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27 марта 2018

Dash has applied for patents for "Evolution". Release#106

Hello, dear friends!

This is a weekly review of Dash cryptocurrency news.

I am Vita and I am with you. The Dash exchange rate for the past week reached a minimum of $ 350.00 and a maximum of $ 471.00

The Dash Core team hired a new CFO. Now, he is Glenn Austen. Glenn supposes Dash to be the main world form of money in times to come. The unique government system and Treasury allow Dash to take the lead in cryptocurrency market. The new CFO will help Dash Core team to maximize its effectiveness. Austin has enough experience to bring these plans to life.

At the end of last year there were a lot of rumors about the possible addition of Dash to the CoinBase exchange. Some people talked about integration as a fait accompli. But the addition of Dash to Coinbase or to GDAX stock exchange is still in prospect. Coinbase is the most convenient and famous crypto exchange, especially in the US. Prices of cryptocurrencies usually increase after adding to this exchange. Adding Dash to Coinbase will be a huge advantage, a public image of Dash will increase and many new investors appear. If Evolution is successful, then Coinbase will definitely add Dash.

Coinbase has recently found a new partner acting by Barclays UK to serve 12 million of its users, many of whom live in the UK. Also, a license for electronic money from FCA was obtained. Many banks are thinking about leaving London and expanding their presence in other European countries. Banks are afraid of strict rules for trade with the UK. Now Dash demonstrates the possibility of convenient use of cryptocurrency. It works actually to improve technical, user and commercial functions, which gradually improve the blockchain and multiply the user base. Dash can become a monetary alternative for users from UK banks. Even now Dash is taking serious steps to enter the UK market.

First Crypto ETF is an exchange-traded fund for cryptocurrency. It is going to run Dash Masternode and distribute the rewards between the owners of First Crypto ETF tokens. First Crypto ETF will receive a percentage of the revenue from Masternode and fill the First Crypto ETF portfolio with additional coins. The portfolio contains 10 Crypto-currency including Dash. Thanks to such improvements, First Crypto ETF will be able to regularly replenish portfolios of token owners. Creating Masternode fully corresponds to the main task First Crypto ETF - to make cryptocurrencies more accessible to the general public.

The program "No time to wait – just act!" continues its work. This week you will see an interview with Dmitry Machikhin. He is the Executive Director of Midex IT and an adviser of GMT Legal. Dmitry also gives advice concerning blockchain-projects. Dmitry wants one of his trips to be fully paid with cryptocurrency. He believes that Dash has every chance to take place among the major cryptocurrencies that will form portfolios of people in the future.

The top list of the most interesting spheres of integration of Dash crypto currency has already been done. They are: therapeutic marijuana, television, education and sports. Follow the link in the description.

What do experts think about the prospects for Dash in 2018? This cryptocurrency has several advantages in comparison with Bitcoin. Dash is ready to fight for the hearts and confidence of its users. The experts predict her great prospects, and the ideas of developers are delighted. In the future Dash may even win Bitcoin, but so far this is a long-term goal. It takes time to gain market and trust of users. But experts are sure that Dash is a good bet.

Vote for new trading pairs with Dash on the CryptalDash exchange. This exchange CryptalDash will add to Dash 5 more coins for trading pairs to start Dash Market. And now you can decide which new trade pairs with Dash you would like to see in May 2018. The voting will last until March 31, 2018.

Vote for new trading pairs with Dash on the CryptalDash exchange. This exchange CryptalDash will add to Dash 5 more coins for trading pairs to start Dash Market. And now you can decide which new trade pairs with Dash you would like to see in May 2018. The voting will last until March 31, 2018.

The Dash Core team filed patent applications for the "Evolution" platform. This is necessary to protect technology from its use by centralized banks, corporations or other organizations that would prohibit its free use and distribution. The preliminary protective patents have already been signed. Detailed information on the project update will be provided regularly during the year.

The Japanese currency exchange Coincheck will no longer support Monero, Dash and Zcash. The trading platform reported that these cryptocurrencies subject the exchange of danger due to their strict anonymity. Anonymity also brakes registration on Coincheck.

The Dash Core developers introduced the first decentralized application from Dash. The representatives of Dash Core Group have filed their patent on technology to enhance security, and are going to offer this innovation to the public. In this video Joshua Singler and Chuck Williams talk about their work.

The “World of Internet Business” Channel has prepared a new educational video on the Indx's cryptocurrency exchange. On this exchange you can buy cryptocurrency in a safe and reliable way. The exchange belongs to Webmoney transfer, it is very convenient for monitoring the exchange rate and it is not afraid of fraud.

And this was the news of the last week. Do not forget to subscribe to news on social networks, and you can discuss this and another news about Dash at the Dash-forum or on the Telegram-chat, links are given in the description. See you next time, friends!

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