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03 апреля 2018

Dash has been added to the Abra application and NegocieCoins and Bitit exchanges. Release#107

Hello, dear friends!

This is a weekly review of Dash cryptocurrency news.

I am Vita and I am with you. The Dash exchange rate for the past week reached a minimum of $ 295.00 and a maximum of $ 450.00

Since next month Dash can be bought at Austrian gas stations.

The NegocieCoins and Bitit exchanges as well as the Abra app added Dash. Arba is a popular investment application and it had supported only Bitcoin and Ethereum before. Recently it has added 18 coins including Dash. The NegocieCoins exchange is a representative of Brazilian cryptocurrency market. The Bitit service offers many options for buying Dash.

The projects Bitcoin and Ethereum lack a formal governance structure. It seems like Bitcoin and Ethereum users just expect a consensus to magically appear, and for the entire community to accept code changes with open arms and no dissent.  Neither community has any actual code-based mechanism to poll owners of the currency and enforce their decision. Owners of Dash must be somewhat bemused the antics in the Bitcoin and Ethereum communities. The Dash Core Team is going to create the resulting code, update and have it quickly approved by the Masternode network. Once enough Masternodes upgrade, enforcement is turned on and any non-updated Masternodes are essentially kicked off the network. While Dash’s governance system is not perfect, it’s a great start.

Amanda B. Johnson talked about the plans of Dash network. Dash will be the first cryptocurrency, which  does not look like a cryptocurrency - this is the uniqueness of Dash. The target audience of Dash is a person who even is not interested in cryptocurrency. Dash offers the same thing as current banking systems do, so it will be easy for such people to use it. Dash also has plans for integration with financial institutions and companies.

Payment in Dash has been added to the popular air ticket sales service.

Nathan Evert from Vancouver presented a budget proposal called "DASHOP_IO". This is an online shopping site that will accept payment only in Dash. The site offers an unlimited variety of legal products and services. Now the proposal is put to the vote. You can read the interview with Nathan by following the link in the description.

Read the interview with Poker Guys on the Rucrypto website. What unites Dash cryptocurrency with poker? The project "Poker Guys" has a channel on Youtube - you can watch videos and podcasts that tell people about poker and about cryptocurrencies, including Dash. Poker Guys players do not only invest in Dash, but also actively use it to facilitate deposits, withdraw funds from online poker sites in bookmakers or casinos. This is an experienced audience that has an excellent potential for using Dash.

More details about the financial director of Dash Core and about Dash Patents you can read at the Dash forum.

Twitter will prohibit advertising of cryptocurrencies after Google and Facebook. This prohibition includes ICO advertising, sales of tokens, purses and, possibly, even exchanges. Now many platforms with online advertising like Twitter are cautious about cryptocurrency, since most projects can turn to a scam. Getting rid of all advertising, Twitter will destroy fraudulent ICO and wallets, and thus help people to avoid bad experiences with digital currencies. A number of prohibitions from the world's advertising platforms hamperes the marketing promotion of Dash. Due to sudden bans,  the advertising strategy has to be changed. At least one campaign, ready for launch on Facebook, has been canceled.

And this was the news of the last week. Do not forget to subscribe to news on social networks, and you can discuss this and another news about Dash at the Dash-forum or on the Telegram-chat, links are given in the description. See you next time, friends!

Find out more about Dash - here

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