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13 сентября 2017

Dash is a genuine partner in the development of your business

We are in step with  Dash  for over a year and a half already. Every week  on the «World Of Internet Business»  Channel we present you some news about  this cryptocurrency and not one week was omitted.  It is a great deal of work, indeed.

During this time so much news has come we can't count. When you see how much work has been done by the enthusiasts and activists of Dash team,  you're just in shock… And sometimes I have to  advertise our competitors at the service of Dash.   That's what I tell.

I've detected a general tendency: when Dash was just an inceptive project, it needed promotion and advertising. Few people believed in it, for example it was hard to find the translators, who could translate anything about cryptocurrency, they had to know this field of expertise. You would not believe, we had some troubles with Dash articles posting (other than formal forum).

I remember, a lot of people asked me the question: why just Dash, but not Bitcoin? News about Bitcoin would be more in demand, we would have more subscribers etc.

It's been a while and everything has changed. There came an increased demand for Dash and respectively its price went up. Dash has become the subject of intense speculation. It is accepted, traded, and the biggest thing is that everyone wants Dash.

Dash has sufficiently succeeded in its promotion and now it is even pushing forward  someone else's business . Stock markets, wallets, currency exchange offices, services, portals - all of them receive free advertising due to Dash. It is enough to take Dash as a payment, for example on your website, and tens of thousands of people will know you in the very first month.

Dash has a very large community and it is so friendly and strong that it causes admiration. A lot of countries promote Dash in their mother tongue. Just think news comes in English, as soon as it is received they do the  translation into other languages, and the news is sent to forums, social networks, portals, channels, and that's how it's done in all countries where there are Dash activists. I call it  Dash “viral traffic”. 

Dash will do much good. This especially concerns start-up companies – you can get a numerous audience, find perspective customers, and have free external references  with a positive impact on your site.

Dash is a very serious project that's why its reputation should be in the first place. Once somebody has let down Dash community it is impossible to restore confidence. Dash is a key player, it provides an opportunity for many participants and trust them. if you're with Dash, it  will be with you .

I encourage you to accept Dash in your business, use it as a method for funds transfer to your relatives and close people, buy products, settle bills, traded on exchanges, and invest in Masternods.

Definitely you will get a lot of pleasure and benefits not only in connection with free advertising. Now there is no need to stand in a queue or pay large percentage of fees. Dash cryptocurrency is anonymous, transaction rate is immediate. Above all cryptocurrency is not afraid of devaluation because the number of coins is limited.

If you choose Dash, you choose the best!

Find out more about Dash - here

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