repeat once more: here is an instant control of our wallet, on the left you can see transactions. But there is one more button - "Menu". There are three columns - the "Menu", "Wallets" and "Exchange Rates". Let's go one by one.

In the "Menu" we need first two tabs - "Tools" and "Settings". All other tabs are informational. Go to "Tools". We see the following points:

«Backup Wallet» - this is what we missed during the installation phase. There are two tabs: Backup Wallet and View Backup Phrase. In fact, they perform absolutely the same function. It is not clear why they are divided. We go to View Backup Phrase and generate a QR code. We see the warning that no one should see it, because this phrase can hack the wallet. You see that each operation is accompanied by the input of a PIN-code. I will not do it.

«Display Private Keys». We again see a warning. Each wallet has two keys: public key, which we show to the addressee, so that he transfers us money, and a private key. With the help of a private key you can access the wallet and collect all the data. I'm not going to do this either. Simply put with a private key we confirm all our operations, and it can not be shown to anyone.

«Pair Devices» –this point is for pairing your wallet to a third-party device. For example, you have a Jaxx wallet application on your mobile phone (which we'll see later), and you have already installed the wallet on your computer. Now you have two different wallets, because one is paired to the computer, the other - to the phone. But it should not be so. You are the only owner of these wallets, so they need to be paired together. When we conduct operations on the phone, they must be reflected on the computer, and vice versa. This is done using a QR code. Click Display Pairing Code and scan this code (for example, by your mobile phone). Pairing occurs in a wink. I'll show you how to do it. The first point is Pair / Restore Wallet - this is the restoring or previous pairing of your wallet, if you already have it. Here we see those wallets that we have already paired. And here we see the code by which this pairing is implemented.

The last point of "Transfer Paper Wallet" is a carry of a paper wallet. It is considered the most reliable and popular, but I will not talk about it. You can also transfer it here.

This is all about "Tools". Go to "Settings".

The first point is "Set PIN-code". We have already done this, but you can change it or delete it completely. To do this, you need to enter it again. Using the second point "Reset Jaxx Cache" you can reset the program settings. All that we have set up, you can reset with one button. Of course, your money will not be lost, the balance remains unchanged, but all the settings are busted. And the last point of "BTC Mining Fee" is the transfer fee. Here we see Bitcoin cryptocurrency. We do not consider it, but I will say briefly: the higher fee is, the faster transaction goes. The lower fee is, the more time is needed to confirm this transaction, and it goes for a very long time. Therefore, the more you pay, the faster the process goes.

The rest of the points - "Help", "News" and "About Developers", as I said, are for getting information.

The second tab is "Wallets". In the setup stages we added only Dash, but if you want to add another currency, you do it here. Express installation does not have these functions. You can always customize something else with this tab.

And finally, "Currency Rates". We added a ruble and a dollar. Here we can either add something else, or remove one of them. For example, remove the dollar or ruble, or add the euro. Here we see how much 1 Dash coin costs in real time. You can change currency with this icon.

Here, in fact, that's all. You should agree, it's pretty simple. You need to know only the main three keys, if everything is configured correctly. It's very convenient to work. This wallet is a multi-currency one, you can store there a large number of currencies. It is very popular, so take a good look at it.

That concludes my remarks for today. As usually you will find all the links in the video description. Click the "Like", we will be very pleased! Do not forget to subscribe to our channel and click on the bell. Notifications of new videos will be sent to your mail and you will always be aware of the events. And you do not miss the next video about the mobile Jaxx wallet! Add this video to your playlist in order not to lose it. Share it with your friends; perhaps, they need this useful information.

Thank you very much for your attention and seeing to the end! This has been Maxim from the “The World of Internet Business” channel. See you soon!

Find out more about Dash - here


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