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10 октября 2017

Dash integration into Wirex wallet. Сontactless cards. Release #82

Greetings to all, Dear Friends!
This is seven-day coverage of news on Dash cryptocurrency.
And here’s your newswoman – Julin GYS, creator of the channel WORLD of INTERNET BUSINESS. The price of  Dash for the past week attained the minimum of $286.89 and the maximum of $320.34$.

Dash integration work underway for the Wirex wallet. Contactless cards. While no official date has been given for the integration’s completion, both Wirex and the Dash Core team have begun working on the integration within the service’s wallet: In addition to integrating Dash, Wirex will be reissuing cards, adding a new contactless payment feature, allowing a card to be simply held in proximity with the terminal to be instantly scanned. The new Wirex contactless payment card will be available both inside and outside of the EU. Also, next year this services will work in USA.

Radio and Podcast Advertising Proposal Review has already been presented. The goal of this advertising campaign is to reach a “general audience” and provide them basic information and a starting place to get more information about digital currency. Many online businesses advertise via Radiolab. Radiolab would be a great channel to bring Dash to a mainstream audience. The ads are running between the beginning of September and the end of November.

The main goal to remain anonymous is to hide your real welfare from unnecessary eyes but not to try to escape punishment for a committed crime. PrivateSend renders transactions untraceable. Get Your Dash Privately. Receive your Dash in multiple installments. Finally, avoid having the whole thing sent out in one go.  As long as you avoid having a single large transaction that’s tied to your real name land in your Core wallet for mixing, you should be fine.

Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor gave a sneak peak of future partnership that will be announced over the next few months. Few details were given, but Taylor mentioned that the community should expect press releases to be coming soon. Future partnership  includes : global brokerage service, free bank transfers; new exchange integrations; Dash access to 20 new fiat currencies; ATM manufacturer; Integration with several large retailers, and healthcare integration. Read further detail in the article.

The first annual Dash Conference in London this weekend drew hundreds of attendees and set the stage for several forthcoming integrations. The conference was attended by Dash fans and industry leaders alike, many of whom have had strategic partnerships with Dash. A current view count is over 16,000 and this number is constantly growing.  As a key element of the conference, several forthcoming integrations were announced.

The opinion of the Masternode sell-off has been written. Over the years Dash Masternode network has been criticized. When the first argument ceases to be effective, the second argument follows, and so on.  How do masternode owners respond to huge price increases? The price of Dash has risen from $11 at the beginning of the year to over $400 earlier this month. That’s a 3,536% increase in only eight months! This means that one Masternode was worth over $400,000. This is a large enough sum to be considered life-changing for many people. The longest any current Masternode has been active is around 31 weeks. Clearly, Masternode owners have generally held onto their Masternodes in spite of a large value increase in their investment. Why is this the case?  For more details read the article, the link is given in description.

There was conducted an interview with Alex Ru -one of the most important community activists Dash in Russia. It was About life, about Dash features and about the prospects of cryptoworld in general.

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And this was the news of the last week. Do not forget to subscribe to news on social networks, and you can discuss this and another news about Dash at the Dash-forum or on the Telegram-chat, links are given in the description. See you next time, friends!

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